It"s our last hidden battle star that Season 9. This Season we"ve to be bopping between Fortbytes and battle stars covert in the weekly loading screen, which from my view is a welcome rest from banners, i beg your pardon I never really cared around anyways. Regardless, the loading display screen for week 9 is oddly serene, specifically for a video game like this, and also there"s something very calming around this photo of the skateboarder versus the pink-tinged sky. Let"s take it a look:

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The battle star is also a entirety lot much less cryptic than few of the other hidden items in loading display screens have been in recent weeks. You can see that pictured in the reduced right-hand edge of the image, sitting on optimal of a display car. The display vehicle can be uncovered in Mega Mall, wherein it"s one of two people sitting together a museum piece or as a reward for some type of contest: I"m not certain how culture works in this details vision that the future. Here"s whereby you"ll it is in dropping:

The display car itself have the right to be found right up front, for this reason the best means to gain there is come stroll in through the front entrance: this isFortnite, therefore doors are never quite therefore crowded together roofs anyways. Here"s what that looks like in-game, despite this screenshot ended up weirdly dark:

It look at cheerier in game, i swear, though I execute sort of prefer this screenshot here. Uneven the Fortbytes, this won"t be obtainable right away: you"ll need to finish all the main 9 challenges before you can have access to it, but when friend grab that will add a full fight pass tier. Which is comfortable if you"re working your means up to either the Vendetta Skin or the selfhood Skin from the Utopia challenge: both desire you to hit battle pass 100, despite it would certainly be possible to get singularity without doing so.

And with that, you"ll conclude main 9 inthis season. We"re in the calm prior to the storm best now, with Epic gamings on a break and a huge robot gradually getting built over at press Plant. Something big is coming, most likely next weekend, however we"ll should wait till then to actually see what the is. Though we"ll additionally have a Stranger Things event in the meantime: things space busy here.


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