Visiting a great Fairy in The Legend that Zelda: Ocarina the Time is always a rewarding experience! This overview will present you where to find all of them.

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Journeying through Hyrule in Ocarina that Time periodically requires part pretty heavy offense or defense, and Link"s base items and power are often not quite enough to take down the the strongest of opponents or puzzles. He"ll have to find details ways to power up his arsenal to overcome the difficulties standing between himself and saving the kingdom.

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Luckily, the mysterious and also powerful great Fairies are approximately to give link some genuine boons. They can be uncovered in a range of places, every time offering a brand-new item, ability, or power that will aid Link on his way. Below are all the areas you can discover the great Fairies and also what every provides link with.

Looming end Kakariko town is the foreboding and also treacherous fatality Mountain, which have the right to be accessed via the death Mountain Trail. Follow me this dangerous route you"ll uncover enemies, fall rocks, and also a an enig cave whereby the great Fairy that Power have the right to be found. You"ll need to be play as Child attach to find this secret Fountain.

as soon as you see a red flag along the trail, head left. You"ll require some bombs or bombchus to punch up some rocks the you see throughout the gap. It takes some finicking through the timing, but once you get it, friend can proceed ascending the mountainside. The an excellent Fairy have the right to be discovered inside a bombable cracked wall surface at the summit, whereby she"ll give connect the magic meter and upgrade his spin attack.

as Child connect again, you deserve to head to Hyrule lock to begin looking because that this an excellent Fairy Fountain. Get past the guard and also then go best at the fork in the path. There"ll it is in a rock here that you have the right to remove with the assist of some bombs. Together always, there"s a pedestal whereby Zelda"s lullaby can be played v your ocarina.

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when the great Fairy the Magic appears, she"ll grant connect a brand-new item: Din"s Fire. This brand-new spell allows you to produce a fiery blast in ~ the expense of some magic, i m sorry can aid take down multiple enemies and also even open the door in the shadow Temple. This renders it the only among the three spells that is actually crucial to complete the game.

one more of the spells that deserve to be derived is Farore"s Wind, a eco-friendly spell that permits Link come warp within dungeons. First, place the warp point by making use of the spell, then return to it in ~ any point by using the spell again. It"s a very useful spell that permits you to return to specific areas the a dungeon without repeating the very same rooms multiple times.

To attain this extremely valuable item, head come Zora"s Fountain together either child or Adult Link and also enter the area whereby Lord Jabu Jabu resides. Behind a bombable wall surface in the southeast section of the area, a an excellent Fairy Fountain deserve to be found. Play Zelda"s Lullaby and the great Fairy the Magic will show up again, providing you the item.

If you"re playing as Adult Link and have acquired the Megaton Hammer, you"ll it is in able to accessibility the good Fairy spring in death Mountain Crater. After ~ heading right into the Crater via Darunia"s throne room, you have the right to see 2 rocks come the right.

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quit them through the Hammer and you"ll discover yourself in the good Fairy Fountain. After play Zelda"s Lullaby, you"ll be greeted by the good Fairy the Wisdom, that will continue to dual your magic meter.

The great Fairy the Magic, who has previously granted friend Farore"s Wind and Din"s Fire, have the right to be uncovered a 3rd time pretty so late in the video game (earlier if you perform the soul Temple prior to the zero Temple). When you have access to the heart Temple together Adult Link, you can find a cracked wall surface near the entrance by part trees. Together always, use the bombs to open this cave and also enter, whereby you"ll uncover the prescribed Zelda"s Lullaby pedestal.

This will provide link with one appearance native the an excellent Fairy the Magic, who offers you the 3rd and final spell, Nayru"s Love. This item allows Link to create an virtually impervious barrier about him in ~ the cost of magic, make him basically invincible to most attacks and also enemies for a short time. Beware, though, together it won"t do you fully impervious to Ganon"s attacks, but it will lessen their strength.

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speaking of Ganon — you"ll require quite a little of wellness if you hope to take it him on, and also the great Fairy of ship is here to help. Just external of Ganon"s Castle towards the end of the game, connect can discover a good Fairy Fountain hidden by a huge pillar. Usage the golden Gauntlets to remove this pillar, and enter the Fountain.

Here, the great Fairy that Power will grant attach with a significant defensive boost, basically bring about him come take half damage from all attacks, effectively doubling his in its entirety health.

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