Gabriel Iglesias invites his fans to join him and indulge in the “six level of fatness” as the comedian introduce the “Fluffy” Burger and specialty food selection at BLT Burger at The Mirage Hotel & Casino, served April 2 – 8. 

“The six levels the fatness is something I have actually incorporated into my stand-up program for a while so ns think it’s really cool that BLT Burger in ~ The Mirage is adding this come its food selection the main leading up to my performances in the terrycloth Fator Theatre,” claimed Iglesias.

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Indulge in 'Six levels of Fatness' through Comedian Gabriel Iglesias and also BLT Burger at The Mirage April 2-8

Iglesias, who is performing in ~ The Mirage April 6 – 7 as component of the “Aces the Comedy” series, hand-picked the ingredients contained on his specialty burger. The comedian will certainly be in ~ the restaurant Thursday, April 5 from 1 – 3 p.m. to meet and greet through guests and fans. The very first 50 guests who order a burger turn off the “Fluffy Menu,” fat fries and Fluffy’s Cake shower will obtain a DVD and also t-shirt.

The menu is composed of the following levels that fatness:

Level 1: “Big” ($6) – regularly referred to together “pickle pillows,” guests will begin the fatness off right with BLT Burger’s distinct fried dill pickles i beg your pardon are served with a ranch-chili paprika dipping sauce.Level 2: “Healthy” BLT Burger ($9) – sure to melt in your mouth, the healthiest that all points fluffy, this sandwich functions Jalapeño Jack cheese, bacon, a fried egg and also tobacco onions.Level 3: “Husky” Burger ($13) – Heavenly goodness, the “Husky” Burger features a solitary patty topped with Jalapeño Jack cheese, mayonnaise, a fried egg, tobacco onions and also BLT Sauce.Level 4: “Fluffy” Burger ($19) – Kicking it up a notch, the “Fluffy Burger” is fit for a fluffy king. Two mouth-watering patties room topped v Jalapeño Jack cheese, mayonnaise, a fried egg, tobacco onions and also BLT Sauce.Level 5: “Daaaaamn” Burger ($24) – Handcrafted by Iglesias himself and sure to make your heart palpitate in more ways than one, the “Daaaaamn” burger is a melt-in-your-mouth, triple patty burger topped with Jalapeño Jack cheese, mayonnaise, a fried egg, tobacco onions and BLT Sauce.Level 6: “Oh Hell No!” Burger ($34) – The crème de le crème of all points fluffy features the “Daaaaamn” burger alongside BLT Burger’s fat fries and also Iglesias’ “Fluffy Cake Shake.” The Fluffy Cake shiver is no joke together it’s made with Godiva chocolate liquor, vanilla vodka, chocolate Häagen Dazs, handcrafted coco cake with fudge icing and topped v fresh coco whip cream (non-alcoholic variation available).

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Gabriel Iglesias has been described as one unbelievably witty, electrifying and also talented performer who has actually the capacity to consistently provide a unique hilarious comedy suffer – from start to end up – in every venue he performs in. Gabriel’s massive appeal has actually opened the door because that the comedian to shoot two one-hour Comedy central specials, currently accessible on DVD. In the autumn of 2011, Comedy central premiered the brand-new stand-up collection “Gabriel Iglesias presents Stand-Up Revolution.” Iglesias is right now performing his national stand-up comedy tour, “Stand-Up change – The Tour,” visiting much more than 90 cities across the united States.