The Google pat store mirrors this stroked nerves error which goes like: “Error retrieving information from server” to the users browsing the play Store. Although the error is booked for the instances involving the problems involving the network failures, the bugs many users with perfect coverage. In this post, we will see exactly how to get past the error retrieving info from server error from the Google play Store.

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Network problems consisting of 3G/4G or WiFi.Corrupt data in Google Play Store App.Corrupt data in Google Play Services.Redundant data associated with the Google Account.

Fixing the Error retrieving data native server ) Error

Fixing the error in the Play keep is fairly simple. First, we will verify whether your internet connection is working properly or not. ~ that, we will certainly clear the corrupt and redundant data from the pat Store and Play Services. Simply follow the instructions written below.

Clear pat Store app data and Cache

Go come Settings > Apps.Slide to the right to All.Find Google beat Store and also tap on the clear data button.Click on the Clear Cache button.Done.

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Clear Play services data and also cache.

After clearing data because that the play store, go back to All and find the Play services app.Tap on the Clear data button.Tap ~ above the Clear cache button.Done.

After this two things room done, the downloads will certainly most most likely work. If not, then us will have to remove the Google account associated with the device. This will certainly involve resetting your maker to manufacturing facility settings, so take caution.

Note: The steps given below will remove all data from your device. Please do a back-up before proceeding further.

Factory Reset her Device

Go come Settings> Backup & Reset > Factory data reset.Leave Erase stored contents unchecked if you want the data (like music, photos, videos and other user data) in the internal memory that the an equipment to remain as is.Tap on Reset Phone.Enter your Pin/Pattern if you have collection any.Tap on Reset Now.

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Now her phone will certainly be restarted and also will be collection to the manufacturing facility settings. This will remove the Google account connected with that too. You deserve to read an ext about setup the maker from scrape in this nice short article from AndroidPit. After complying with these steps, the Google Play save will not show the “Error retrieving info from server )” while downloading any kind of app. If the trouble still persists, please usage the comments ar to call us an ext about your details device. I’ll aid you out.