One the the main questions GW2 players asking at all levels is how they can gain hero points conveniently in the game. There room a few ways you deserve to do this, and that’s what this post is every about. 

Read on to learn just how to acquire hero points in Guild wars 2.

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What room Hero Points?

GW2 Creatures

Hero Points are basically the game’s currency for levelling up. Other games may contact them ability Points. 

They can be gained by just completing missions or finding them in various locations throughout the world, and they are crucial for advancing in the game and also reaching an elite level. The lot of HP girlfriend gain alters as you advance through the ranks. For example, as soon as you with level 11, you room awarded 5 HP, whereas you get 26 HP when you with level 79. In total, the level rewards will yield 398 Hero Points. 

Aside native the generic means of obtaining them through straightforward gameplay, there are different strategies that players usage to acquire HP much faster in Guild wars 2.

Hero allude Trains

Guild battles 2 Map

If you have any kind of of the development maps, the best method to acquire Hero points is to wait for the HP trains. Here, every you need to do is follow a commander around the map together they guide you to every one of the Hero Points easily accessible in the map. 

This deserve to save many time in the lengthy run, and you deserve to usually yield roughly 250 Hero Points within 2 come 3 hours. It’s likewise a good way to acquire a sense of the GW2 community and aid other players in their pursuit to get much more HP.

There room some grumbles about whether participating in HP Trains is great for the game, though, and some football player feel the it have the right to mess up map-wide events happening in ~ the exact same time, as only a certain variety of players can be top top the same map at the exact same time. If one HP train is gift practiced, there is a limited number of space for meta-events, and this can be problematic, specifically if the commander doesn’t want to leave that specific map. Most of the time, though, this no something to problem about.

WvW Hero Points

Guild battles 2 computer MMORPG

If she a pan of the PvP and also PvE elements of role-playing games, the people versus world (WvW) video game mode in Guild battles 2 is the perfect place for you come go searching for HP. 

As part of the HoT DLC, the capability to complete all of the hero difficulties without ever leaving WvW setting was introduced, enabling players to earn Proofs of heroics items that can be exchanged for Notarized Scrolls of Heroics in ~ the Heroics Notary vendor. 

Hero Challenges

GW2 trait Lines

Once you’ve reached level 11, hero difficulties are unlocked and you deserve to start acquiring the point out you need for upstream specification. You acquire 1 suggest for perfect the difficulties on the central Tyria map, and also 10 clues for any type of hero an obstacle completed top top the decision Desert and Heart of Maguuma maps. 

The difficulties are separation into various types. They deserve to be perfect by merely picking the right choices in dialogue through an NPC, communicating with objects, and defeating enemies, amongst other things. 

This is where having the expansions deserve to really boost your ability to obtain HP, and also the difficulties in Path that Fire and Heart of Thorns will leave friend in a great place. 

How to invest Hero Points

Spending your Hero clues in GW2 is totally dependent top top what gameplay style you are going for. If you are a Ranger, for example, you might want to begin with Beast Mastery, and also take the from there, or a Warrior can want to start with Shouts. 

That gift said, though, girlfriend can’t really go not correct in spending your Hero Points, together by the moment you with level 80, you’ll have unlocked everything, it’s more a situation of how you desire to pat leading as much as that moment. 

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