Your support enables others to suffer the pleasure of the performing arts, through collaborations through area schools, and also arts and community organizations.

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The Nutcracker

Enchant your holiday season through Crooked Tree Arts center School the Ballet’s presentation of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.
Enchant her holiday season with Crooked Tree Arts center School that Ballet’s presentation of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.
The great Lakes center for the Arts has six distinctive spaces obtainable for rent, perfect for private and business events, weddings, and social events.

Align your brand through elevated experiences in the arts. Choose a partnership v the facility that supports your goals and also expands your company’s reach. Accessibility unique ways to pleasure your clients, team, executive-level staff, and more.


Vienna boys Choir - Rescheduled to October 22, 2022

The renowned children"s choir adored an international for their lively to sing style and also beautiful tone
Are you 35 or under? use code 35UNDER35 at virtual checkout or mention this opportunity when purchasing ticket by phone and also pay simply $35 every seat for any upcoming events!

Are you 25 or under and also interested in events at the Center? sign up with the message Tix club for exclude, ticket offers including last minute seats, discounts, and also underwritten cost-free tickets!TEXT “TIX” to 844-319-5794 to get access today!

Are you interested in ending up being a volunteer in ~ the Center? all you need to do is attend an upcoming cultivate session:Friday, November 12 in ~ 6:00PMSunday, November 14 in ~ 2:00PMVolunteers get to reap the occasions they offer at, are invited to an annual appreciation gathering, and also create systematic connections!
Are friend interested in ending up being a volunteer at the Center? every you need to do is attend an upcoming training session:Friday, November 12 at 6:00PMSunday, November 14 at 2:00PMVolunteers acquire to reap the occasions they serve at, space invited come an yearly appreciation gathering, and also create systematic connections!
New following Gen virtual occasion announced! bring Bill Blagg"s Magic science Lab right right into your life room anytime from October 25 come January 21. Learn more and register this day at
Are girlfriend 25 or under and interested in events at the Center? sign up with the message Tix society for to exclude, ticket offers consisting of last-minute seats, discounts, and underwritten free tickets! message "TIX" to 844-319-5794 and get access today!
Did friend know? The Center"s theatre is equipped through a high standard air filtration device with MERV 13 filter ratings. That knew air filtration equipment would it is in so cool? Every 20 minutes, filtered wait is cycled v the venue to ensure a safe and also clean venue for patrons, artists, volunteers, and employees.To learn much more about the Center and COVID-19 visit the link in our bio.

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A hearty welcome to Kilwins, the Center’s newest Corporate circle member!This delectable confectionery is a hometown hero to the Center. Patrons from around the nation are sure to identify the Kilwins name in their locales, too, as this national brand is broadening quickly. Both Kilwins and the center share the joy of sending sweet experiences external from north Michigan – whether that be a chocolatey law or the delicious memories of one artist on center Stage. Say thanks to you, Kilwins, for your support and partnership!For more information ~ above the Center"s that company Circle, visit the attach in our bio.
Coming at you live from her tour bus, it"s country music icon, Tanya Tucker! She"s packing she bags and arriving in northern Michigan September 5 because that the 2nd show of her bring Flowers now tour! for tickets and much more information, visit the attach in ours bio, speak to 231.439.2610, or email tickets
The country music award-winning husband and wife country duo take facility Stage this October! because breaking the end in 2010 with 2X-platinum #1 chart-breaker room You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not, husband and wife team Keifer and also Shawna Thompson have delivered two optimal 5 country albums and another romantic #1 hit through platinum-certified If ns Didn’t have actually You -- to add two more Top 10s with I got You and Everything ns Shouldn’t Be reasoning About. With 5 Top 20 hits, practically 1 billion digital streams, and also a social media complying with of end 1.9 million, the Reviver entertain duo has actually been honored with multiple GRAMMY nominations and also wins in ~ the ACM and CMA Awards because that Vocal Duo the the Year. Because that tickets and an ext information vist the link in ours bio, speak to 231.439.2610, or email tickets
The Center"s stage has transformed right into the grand Ole Opry! through opening night the Always...Patsy Cline days away, the set has to be built, rehearsals have actually begun, and also the heart of Patsy Cline has filled the venue.There is tho time to gain your ticket to this heartwarming musical through performances Friday through Sunday in ~ 8:00PM! endure the music of nation icon Patsy Cline, as she pertains to life live on stage.For ticket and much more information, visit the attach in ours bio, contact 231.439.2610, or email tickets
"A singer so significant that she"s shaped everyone from Miranda Lambert come Margo Price come Brandi Carlile."-SterogumThe nation music icon"s sultry voice and vivacious stage presence make Tanya Tucker one of the many admired and also respected female vocalists in the nation music genre. Tanya"s reign includes 23 height 40 albums and also a cable of 56 top 40 singles, 10 that which got to the No. 1 clues on the Billboard charts. Along the way, she has noted some the the biggest country music songs of every decade, including the hit "Delta Dawn." Tucker is the recipient of plenty of awards, and also in respectable 2016, the Academy of nation Music honored Tucker through the Cliffie stone Icon Award during the 10th annual ACM Honors Awards show.For ticket and an ext information visit the link in ours bio, call 231.439.2610, or email tickets
Tonight! The center welcomes back the insanity entertaining Tony award-winning beloved Broadway baritone Brian Stokes Mitchell to facility Stage. V a brand brand-new show titled "Out with the Old, In through the New" and a trio of musicians, the performance will be filled through musical theater, jazz standards, and a few surprises! perform you have your tickets?Reserve her seats this day by visiting the link in our bio. Package Office is likewise reachable by phone in ~ 231.439.2610 or by email at tickets
Next weekend, experience musical theatre star Cayman Ilika at the center in Always...Patsy Cline!Starring in the lead role of Patsy Cline, Cayman Ilika, is a brilliant singer-actress from Seattle, Washington, that attended the Berklee university of Music and also majored in modern vocal performance, and now works professionally in the musical theater and recording industries. She is a functional vocalist specializing in pop, rock, country, jazz, musical theater, and also classical. Ilika has performed one function after another, consisting of Lilli Vanessi/Kate in Kiss Me, Kate, Nancy in Oliver! in ~ the music Theatre West, Natasha in the people premiere of Beatsville in ~ Asolo Repertory Theatre, mar Poppins in mar Poppins, Dyanne in Million dissension Quartet, and also many more!Next weekend Cayman brings her powerful singing voice and also exceptional acting an abilities to northern Michigan for three nights the musical theater in Always...Patsy Cline!For ticket visit the attach in our bio, contact 231.439.2610, or email tickets
Coming to you live from brand-new York City, it"s Brian Stokes Mitchell!This Friday, august 6, Stokes brings his lover Broadway vocals to facility Stage! The powerful baritone and Tony Award-winner, Stokes will execute songs from musical theater, jazz, standards, and also a couple of surprises!Experience Broadway at the center with the entire family! To acquisition tickets today, visit the link in our bio, contact 231.439.2610, or e-mail tickets
"One the the world"s many elegant live bands." -The TimesThere is still time to acquisition your tickets to Pink Martini, part huge band, component classical ensemble, part salsa troupe, and all fun! This weekend, experience the 12 member "little orchestra" together they make their way back to northern Michigan! Pink Martini bring multilingual lyricism and also gives an around-the-world music performance v songs in 25 languages. They have actually collaborated with numerous artists, consisting of Phyllis Diller, Jimmy Scott, Carol Channing, Rita Moreno, mrs Powell, Rufus Wainwright, Japanese legends Saori Yuki and also Hiroshi Wada, Henri Salvador, Chavela Vargas, brand-new York show Joey Arias, puppeteer Basil Twist, Georges Moustaki, Michael Feinstein, Charo, and also so countless others.For ticket and an ext information, visit the link in our bio, speak to 231.439.2610, or email tickets
One the the couple of male jazz singers from roughly the baby eight generation, cut Elling, is an anomaly simply by profession! offered the depth and broad vision the his recordings and also performance style, Elling is in a organization of his own! within his career, Elling has actually won end not just critics yet jazz audiences from coast to coastline with his ranting win poetry, dramatic and also poignant readings that Rilke, and hard-swinging scat.This Saturday, endure critically acclaimed jazz lyricist on facility Stage when enjoying craft cocktails native Mammoth Distilling!For tickets, visit the connect in ours bio, call 231.439.2610, or email tickets
Michael Feinstein is earlier on facility Stage respectable 21! Michael has built a dazzling career over the last 3 decades, happen the music of The good American Songbook to the world. Indigenous recordings that have actually earned him five Grammy compensation nominations come his Emmy nominated PBS-TV specials, acclaimed NPR series and concerts extending the world – in enhancement to his appearances at iconic venues such together The White House, Buckingham Palace, Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, and Sydney Opera residence – his occupational as one educator and also archivist define Feinstein as among the most crucial musical forces of ours time.For tickets and more information vist, call 231.439.2610, or email tickets
On Tuesday, respectable 17 at 7:30PM, endure Interlochen and Juilliard grad and also rising timeless music star, Chaojun Yang! “The Supernatural boy of Music” -Xinhua News, , SMG Shanghai Television, Family education and learning TimesGreeted by enthusiastic audience worldwide, pianist Chaojun Yang has enjoyed an global performing career because the age of 4. At a very young age, Chaojun showed up on concert step in her indigenous city that Shanghai and also Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Australia, Croatia, Britain, the Philippines, north Korea, Poland, the USA, Canada, Italy, and also Germany. Chaojun has received awards from countless competitions together as an initial place in the Shanghai student Arts Festival Young artists Competition, first place in the Morningside Music leg Chamber Music competition in Calgary, Canada, and the top prize in the phibìc American ring of Hastings global Competition.For tickets and also to check out Chaojun"s complete bio, visit the attach in ours bio, speak to 231.439.2610, or email tickets
We are currently able to offer subscription packages because that the remainder of the Summer & autumn season! Buy tickets to four or much more events and also use code: MIDSUMMER to:-Make certain your favourite seats are saved for her selected events-Get 10% off her order-Receive at an early stage ticketing services for Summer 2022, the anniversary season!Visit the attach in our bio because that the full Summer & Fall event schedule!