Installing the software


After the download completes, operation the installer and follow the steps.

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Mac OS X

After the download completes, click the downloaded .dmg file.Drag the application in your application folder.


Update your distribution with the last official JRE 7 ir 8 packages.After the download completes, unzip and also untar the document in a directory.Run that by executing ./bin/ manuscript file.


Java 7 conventional edition or newer required

Check you have actually Java properly mounted on her system. If you"re top top Linux, friend may carry out the route to the jdk v ./bin/ --jdkhome $JAVA_HOME

JVM production failed

This error article is due to memory settings, see complying with section.


Memory obtainable to is figured out by Java. Much less or an ext memory deserve to be allocated by configuring’s startup settings. If too much less memory is allocated, will protect against running when it got to the limit and you will loose your existing work. If more memory 보다 what the device is equipped through is set, Java will certainly not have the ability to start and return “JVM development failed” message. By default, maximum memory is set to 512mo.

To modify storage settings, you need to edit settings file. Change the worth after the -Xmx choice to adjust the best heap space. For example, to usage a heap size in between 256 and also 1024 MB, readjust the alternatives to -Xms256m and also -Xmx1024m. If you have actually open, you need to close and also reopen before new options take effect. On computers with 2GB that memory, girlfriend can set -Xmx1400 to obtain maximum performance.

How to modify

On Windows, walk to the folder in begin menu and click ~ above Startup Settings. Modify this record with Notepad or WordPad. Alternatively, walk in C:Program records (x86) 0.9etc and edit document manually.On Mac OS X, right-click on application icon and select Show package Contents to open up a new Finder window displaying a contents folder. Open up the materials folder, and also then open the Resources/ folder, in i beg your pardon the document resides. Use TextEdit to modify the file.On Linux, enter your applications directory and then into the etc folder. Edit the document with a message editor.

When many JRE or JDK are set up on the exact same machine, you can specifty come to usage a certain path. Edit as defined in the top section, uncomment the jdkhome heat and collection the JRE or JDK path.

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User files

Locate and delete user brochure to clean your installation.

On windows 2K/XP, user diretory is located in C:Documents and also SettingsusernameApplication Data.rwcchristchurchappeal.comOn windows Vista/Seven/8/10, user magazine is located in C:UsersusernameAppDataRoaming.rwcchristchurchappeal.comOn Mac OS X, user catalog is located in /Users/username/Library/Application Support/rwcchristchurchappeal.comOn Linux, user diretory is located in /home/username/