Whether or not you"re superstitious, Friday the 13th is a great excuse to get a new tat.

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With slasher flicks and the full moon, the vibes may just be spooky enough to have actually you emotion a little bolder. If you should scratch the "new ink itch," here are a few parlors about Nashville with some good specials ~ above this Freaky Friday!



Open 11am-8pm top top Friday the 13th

Grace & Glory Tattoo will be doing a Friday The 13th Tattoo speed Day Friday, respectable 13th. Because of Covid-19, they will be doing every tattoos by appointment ONLY.

All tattoos will certainly be $100 through no placement restrictions. Friend can obtain just the heat work, BG or color. Every Tattoo Artist will only be booking 10 appointments total for the event.

They require a $50 deposit for all appointments booked. You might not bring any guests with you in the shop and also you need to wear a mask the entire time you in the shop.


Lifealterink Socialclub

115 Sanders Ferry Rd.

Open 1pm - 10:00pm

$26 tattoos all day Friday! Doors open up at 1pm, first come an initial serve.


One drop Ink

1511 Jefferson St

Open 1-6pm

BLACK FRIDAY 13TH SPECIAL! every Black strength themes tattoos space $64! Walk-ins only. 2-3" black color ink only. An initial come, very first served. As soon as the perform is full, it"s full. Everyone is welcome!


Gratitude Tattoo

114 N main St

Open 5-10pm

Friday the 13th Special: $50 really cool tattoos! Masks are required. Cash only. Arms and also legs only. An initial come, very first serve.

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Sage & Serpent Tattoo

4122 Gallatin Pike

Open 1-8pm

Friday the 13th flash Sale! 2 artists will be law pre-selected tattoos because that $66 BY appointment ONLY! walk to their Instagram
sageandserpent to book your appointment now! Rules room as follows: 2"x2", arms and also legs only, designated Friday the 13th tattoos only, no alterations.

Did you get a rad Friday the 13th tattoo?We"d love to view it - #rwcchristchurchappeal.com once you write-up on socials!

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