The plank of friend of the Palo Alto Library has been closelymonitoring news of the coronavirus in bespeak to carry out what might be prudentfor the health and wellness of our volunteers and sale attendees. ~ above Tuesday, theSanta Clara county Public health and wellness Department "warned inhabitants over 50or in bad health to avoid big public gatherings. Ar officialssaid people are progressively more vulnerable come the disease as theyage and also if they have other health problems. And also because the disease isprimarily spread through call with infected people, castle urgedpeople at greatest risk to avoid events like parades, sporting eventsand concerts whereby many human being sit or was standing close together." (JohnWoolfolk, san Jose Mercury News, march 3, 2020) The vast bulk ofFOPAL"s volunteers space well end 50 and the exact same is more than likely true forour customers. The sale, specifically on Saturday usually has actually a highconcentration of human being in really close proximity to each other.Therefore we reluctantly determined to cancel ours sale booked forMarch 14 and 15, which consists of Main Room, bargain Room, Children"sRoom and both later free nights.

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Our donation room will remain open for its regular hours, Mondaythrough Saturday, native 2-4pm. However, we urge all donors who show anysigns of disease to hold-up making donations till they room symptom free.We need to protect our volunteers who handle these donations. You mayalso be able to hold off donations because that a time since without the sale,our donations will more than likely surpass our warehouse capacity.

Thank girlfriend for your cooperation and we hope to see you in April together longas problems improve.

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...over in ~ Most of the web links on this page have been changed to suggest to it, and also this site now exists mainly to provide inline graphic assets supplied by ours monthly e-mail newsletter. Please upgrade your bookmarks.

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Friends the the Palo Alto Library (FOPAL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 public advantage corporation, specialized to help Palo Alto"s publicly Libraries. Contact us at info