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The Gardens Drive-In opened up in July 1952 with a volume for 325 cars. It was renamed Garden Drive-In in February 1954. That was later twinned and also remains open up today. It has actually a volume for 600 cars.

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Mike Rogers top top June 5, 2010 at 11:03 to be

In 1956 it parked 406 cars and also was owned by TRI-STATE THEATRES.


Mike Rogers top top July 21, 2010 in ~ 6:34 pm

In 1992 the Garden Drive-in commemorated its 40th year.Boxoffice July 1992.

muviebuf on October 7, 2011 in ~ 5:11 afternoon

The Garden’s screen, concession stand and also projection booth were damaged in the flooding i beg your pardon accompanied the remanants that Hurricane Lee in September 2011. This to be the 3rd flood for the Garden this year alone.

The Garden’s flea sector will reopen this weekend but right now it is unsure if movies will ever be shown at the Garden again especially with the digital switch on the horizon.

Chris1982 ~ above October 3, 2014 in ~ 10:13 pm

According to your website the drive-in was open for the 2014 season and also they have actually converted to digital projection.

TomMc11 on might 31, 2017 at 11:29 am

I hope they store going because that a long time. Ns am born, bred and also raised in the Cleveland, Ohio area and still live there, yet never went to any kind of of the multitude the drive-ins us had cultivation up. My an initial ever drive-in to be the Garden with my wife, that is indigenous Northeast Pennsylvania where the Garden is, and where she still has family. Because then i have added 4 more drive-ins to mine list but the Garden will always have that special place :)

MichaelKilgore ~ above October 26, 2017 in ~ 8:42 am

Based on the 1952 problems of The mountain Echo, a weekly newspaper in Shickshinny PA, the Gardens Drive-In Theatre (named because that Hunlock Gardens) opened between June 27 (an “opening soon” note) and also July 11 (its first advertisement). That was stated to have actually room because that 325 cars. It ended up being the singular Garden in February 1954.

The drive-in was built by Gardens Amusement Company, yet that was reportedly Theodore Roosevelt Cragle, who died of a heart attack in December 1955. His kid Arthur took over the Garden.

More details arise from Ronald Hontz’s sweeping background of Sweet valley PA, written roughly 2003. Arthur Cragle ran the drive-in till 1986, once he offered it come Nelson and Diane Fey. They activate it until 1990 and passed it under to their daughter, Kimberly Barbacci, and her husband Doug. They’re still the owner in 2017.

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Current (2017) manager David Hudzik had been the Garden’s projectionist because 1979, “and he has actually been the resource for most of the info you review herein.” In 1986 the drive-in converted from in-car speakers to am radio; they included FM in 1990.

Adjacent to the Susquehanna River, the Garden floods frequently. In June 1972, Hurricane Agnes caused extensive damage with water end the roof the the concession stand. “Following the event, Hudzik has gotten the removed of tools down come a science. A team of 5 guys deserve to now eliminate all the an important items in three hours.”

Hontz continues by noting the Garden added a 2nd screen top top the southeastern corner of its home in 2002. “The main display screen features parking for about 450 cars and also another 250 or so can view the second screen.”