Hi there, prefer we all understand there room all types of guild officers,the quite one, the scrub one, the shouting one, the raging one or the weird one(and list continues)
.So what I wanted to asking you, what was the most awesome,crazy,nice, GMOTD the you have ever before seen/posted yourself?Plz describe if there"s a background story to it.

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Anoobis, savior of fallen Redemption, has actually vanquished the vile Sierranox, generate of the hell pits. Praise he, Champion!Someone named Sierra to be kicked native the guild.
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I remember once day when somehow anyone in the guild could adjust the guild message...people had totality conversation in the kind of g message
"that bitch the a girlfriend said its wow or me, currently no much more pointless fucking disruptions when ns raid".
- is straight related to Skill; the More you care around it, the Less friend have.GearScore - is like a Bikini; what it shows is Suggestive, what that hides is far much more Important.
I shall refrain from naming names so, this is in reference to i beg your pardon officer died more times during a raid the vault night:Guild message of the Day: "Loud mouth, raging officer: 7 Calm, rational officer: 2"huzzah for cosmic justice
When you"re asleep, me and an enchancement shaman room gonna enter your room and beastcleave you to tears.
"that bitch of a girlfriend stated its wow or me, now no more pointless fucking disturbances when ns raid".
"that bitch the a girlfriend claimed its wow or me, now no an ext pointless fucking interruptions when ns raid".
"that bitch the a girlfriend said its wow or me, now no an ext pointless fucking interruptions when ns raid".
In preparation for Cataclysm we room taking a rest from raiding til release. I was like: say thanks to God, If I had to view ICC one an ext time ns was gonna tear my eyes out.

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well this one time ns left this guild because that my own reasons, and so walk a few people ns played with. Us joined a brand-new one and beginning doing some 10mans. Mine RL friends and a couple of other world i played through were in Guild A(the one ns left). They walk a few raids v us, and also they mentioned how they were gaining sick the the guild leader, ns told them the they were welcome to join my brand-new one. Later that night the Guild Leader A hopped into our vent and start bitching in ~ my present guild leader. Guild Leader A went back to his very own vent and also said that members that his guild were Forbidden to raid or communicate with members of mine guild. My guild leader laughed at the whole thing, and made the Guild article "Forbidden!!" for choose a week. Only a few of us interpreted it, yet it to be rly funny. Oh and also all those world from Guild A who we raided with, left Guild A and also then it fell apart.TL;DR - "Forbidden" large inside joke.