Access to Friend of the Court Records Information and Procedure In accordance v Michigan Court rule 3.218, the Calhoun County Friend of the Court has adopted Local governmental Order 2005-02, i beg your pardon outlines the process to allow reasonable access to Friend of the Court records. What people can access FOC records A party, a 3rd party custodian, a guardian, a guardian advertisement litem or counsel for minor, DHS protective solutions personnel, and also an attorney of record. What can not be accessed via this process Staff documents or note from investigations, mediations, and also settlement conferences, DHS Protective solutions reports, mediation records, medical information of a party, communications from minors, FOC grievances filed by another party and responses, a party’s resolve if release is banned by court order, IRS information, and any information provided by a governmental company which retains confidentiality. What is the procedure to request accessibility Complete the attached request to Access FOC Records and Decision (FOC 260A) and also submit to the Friend of the Court. As shortly as possible, but no later on than 5 functioning days of the receipt of the request, a determination will be do if the request will certainly be honored or denied, in complete or in part. The request will certainly then be processed and a decision made if there is a charge for the type of accessibility requested, if approved. Why can not this details be sent out to another agency or party if ns authorize it due to the fact that of the Michigan Court Rule, the Friend of the Court have the right to only send the info to the requesting party. You may forward that details as you wish. The FOC cannot send info to mortgage companies, DHS workers, Social defense personnel or housing agencies. Is there another way to access payment details You may attain payment information via the MiCASE website, at Once you sign up, girlfriend will get a password. As soon as registered, you can accessibility information 24 hours a day, 7 job a week. Instructions for completing the request to Access FOC Records form Enter your situation number or Social security Number in ~ the top right, under situation No. Get in your surname and resolve at the top, and also enter your telephone number to the right. Under #1, examine the box that represents your relationship to the case. Under #2, describe in detail the details you are requesting. You re welcome use dates if you space requesting payment information. Under #3, inspect whether you wish to check out the records, have an FOC employee review the details to girlfriend or if you would favor printouts. Date and sign the kind and submit.

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Please be aware that court orders and legal filings space not FOC records. Requests because that those files should it is in made to the Circuit Court Clerk.