video game Of Thrones: The 5 best Winners (& 5 biggest Losers) that 'The Game' after ~ eight seasons and also several plot twists, game of Thrones involved an end. Once all is said and also done, who won and lost the attention game?

Sansa, Ned and also Baelish in video game of Thrones
"Jon Arryn and also Ned distinguishable were an excellent men. Honorable men. However they disdained The Game and also those that play it." Varys said Tyrion, the male who would ultimately convince Jon eye to finish "The Game." In Game of Thrones, power belonged to the ideal players of the game from the work Aegon Targaryen changed the rules by paris dragons into King"s Landing.

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Tywin was good at it and ruled for years both under the mad King and Robert, but when Joffrey beheaded Ned Stark, the game acquired too complex even for him. "Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell. They space all just spokes top top a wheel." Daenerys said. Daenerys was wrong though due to the fact that it wasn"t a wheel, it to be a facility game through unwritten rules. She was one of the greatest losers due to the fact that she lost whatever with every the odds in her favor.

Ned Confronting Cersei Lannister
Cersei was an antagonist, therefore her fatality in the show was inevitable, but while she lasted, she was King"s Landing"s greatest winner. She was the smartest player that the Game that Thrones. She was just playing for herself, though, i beg your pardon made her a bad winner. She taken the national politics of Westeros and also King"s Landing far better than anyone lively after Tywin"s death.

Her techniques were evil, and also she didn"t care about the casualties, just the prize. Together Jaime said Olenna, Cersei was going to build a calm world and also people wouldn"t care how she build it. She was Tywin Lannister"s finest student and when she acquired into the field, she outwitted even the finest of players.

GOT S01E07-The Assasination attempt On Daenerys Targaryen
together Tywin told Tommen, the check wasn"t just winning, you had actually to be smart enough to keep what you won; other Daenerys was an extremely bad at. Daenerys Targaryen was the very first Targaryen who concerned Westeros with 3 full-grown dragons and also ended up dead.

With 3 dragons and the largest military Westeros had ever seen, Daenerys was prefer Aegon, having the possibility to win the game and readjust the rule if she wanted. She made decision to burn under the field instead and also would have become the queen of ashes if Tyrion didn"t outsmart she by convincing Jon eye to death her.

GOT, Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage in GOT
"Tell me why it is an ext noble to death 10,000 guys in fight than a dozen at dinner," Tywin request Tyrion after killing Robb and also Catelyn in ~ the Red Wedding. Tywin was the strength that rule Westeros for plenty of years because Robert Baratheon became king. He to be the foolish King"s Hand but took control of the crown by buying off members of the small council including Grand Maester Pycelle.

Tywin then ran back to King"s Landing to sack it front of Robert and Ned"s arrival after the battle of the Trident, setting himself up together the savior the the city. His play continued when he got Cersei married come Robert, Jaime in the King"s Guard, and his cronies in Robert"s little Council. That was in reality the King that The 7 Kingdoms native the day The mad King died.

7 Loser: Baelish

mr Baelish to be a nobody that supplied chaos together his ladder come the height with the expect of sit on the stole Throne once. His arrangement worked perfect from the work he got himself called the grasp of Coin in Robert"s little Council come the day he eliminated Lysa Arryn.

His search to obtain real power saw him develop a vast network the spies making him the other all-knowing person in King"s Landing after Varys. The single-handedly started the battle of the five Kings and almost wiped out five an excellent houses. He would have been the finest player in the game...but that made a devastating move by underestimate the Starks.

lord Baelish to be the many dangerous male in the seven Kingdoms ~ Tywin, but additionally one of the smartest males in the show. When Sansa concerned King"s Landing, she was naive and also only to plan to end up being a queen through marrying Joffrey, no realizing the forces she was up against.

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After all the experiencing she went with at the hand of Baelish, The Lannisters, and the Boltons, Sansa became the smartest player of the game. She play Baelish into bringing her an military to victory the battle of The Bastards then placed him on trial prior to he can turn her versus Arya and Jon. She climate bested everyone as soon as she determined to save the North as an elevation kingdom away from the difficulties of being ruled by King"s Landing.

5 Loser: Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon to be the only among the 5 warring kings to with the shores the King"s Landing. His success was partly since of the magic he used to death his brothers which to be brutal, however he tho knew exactly how to fairy his battles. First, he kept Davos Seaworth together his Hand, allowing him to obtain the ships and the support of the Iron financial institution to advanced the military he needed.

He consolidated the power in the Stormlands and also was virtually taking the north if Jon Snow had actually agreed to sign up with his cause. However, he obtained blinded by his faith in the Red Witch resulting in his loss come Ramsay Bolton, and also later, his death at Brienne"s hand; a just ending for everyone.

Jon snow was the just winner in the video game of Thrones that adhered to all the rules also when they didn"t suit him. Jon ending up in ~ the wall surface seemed prefer a large loss for many but it was actually a great win because that him since he had completed his best mission. First, he conserved the North, climate the realm and, finally, the Night"s Watch, making the the show"s can be fried winner.

He wasn"t even a player in The video game when the display started however he had actually the finest skill of anyone on the show; patience. Unlike everyone whose winning means started in a castle, he started at the wall where he had actually to prove self to cruel civilization like Alastair Thorne, also losing his life in the process.

3 Loser: Catelyn Stark

Catelyn was a smart player but she was on the not correct team. Ned Stark to be a an excellent leader yet a very bad referee of character, expecting anyone to beat by the rules favor he walk which virtually got his residence wiped out. Catelyn, on the other hand, to be a smart woman that taken the dangers her house challenged when lock left Winterfell, she just didn"t obtain the possibility to take the lead.

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She knew just how to use her house"s position to manipulate the politics of The North and also The Riverlands so well. She nearly succeeded in allying v Renly before he passed away and also managed to get Walder Frey"s assistance in the initial commitment until Robb married Talisa. She was simply a smart woman that died due to the fact that she was required to send to dumb players.

Tyrion was by much the finest Lannister in the present and also one that the ideal players of the game. He prospered up hated by everyone in his family other than his brothers Jaime for this reason he learned to fight for himself. The wasn"t a good fighter either, yet he knew exactly how to usage his head to come up through the smartest plans at the appropriate moment.

He drew up the perfect setup for defending King"s Landing against Stannis. His decision to pick Trial by Combat throughout his psychological was clever although Oberyn Martell messed it up. After coming to be Hand come Daenerys, he stayed in the game, at some point determining the fate the the seven Kingdoms.

1 Loser: Eddard Stark

Ned Stark was smarter than Robert Baratheon, yet still the worst player the the game because he shed The phibìc and almost got his home wiped out; other his ancestors avoided because that eight millennia. He began a war through the Lannisters the he didn"t have actually the slightest chance of winning, leave his daughters in the hand of the most dangerous people in the world.

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His mistakes started the work he left Winterfell. He expected the best from everyone and trusted the wrong human being from the job he pertained to King"s Landing until the work he died. The realized too late that he was in the game, and even then, made all the dorn decisions.

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