Date Information

Date Times: Tuesdays (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm), Fridays or Saturdays (11:00 to be to 4:00 pm)Date Locations: great = ~ above The Bridge, Kana"s Place, through the Tree, okay = Grove, negative = Bench

Purple Flower Event


Time: Friday or Saturday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pmWeather: clear or SnowyDate Location: ~ above the bridgeFriendships: Kana in ~ a purple Flower color or higher

At the bridge, Kana asks if you have actually a horse. He admires the horse"s eyes, the legs, and even a horse"s muzzle. Each horse has actually a different color, body, and even face. He never gets exhausted of it! Kana asks if you favor horses.

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Option 1: you bet ns do! (+3000 FP)Kana is glad the you prefer horses, and also invites friend to take it a look at his best one, Hayate. Kana declares the he"s never ever seen together a beautiful equine before. You would really reap meeting his horse! Kana many thanks you and then return to his house.Option 2: I"m no really right into them. (-3000 FP)Really? Kana asks why then carry out you have actually a horse; he guesses you simply use it together a convenient method to acquire around. He tells you the you don"t evaluate your horse. The isn"t simply some point you have the right to ride approximately on! It"s a living animal with feeelings!Kana argues that you examine out his horses, especially his favorite one, Hayate. You quiet sneak away while Kana proceeds to ramble on around his horse.

Blue Flower Event


Time: Friday or Saturday, 11:00 am to 4:00 afternoon Weather: Sunny, Snowy, or RainyDate Location: Kana"s PlaceFriendships: Kana in ~ a Blue Flower shade or higher

Kana introduce you to his favorite horse, Hayate. He and also Hayate have actually grown increase together, but they didn"t obtain along in ~ first. The hand fed her every day until they became friends. Now that she"s larger though, Hayate"s legs cause her problems. Kana is gentle with her now.

Option 1: She"s prefer family... (+3000 FP)Kana says he"s recognized her longer than everyone else. Hayate is one irreplaceable member the Kana"s family. Hayate shows up to agree with her "brother". Kana is happy he was able to present you come Hayate and also invites you come come through on chance to accomplish with them.Option 2: Let"s race! (-4000 FP)Apparently you weren"t listening come Kana"s story. Also if you were kidding, it isn"t a an excellent thing to talk about. Kana is mad and suggests you walk home.

Green Flower Event


Time: Friday or Saturday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pmWeather: Sunny, Snowy, or RainyDate Location: Kana"s PlaceFriendships: Kana at a eco-friendly Flower color or higher

You notification the big horse statue in Kana"s shop. He speak you that his dad made the wooden horse. When he was a kid, Kana"s dad would gain angry at him if he was caught playing ~ above the statue. His dad loves horses and has searched the human being looking because that a good one. In fact, it has actually been years because Kana has actually had any contact through him. Kana assumes the he"s fine, yet he does worry a little bit about him.

Option 1: ....... (-4000 FP)Your silence makes Kana even an ext worried. You"re making the worried and also depressed, and also asks the you leave.Option 2: I"m certain he"s doing fine!He is probably fine and also will come house once he"s discovered the ideal horse in the world. Kana admits he shouldn"t it is in so worried. Her smile and supportive words it seems ~ to have cheered the up as well as cause him come blush a tiny bit. Kana then transforms the subject and invites you go fulfill with Hayate before you head home.

Yellow Flower Event


Time: Friday or Saturday, 11:00 am to 1:00 pmWeather: sunny or SnowyDate Location: through the treeFriendship: Kana at a Yellow Flower shade or higher, Dirk at 3 White flower (20,000 FP) or more

The 2 of you are talking as soon as Dirk walks up to Kana with a letter. Dirk hands over the letter and also leaves. Kana opens up the letter and also discovers that is indigenous his dad! His dad explains that he finally discovered the best horse in the whole world, but since he wants to advanced the horse in the finest environment possible, he can"t return residence yet. That plans on increasing the equine at Kana"s mother"s old village.In fact, he desires Kana come move earlier with him!

Kana wonders if he have to move. That is fairly sudden and also he does have work to carry out here...

Option 1: Follow her heart. (+3000 FP)Kana has chose that that is walking to continue to be in this town. His dad might be disappointed, yet he loves this village and desires to live here. There"s in reality a human in town that the doesn"t want to leaving behind. He gets a little embarrassed and also asks you never ever mind what that said. He thanks you for her advice and also then invites you to go back to his location together to cave out through Hayate. Kana desires to spend an ext time along with you, too!Option 2: You must go. (-4000 FP)Kana feels favor you don"t treatment if he moves away to the various other town. He"s already decided; he is walking to continue to be in Konohana Town. His dad may be disappointed, but he loves this village and desires to live here. It looks favor he want to to speak something else, but he doesn"t want to concern you. Kana then pipeline to go back to his shop.

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Additional marriage Requirements

Because Kana doesn"t have any type of family in town, you don"t should raise her friendship through anyone various other than what is forced with Dirk in bespeak to view the yellow flower event.

Kana does have a turning back proposal. If you desire him to suggest marriage, you need to have actually him at 65,000 FP and activate a date with him in ~ Kana"s Place, through The Tree, or top top The Bridge.

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