ns have application servers that i bootstrap with each other using chief + part ad-hoc bash scripts. The trouble is, as soon as I want to operation an update on among these app servers, ns get:

19:00:28: *** please tell me who you are.Run git config --global user.email "you
example.com" git config --global user.name "Your Name"Do ns really need to set this because that doing a straightforward git pull origin understand every time I update an app server? Is over there anyway come override this habits so the doesn"t error out as soon as name and also email room not set?


I invested lots of hours on it once I contact PHP script to init and also commit come git.And I uncovered the work circulation should be as:

git initgit config user.name "someone"git config user.email "someone
someplace.com"git add *git commit -m "some init msg"

If girlfriend swap <23> and also 1, the config will certainly not occupational at all.

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I great this will do some help.



Instead of doing a git pull, you can do:

git fetchgit reset --hard origin/masterNeither of those need you to configure your git user surname / email.

This will certainly destroy any uncommitted local changes / commits, and will leave your HEAD pointing to a go (not a branch). Yet neither of those need to be a difficulty for an app server since you shouldn"t be making local transforms or committing to the repository.


it functions for me, shot This..you must configure her terminal through remote access.

git config --global user.name "abc" git config --global user.email "abc


If you space using sourcetree: Repository -> Repository settings --> advanced --> uncheck "Use worldwide user settings" box

worked an excellent for me.

Update your bootstrap procedure to produce a $HOME/.gitconfig through the ideal contents, or to copy an present one indigenous somewhere.

git config user.email "insert github email here"git config user.name "insert github actual name here"This worked great for me.

In my instance I was absent "e" on the word "email" together Chad stated over but I view its no the case with you. You re welcome hit the adhering to command to check out if whatever is pulling together expected.

git config -l
gmail.com"After setting email you deserve to run the git commands and also commit your changes.

git initgit add *git walk -m "some init msg"
Same concern was v me and resolved it by adding default name and also email Repository Settings.

As Doron said -

If you room using sourcetree: Repository -> Repository setups --> progressed --> uncheck "Use global user settings" box.

Add default name and email address.

example.com"Then: create Username

git config --global user.name "Your Name"After that Poupup window will appear

Write USERNAME & EMAIL For Acount YOU want contribute

For me the concern was network connection, when I reconnected to my wifi, it can fetch the details and also commit without any type of issues.

perform I really require to set this because that doing a an easy git traction origin grasp every time I update an app server? Is over there anyway to override this habits so the doesn"t error out once name and also email are not set?

It will certainly ask simply once and also make sure that the rsa public key for this an equipment is included over your github account to which you are trying come commit or pass a pull request.

More details on this deserve to be found: Here

I had this together a faulty error message:git pull functioned fine ~ above the cmd linegit traction failed in a Perl CGI process (a webhook to auto-deploy native github) with the above error.

Doing a git status figured out a clashing file. Sorting it solved the problem.

Problem reoccurred later on when I adjusted some config settings.

This time, setup $HOME and $USER env vars solved it (are unset by default in a CGI process)

Have a look in ~ the config file.

Repository > Repository setups > modify config file.

Check if the section exists. If the user ar is missing, add it.


name = "your name"email = "your email"
i usage heroku cli1. Should use every user name and user email

$git config --global user.email .login email.

$git config --global user.name .heroku name.

git traction git init

git include *

5 git go -m "after config user.name ,user email"

git push heroku master

I use Jenkins and ran right into this trouble when trying to execute a release (which needs a git commit). To deal with the issues, I necessary to add a tradition user name/e-mail address (see picture)
This ensured that as soon as the password was viewed it supplied my construct user"s name/email address when performing the release. Note, this configuration is easily accessible from the Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline project configuration.

git pull must not need this.However if the pull causes a unify conflict, then it appears nessecary.

I ran into this error article whilst trying to commit some files.

Simply running git fetch climate trying mine commit again worked for me.

IMHO, the proper way to resolve this error is come configure your worldwide git config file.

To carry out that run the adhering to command: git config --global -e

An editor will appear where you deserve to insert her default git configurations.

Here"re are a few:

surname = your_username email = your_username
users.noreply.github.com # basic st = condition ci = commit br = branch co = checkout df = diffFor much more details, see personalizing Git - Git Configuration

When you watch a command like, git config ...

$ git config --global core.whitespace trailing-space,space-before-tab,indent-with-non-tab... You deserve to put that into your worldwide git config file as:

whitespace = space-before-tab,-indent-with-non-tab,trailing-spaceFor one off configurations, you deserve to use something prefer git config --global user.name "your_username"

If friend don"t set your git configurations globally, you"ll have to do so for each and every git repo you work with locally.

The user.name and also user.email settings tell git who you are, so subsequent git commit regulates will no complain, *** please tell me that you are.

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Many times, the regulates git argues you run room not what you should run. This time, the said commands space not bad:

$ git walk -m "first commit"*** you re welcome tell me who you are.Run git config --global user.email "you
example.com" git config --global user.name "Your Name"Tip: until I got an extremely familiar through git, make a backup of my project file--before running the suggested git commands and also exploring things I believed would work--saved mine bacon on an ext than a couple of occasions.