My Tv freshly shut off and also it keeps turning on to the Hisense x Roku screen then shuts back off instantly after. Ive tried unplugging it and re-plugging it, I've do the efforts disconnecting all the hdmis indigenous it, I've make the efforts plugging it right into a various outlet nothing. I have also tried to hard reset it but it simply goes earlier to transforming on then shutting off. I have only had the tv for around a year and am wondering if this is fixable or if its time to move on to one more TV. For more info the on the tv its the Hisense 55in 4k Roku smart tv 50R6E1

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· 5m
I’m having actually the same worry now.

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I had the same issue with my tv’s and also what I uncovered online through all the trouble shooting choices and huge information available it deserve to be very exhausting and frustrating at the least.

Try taking the batteries the end of the remote and also then turning it on by the tv controls. If it works then that is your remote. Perhaps a button is malfunctioning and also constantly pressed. We forever sit, drop and also even beat on them and also the ware and tare is what resulted in the problem for mine.

I go the over and problem solved. I provided the adhering to trouble shoot site, connect attached

I am now an extremely happy and relieved that ns don’t need to fork out for a new TV.

Good luck.

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· 2m

This is literally happening come me now. 55 customs hisense walk anyone uncover a solution?

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· 7m

TV shut-offs have the right to be related to outdated firmware (is her TV associated to a reliable web source?) or a hardware problem. I would reach out to your local Hisense customer business team to inquire - perhaps they have seen this problem before and also know the root cause or solution. Us did not sell the R6E collection in Canada so i can't be sure.

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Created Dec 27, 2016


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