Tracy Myers, owner of open minded Myers Auto Maxx, posed through Uncle Frank, the dealership"s mascot, in June 2011.

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The Federal trade Commission has taken activity against candid Myers Auto Maxx to prevent it indigenous airing ads the FTC says are deceptive.

Frank Myers Auto is one of five dealers in the nation named in the FTC"s complaints, and also the just one in north Carolina.

The Winston-Salem dealership is known for the flashy commercials, patriotic Uncle candid mascot and also "Everybody Rides" slogan.

The FTC claimed that the dealers have agreed to avoid running ads in which they promise come pay turn off a consumer"s trade-in no issue what the consumer owes on the vehicle.

The FTC charged the the ads, i beg your pardon ran ~ above the dealers" websites and also on web page such together, trick consumers into thinking they would certainly no longer be responsible for paying off the loan balance on their trade-in, even if it surpassed the trade-in"s value.

The dealers rolled the an unfavorable equity right into the consumer"s new vehicle loan or, in the case of one dealer, compelled consumers to pay it out of pocket, the FTC said.

The complaints fee that the dealers" representations that they will pay turn off what the consumer owe are false and misleading, and also violate FTC policy.

He claimed that the ads ~ above YouTube to be not intended to it is in deceptive, and he go not think that the language supplied in them to be misleading.

"Anybody that was deceived, we totally apologize, and we"ve agreed to not put that type of language in any type of future ads," Tracy Myers said.

If any kind of of the dealers hurt the regards to the FTC orders, every violation may result in a polite penalty of up to $16,000, said Mitch Katz, a spokesman for the FTC.

Frank Myers Auto previously had actually a "C" rating through the better Business office of Northwest north Carolina, based upon 25 complaints and also two unresolved complaints end the previous three years, stated David Dalrymple, the bureau"s president and chief executive.




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