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Planning her weekend getaway come Mill Valley

Visit holiday Inn express Mill valley hotels and discover the finest in travel and also convenience. Discover our brochure of budget-friendly Mill sink hotels and also book your stay learning that you"ll obtain the best rate on a hotel room in Mill Valley through"s best Price Guarantee. Countless of our famous destinations sell a selection of culture, arts and entertainment activities that space fun because that the entirety family. Simply look with the perform of affordable Mill valley hotels come find much more information on the details locations available. Holiday Inn Express hotels in Mill Valley sell stylish rooms and complimentary breakfast. Browse our Mill sink affordable hotels and also book your stay.

Top Questions about Holiday Inn Express hotels in Mill Valley

Holiday Inn Express hotels in Mill Valley feature a totally free breakfast. Inspect with each location for alternatives for hot breakfast buffet or grab-and-go items.

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chose this location because of being sufficient outside of san Francisco for it to it is in a reasonable price. Showed up at an early stage for inspect in and they were no rude around my inquiry to inspect in early. The framework may look a little wrong ~ above the outside, but the inside is updated and also clean.
Comfortable close to airport great to have breakfast. Parking is tight. A little bit if noise outside at night. Staff is an extremely helpful and courteous.
The staff and location to be excellent. The rooms were clean. It would have been far better if the spaceship left earlier. We had to gain a taxi. Other than that we will be staying there again.
This is a very good hotel to rest before and after flights. Another benefit is the I have the right to leave my car there at a reasonable price in a defended parking place.

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