Looking to unlock Old Wounds in call of Duty modern-day Warfare 2019? Don’t issue we gained you.

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Call that Duty (COD) modern-day Warfare 2019 Multiplayer Missions guide – exactly how to unlock Old Wounds

What is Old Wounds in ko MW 2019


Old Wounds is a Light device Gun or LMG of the Orange or legendary rarity in COD modern Warfare 2019. The is the last reward that you get after perfect the Multiplayer Mission called ‘Expert Gunsmith‘. This LMG packs insane power and you have the right to take down multiple enemies in a row without reloading this weapon also once. The is true that Light device Guns in ko MW room clunky but the damage you resolve them renders up because that the absence of handling.

How to unlock or gain the Old Wounds in ko MW 2019

In order to unlock the Old Wounds you require to very first activate the Multiplayer mission referred to as Expert Gunsmith. If girlfriend don’t know how to activate a Multiplayer mission climate you can check our guide here. Here are every the goals that you need complete:

Objective 1

Get 35 Kills v 1 attachments on a Weapon

Rewards : 1000 XP, Aim inspect Spray

Objective 2

Get 10 Headshots making use of an Optic

Rewards : 2000 XP, 50 Cal Charm

Objective 3

Get 75 Kills v 5 Attachments on one LMG

Rewards : 2000 XP, Guerilla Gorilla Sticker

Objective 4

Get 35 Kills using a burst Rifle

Rewards : 3000 XP, Cheetin death Emblem

Objective 5

Get 70 Kills through 5 Attachments top top a DMR

Rewards : 4000 XP, immediate Organ Donor call card

Objective 6

Get 15 Longshot kills on an attack Rifle making use of a lengthy Barrel

Rewards : 5000 XP, try Me Spray

Objective 7

Get 10 Headshots through 5 Attachments on a Sniper Rifle

Rewards : 6000 XP, heart Breaker call card

Objective 8

Get 10 Melee Kills using the quick melee perk

Rewards : 8000 XP, Poisonous place Sticker

Objective 9

Get 25 hip Fire Kills utilizing a Laser

Rewards : 9000 XP, Old Wounds Light machine Gun

A total of 9 objectives you need to finish if you want the Old Wounds.

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