It’s the finish of the roadway for Mike Golic, who is signing turn off from ESPN Radio top top Friday after ~ two decades on the airwaves.

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“Even after ~ we turn off the mics, girlfriend still obtain to be our dad.”#ThankYouGolic

— Golic and also Wingo (

Goodbyes are coming native near and also far, consisting of his own family, v #ThankYouGolic trending on Twitter.

As Mike signs off ESPN radio because that the last time, our family members wanted to say give thanks to you to every one of the faithful listeners who have actually joined in every morning end the last 22 years. We can not be much more proud of Mike together a man, father and also professional . We love you Mike ❤️ #ThankYouGolic

— christine golic (

The 4am wake-up phone call are currently a thing of the past!Erwcchristchurchappeal.comoy in reality watching sporting activities at night because that a change...#ThankYouGolic

— Golic and Wingo (

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espngolic Yes because that being a trail-blazer in this sector of sports media-but more so because that the kind of Dad he seemed to be. Ns hope my children one job speak that me choose his (
espngolic for all the hours-weeks-& yrs you entertained us. You have actually been a trustworthy & continual voice for plenty of yrs. Together this service has turned into shock jock & “hot takes” you were our aware on so plenty of topics-Thank you-We’ll miss you brother.