Gilligan's Island: 10 Jokes the Aged rather Poorly this 10 Gilligan"s Island illustration aged really poorly and also feature puns the either loss flat or make no sense at all. Castle can"t all be hits!

Many people of a certain age mental Gilligan’s Island, however they’d probably be surprised at how numerous young human being these days are knowledgeable around television history. Scores of world are still cultivation up ~ above Gilligan’s Island -- it’s a classic!

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Though it just ran for three seasons in the late 1960s, this was the era of the loooong season, so over there are nearly 100 illustration -- 98, to it is in exact! v all these episodes, of course, there’s bound to it is in a couple of jokes that didn’t make it out of the 60s and make contemporary audiences cringe today. Right here are the best of the worst.

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There space a variety of times that the castaways top top Gilligan’s Island could have obtained off the island, but, v a series of mistakes and also blunders common of the show, through the end of the episode, they always end up specifically where they to be at the beginning.

Consistency is one problem, negative jokes are another -- sometimes, this is simply exhausting, like once the castaways uncover a shipwreck complete of movie equipment. Quite than repairing the ship, lock then proceed to … do a movie. I beg your pardon isn’t even all that good (or funny). Whoops!

many viewers probably remember the episode of Gilligan’s Island wherein they hold a beauty contest. Not only is this episode as whole just one of the worse episodes of the show, being tragically unfunny compared to other good episodes, but the show builds as much as a monumentally bland punchline.

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While the castaways cast their votes for the beauty challenge — the Skipper voting because that Ginger, Mr. Howell voting (of course) because that Mrs. Howell (“Lovey”), and also the Professor voting for mar Ann — Gilligan end up v the deciding vote. He votes in a chimpanzee. It’s painful come watch.

everyone knows the story of the scorpion and also the frog, however what about the pigeon and also the spider? though the episode with the spider in that is technically titled “The Pigeon”, nobody ever remembers the pigeon part. Everybody, though, remembers the spider: the black color Morning Spider, together the Professor dubbed it -- a man-sized tarantula that totally takes end the plot the an already strange episode.

They may too have called this illustration “The Spider” since it’s all that world remember around it: the sequences through the vast weird spider that went ~ above way, way too long, bring about the tarantula simply not landing together a joke anymore.

7 Rory Calhoun

What a rubbish of talent! Rory Calhoun, one actor v two stars on the Hollywood go of Fame and also a number of famous Westerns under his belt, features in an episode of Gilligan’s Island together a hunter. He’s hunting the many dangerous game, in fact: Gilligan, that is the food in this situation.

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A finish departure native the remainder of the show and also just straight-up weirdly unfunny, “The Hunter” is not a fan-favorite episode and also the “joke” of Gilligan being pursued never yes, really lands.

Dr. Boris Balinkoff, a mad scientist who resides in a weird castle on a neighboring island come the castaways (apparently), provides not one, but two appearances in Gilligan’s Island. The first time, he gets his mental swapped through a cat’s mind (yes, you check out that right) after the mind-swaps all the castaways.

Inexplicably, he then comes ago a second time. For part reason, the castaways don’t recognize him together he tries, this time, come brainwash the castaways into ending up being robots. The continually is a mess, the hoax doesn’t land — every in all, a poorly-aged joke.

5 smile (If you Can)

The illustration “Smile, she On Mars Camera” is (not-so-) fondly remembered this day as gift an episode many civilization dislike. The entire plot hinges top top a crashed satellite that was heading for Mars, when the castaways obtain their hands on it.

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The stormy joke comes as soon as Gilligan, in his usual Gilligan fashion times 10, gets every one of them covered in feathers and also looking favor a cartoon. The good folks end at NASA then assume they’re … alien chickens and do naught to additional research. Just not funny.

top top October 31st, 1966, audience tuning in to watch Gilligan’s Island top top the spookiest night of the year were in because that a trick, no a treat. This illustration kicks off with Gilligan’s hair walk white overnight, which renders him believe he’s rapidly becoming an old man or has currently become one. The then leaves the other castaways, ashamed and embarrassed. And… that’s it. That’s the plot.

The illustration itself is boring and also a letdown, and also the joke — Gilligan with white hair reasoning he’s old — lasts maybe two seconds prior to it all drops apart. A waste!

3 Old and Not for this reason Wise

The episode title “Meet the Meteor”, a plot that was probably only written for the joke “Meet the Meteor”, shambles follow me for about half an hour. When the joke in the episode title is weak, to start with, the jokes in the illustration itself are even weaker.

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A meteor crashes ~ above the island and it periods a tree inexplicably swiftly with that is … cosmic an are rays, or every little thing nonsense the Professor is giving the audience this week. The punchline come in a dream Gilligan has, where all of them have rapidly aged right into older versions of themselves. Tragically, all that buildup doesn’t pay off -- the joke just isn’t funny.

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snapshot it: Boxing Day, 1966. The the job after Christmas. Top top Halloween this year, you had actually to watch Gilligan reasoning he to be old. Now, friend think you’re walking to get to watch a an excellent Christmas illustration of Gilligan’s Island. The difficulty is, you’re wrong.

“Gilligan walk Gung-Ho” aired ~ above December 26th, 1966, and also showed what happens when Gilligan’s Island gets crossed through the Stanford jail Experiment. The castaways come to be cops and also Gilligan loser his mind before physically assaulting Ginger. Instant classic!

1 The White Goddess

only one joke deserve to be worse 보다 Gilligan becoming a cop who screams at Ginger and also grabs her by the arm and also that’s the White Goddess. In the an extremely last episode of Gilligan’s Island, “Gilligan, the Goddess,” natives come to the island searching for what they describe as a “White Goddess.”

Of course, Ginger and also Mary Ann room presumed to be candidates because that the White Goddess. Turns out, the White Goddess is walking to be … married come a volcano and also sacrificed to it. The actual bad part comes when Gilligan shows up and gets chosen as the White Goddess. It’s just painful.