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simply something to point out first: If you do not like rape or NTR in hentai, than I recommend staying away from this one. Top top the various other hand, if you perform like those points for every little thing strange reason, then Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu is something friend should inspect out.I say the it's NTR (a male stealing a girl away from one more guy), but the an alleged main man who wake up to be the main (and only) female's older cousin, is hardly ever seen in these two episodes. The main focus is between the male who steals the girl away (he reportedly knows the girl's cousin somehow) and also Mao, the mrs protagonist.It starts with Mao and her cousin going to a warm springs resort for a couple of days. Prior to getting top top the train, the other male (he only mentions his name once in the second episode so i forgot it) sees the 2 of them and also follows them onto the train. As soon as Mao's cousin is asleep, he sits across from her on the train and also molests her. After that, the story is basically simply the one guy adhering to Mao all over whenever her cousin isn't around and going father and farther v her each time until at some point Mao start to gain the sex.The present has pretty good art, yet the an initial episode's sex scenes space a not really interesting. Together I mentioned, Mao progressively starts to get into the sex together it goes along, so I uncovered the later on scenes to be much much better once Mao was really obtaining into it. Yet that's simply the opinion that someone who doesn't favor rape in ~ all. The one point this show definitely has going for it is Mao. Her style is good with regular sized breasts and also a college swimsuit tan-line.Episode 1 - 3/10Episode 2 - 7/10Overall - 5/10