The turret in act IV the Gears of battle 4 deserve to be a nuisance if girlfriend don’t have actually the ideal position. Below is a tiny guide come tell you just how to destroy it.

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After you have cleared the end some negative guys, you will have actually a turret do the efforts to death you ~ above the various other side. Girlfriend will should use the Siegebeast i beg your pardon is located in the middle. It’s the big piece of steel junk. Strategy it from the left side and press “X” to place it.

After you have actually done that, walk come the rear of the Siegebeast and then you can start aiming the bombs in ~ the turret. Because it’s therefore windy, you cannot launch the bombs native the middle as the wind will carry it missing the turret entirely.

Use the best stick in stimulate to aim the Siegebeast come the right side that the screen. You deserve to see v the screenshot above the approximate ar you need to target it.

Using the right cause controls the strength you want to throw the bomb. You desire to host it till you have maximum power. You have to only launch 2 bombs and also the turret will certainly be destroyed.

If you room doing 2 player co-op, it’s a little bit harder due to the fact that the player not controlling the Siegebeast needs to shoot the bombs manually together they reach the turret. The second player should simply aim over the turret till the bombs comes. If you perform that successfully, friend can proceed on play Gears of war 4.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017

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