What is the best strategy together a non-aligned Poland? ns don't desire to piggy ago of the Axis or Comintern together a means of success. I understand it is possible to continue to be non-aligned and also have success, but an extremely often Germany and/or the Soviets heavy steam roll me. What is the best way to make Poland Stronk?


With historic AI:

Take Czechloslovakia ASAP. If you have it (before every the guarantees) it will break the German AI and also let girlfriend pretty much neglect them till you space ready.

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Prepare come fight the Soviet Union. If you construct up into the conventional 7 infantry 2 heat arty with assistance you should do just fine as soon as the soviets explain on friend (or when you explain on them despite they will obtain a bonus if friend declare)

Once the soviets are defeated you can do everything you want as Stronk Poland!

Yeah, poland is actually qute strong. Ns did the wojtek achievement with my very own faction (between the seas principle focus). Don't develop anything in danzig and give it come the reich when they demand it. Build as numerous factories as feasible (there is a emphasis reducing army factory building time by 20%). Then walk for artillery with remarkable firepower doctrine and also wait till the ussr strikes latvia or estonia who you need to be ally with. Then join their war and finish turn off the comintern (try to complete them off before they explain on jpan, otherwise the axis will obtain unreasonably high war score and therefore territory as result of the still broken air score). After that build up part navy and also naval bombers and also then take it on the axis. Likewise iran need to be fear of you and is willing join your faction, i m sorry is good for wojtek. After taking on the axis, take it on the allies and after that it's simply clean increase duty

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Your options:

cheesy strategy 1: if friend play ~ above historical and conquer Czechoslovakia early, it will fully fuck German AI together it will shot to take it Sudetenland focus, which will then cancel, and also so ~ above every day. This is a dumb exploit and also it breaks the game, therefore I'd no recommend law this, however to every its own. It likewise forces you come play historical, which makes AI dumb in so numerous other ways and makes game means too easy. Historical AI = also dumber AI.

cheesy strategy 2: without historical AI, if you take Czechoslovakia Germany will at some point randomly pick various other focuses, i beg your pardon usually method it will begin WW2 over Yugoslavia, and also leave you alone. That's still rather glitchy, but due to the fact that it doesn't in reality break WW2, the feels somewhat an ext legitimate.

easiest legit strategy: just give Germans Danzig as soon as they provide you ultimatum - then they leaving you alone. You just need to defeat the Soviets, i beg your pardon is less complicated than it sounds - fabricate on Mongolia (to prevent telling AI you're attack them), and also run lock over, specifically if castle have an excellent Purge. ~ Soviets are destroyed, you deserve to turn back, crush Germany, and also get Danzig back.

alternative legitimate strategy: sign up with Comintern - you should do this prior to Soviet Union gets insurance claims on east Poland, or castle won't let you in. After lock do, you're totally safe indigenous Soviets (even after ~ they obtain claims), therefore you can fight Germany end Danzig

fun strategy: gain Baltic minors for cost-free factories, then strike Germany asap, like prior to Anschluss etc. It's actually no that strong early on, and you deserve to get eastern Prussia and also straighten the frontline fairly easily. If the battle takes forever, Soviets will certainly eventually need Eastern Poland, however if you're reasonably quick Germany will certainly be defeated in 1938 or 1939, and hopefully that will certainly leave some minors like Hungary and Italy to end WW2, for this reason you obtain peace conference without including Japan. Even if Japan joins the Axis, simply move your troops to east border after Axis in Europe is gone.

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broken strategy: join the Axis - regrettably then Germany will offer your land in eastern Poland to Soviets by event, and you have actually no to speak in it. It's not even bound to any focus so friend can't just wait because that something and also do the safely - it have the right to happen any kind of time. Don't execute this till they job it.