Zoey’s start monologue start off v clips the Beyoncé, the 2017 Women’s March and also how women almost everywhere are fighting the an excellent fight for equal rights. Though, the fight isn’t always won when it comes to relationships.

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Professor Hewson’s top top her way to campus and Nomi supplies to come along, but the professor is carpooling and doesn’t desire her colleagues knowing about her 19-year-old girlfriend. Nomi renders her means back come the apartment and Zoey is making some tofu eggs for Luca.


Nomi bring away a difficult pass top top the vegan eggs and also Ana walks the end of her room practically glowing. She likewise passes ~ above the eggs. Luca phone call the girls out for hating.

Aaron walks the end of Ana’s room too, as if us forgot what happened. He leaves and when the girls give her a look, Ana says everything’s cool.

Zoey no so sneakily dumps the tofu egg in the sink. Luca observed you sis.


Ana speak everyone the she’s simply enjoying herself and also this thing with Aaron isn’t serious. Luca states some weird stuff around not having last names in 15 year anyway. Zoey speak Ana come make sure this is something the she yes, really wants. Climate Nomi call Zoey out for being so classic in her relationship with Luca.

Zoey goes to her project at the bookstore where she ring up a Titan eco-friendly tank top for a girl with a full winter complexion. Zoey feeling mad salty that sis wasn’t taking her advice. I mean, she’s no wrong.

Then of all people, Professor Hewson comes approximately the counter, to buy a cookbook indigenous Ayesha Curry. Zoey goes into her full awkward babble. Professor Hewson realizes the Zoey knows about Nomi. Then, Zoey offers her the publication for free. She usually made her steal.


Zoey tells Nomi about what happened and also sis is pissed! She blames Zoey for destroying everything and Zoey calls out the truth that Professor Hewson is the one make this a mystery in the an initial place.

Nomi reads Zoey prefer a book and calls out her very own relationship problems. She list off all the concessions Zoey renders on instead of of Luca. And I wasn’t also mad because it was every facts.

There’s a big tailgate walk on and also people are hanging out. Ana and also Aaron room at the drink table and she provides him she order before meeting up v the twins.

Jazz and also Sky space impressed by Ana’s French-like relationship. Sky tells her she’s surprised, considering how uptight and also controlling Ana is. Sky really does have actually no filter. Transforms out, the girls space detoxing again and Sky’s cranky native the absence of Cheetos and tequila.


Ana states she doesn’t care what everyone thinks since she’s simply enjoying herself. Jazz tells her she wouldn’t be able to handle a situationship v Doug due to the fact that she loves as well hard. Sky tells Ana the Jazz loves for this reason hard, their mom won’t even give Jazz her email address. Joke on her, Jazz currently hacked it. Come in ~ her, Brenda.

Jazz points the end that Aaron’s act a totality pick and also roll top top Chastity Decas. Ana claims she’s good, yet her confront says other different. She end up chugging down some vodka and also the twins ask if she’s only doing every that because of Aaron.

The pick and also rolls have turned to body rolls and also the twins think he’s most likely going to finish up going house with her tonight. Ana works her magic, whispers in Aaron’s ear, and suddenly that remembers the toaster that left in the oven. He leaves the tailgate with Ana and also the twins room impressed.


Zoey makes her an initial sale on eBay and she desires to go the end for margarita’s. Luca tells her he’ll make some homemade margaritas v some weird behind flavors. That’s not what Zoey wants, though. Luca claims that with Mars in retrograde and all the bodies over at Titanium he doesn’t desire to run the risk of running into a Sagittarius. As a Sag, ns don’t want to operation the hazard of running right into Luca, yet that’s top top some other ish.

Luca orders part imitation crab sushi and also makes the margaritas. They’re watching some documentary through rams sharpening your horns and also he’s in his cuddling kimono. Zoey’s no feeling any type of of it and also she end up leaving.

Nomi tries come patch points up through going over to Professor Hewson’s apartment. She tells her the Zoey’s stupid but she won’t call anyone. Nomi basically trashes her entirety squad just to shot to get earlier on the professor’s good side.

Professor Hewson states she doesn’t trust Zoey or Nomi and that hits Nomi hard. Nomi calls her out for placing her in this situation in the very first place. Professor Hewson start doing that weird managing thing again and also Nomi is done through it. Nomi breaks points off and also storms out.


Ana brings Aaron over and she’s pretty drunk for this reason he help her obtain in bed. Drunk Ana end up spewing out some facts, though. She speak him that he doesn’t desire a partnership with her but he wanted one with Zoey. She drops asleep and we check out the lampshade with their initials the Aaron composed a small while back.

Nomi find Zoey hanging the end at Titanium alone v chips, salsa, and also a margarita. They have actually a love to heart and also Zoey tells her that she’s finding out to perform the points she wants to do, even if it means doing lock alone. Nomi admits that points weren’t so great with Paige (I finally said she name) and she damaged things off. Zoey begrudgingly offers her margarita come Nomi, simply this once.

Ana wakes up to a message from Aaron, check if she’s okay. She beginning a message then hits that backspace, informing him she needs space. She block his number and also I’m honestly for this reason proud of she for finally letting that go. I bet it’s absolutely going to take it a toy fee on the squad.

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The critical scene is Luca cracked the egg he’s already named and putting castle on some toast because that Zoey. It’s open minded sweet the he’s ultimately compromising for her.