Habitat for humanity of better Pittsburgh is a non-profit offering decent, affordable houses to local, limited-income families.

Our missionis to carry people together to develop homes, communities, and also hope in Allegheny County. Our vision is a civilization where everyonehasa decent ar to call home. With Habitat Pittsburgh's programs, regional familiesbuild strength, stability, and self-reliance with homeownership. Habitat Pittsburgh provides both homeownership opportunities and also home repair services,learn an ext about applying.

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Pittsburgh has actually been dubbed one the America’s “most livable cities.” however who is our neighborhood the most livable for?

Despite Pittsburgh’s remarkable progress, ours area’s citizens are currently in need of end 15,000 affordable homes. Housing prices can be an unbearable load for family members with a limitedincome. Come afford just a standard one-bedroom rental unit, someone earning minimum wage need to work nearly 80 hours a week.Habitat Pittsburgh is functioning to get rid of the obstacles to a better, healthier, much more financially secure life by do homeownership affordable for limited income families. Learn an ext about the need for affordablehousingin Allegheny County.

With a small help, we all have actually the potential to was standing on ours own.

A decent location to live and an affordable mortgage help homeowners save money, invest in education, go after opportunity, and also enjoy much more financial stability. Learn an ext about ours impact.





Families apply to ours Homeownership Program. Family members must right now be living in substandard housing, have a steady income, and also be ready to companion with Habitat Pittsburgh. Room you interested in homeownership? Learn more about applying.

Sponsors and also donors contribute financial sources which allow us to acquisition the tools and also materials necessary to develop or rehabilitate a home. You deserve to be a part of this crucial work bydonatingtoday.

Houses or north lots room donated or purchase by Habitat Pittsburgh, materials are gathered and construction begins. Learn an ext aboutmaking a tax-deductible donation, of land, property, or building materials.

Volunteers assist build residences alongside families currently in the program and also Habitat Pittsburgh building supervisors. No previous endure or ability is required. Learn an ext about our volunteer opportunities.

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Future homeowners in the regime prepare for homeownership by perfect financial literacy classes to aid them regulate debt and also budget for the future. Families additionally complete 350 hours of job-related alongside volunteers on their future homes. Learn more about what the takes to very own a Habitat Pittsburgh home.