"AHHHHH!" Charlotte yelled together she hung top top the wall of the Lion's Den and also attempted to lift herself up, however she wasn't solid enough, "ugh! I have to lift weights more."

"You median ever?"

Charlotte looked up and saw Bella was standing there over her.

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"Bella!" Charlotte smiled once she witnessed her, "you need to save me!"

"I know, that's why I'm here," Bella smiled. "And why i lie to world that ns lift weights."

Bella reached down and also easily pulled Charlotte over the wall and put her down on the ground. Bella and Charlotte stared into each other's eyes.


The 2 looked ago at the lion the roared.

"Shut up, lion!" Bella called and also looked earlier at Charlotte, "I'm functioning on something here."

Charlotte stared ago at Bella, who leaned in come kiss her and Charlotte replicated her actions.

~End of Dream~


"AHHHH!" Charlotte gasped as soon as she woke up in the man Cave and also she exhaled v relief, "oh, say thanks to god. It was simply a dream!"

"What was simply a dream?"

Charlotte turn around and yelled out when she witnessed Bella staring in ~ her with her big brown eyes.

"LIPS!" Charlotte yelled and stumbled the end of the chair, relocating away native Bella.

"You dreaming about lips?" Bella asked and Charlotte continued to stumbled away and also toward the elevator.

"Uh, huge lips, and also not yours, they were chasing me down a hallway the popcorn, friend weren't there," Charlotte nervously stuttered over she words and also Bella grinned softly. "Leave me alone!"

"Okay, however you obtained a phone call on your face," Bella called Charlotte, who had her call attached to she cheek.

"That's where I placed my phone as soon as I'm sleeping, god!" Charlotte snapped and ripped she phone off her cheek, prior to she went approximately the elevator and pressed the switch frantically.

"Where you going?" Bella inquiry her through a chuckle.

"I gotta do outta here," Charlotte chuckled nervously. "Uh, i mean acquire outta here! I'll kiss ya later!"

"Mm?" Bella asked v confusion.

"I mean, I'll catch you later!" Charlotte corrected with panic and also pressed the button a couple of more times. "Haha! where is this elevator?!"

The elevator opened and also Captain man walked out.

"Hiya, Charlotte!"

Charlotte screamed and threw a beat at the superhero, that dodged it and also gave she a look.

"What's her beef, stew?" that asked her and also Charlotte offered him a sheepish look.

"Nothing, no one! Normal!" Charlotte frantically rushed right into the elevator and also pressed the button to nearby the doors. "Normal!"

The doors closed and Bella looked at she father through confusion.

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"I think something's wrong v Charlotte," Bella mentioned.

"Yeah. 'What's her beef, stew?' Is hilarious!" beam remarked, "and she didn't laugh in ~ all!"

——~The following Day; Junk-N-Stuff~

"And i feel yes, really weird about her now, due to the fact that in the dream we-" Charlotte paused and looked approximately before continuing, "we practically kissed... Each other... On the lips! i beg your pardon is weird, because I'm not right into girls like that and she's dating among my other finest friends, so the would simply make points awkward if I claimed anything."