In past seasons of Fortnite battle royale, players have been able come unlock a loading screen, which often has a clue come a hidden fight Star or a banner. If you’ve completed all of this week’s challenges, and also you’re trying to figure out wherein the hidden battle Star location is, climate we have the right to help. Here’s what we know.

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Fortnite Season 9, week 4 hidden battle Star location

Update: Previous us had declared that the hidden fight Star because that week 4’s obstacles was nonexistent. However, it appears that the price was simply bugged out and also wasn’t showing up for plenty of players despite having completed all of the week’s challenges.

When you’ve completed all of the challenges, players will certainly actually be able to find the an enig Fortbyte by do their method over come the ATM external of the arcade in paradise Palms. This should create the Fortbyte and permit you to collect it.

If you’re in search of the Fortnite Season 9, mainly 4 hidden battle Star location, climate I have actually a little of bad news. Unfortunately, this week does not appear to have any kind of kind of concealed reward in ~ the loading screen. We’ve consisted of the loading display screen itself below, so that you can see it because that yourself.

This week"s loading screen contains no tricks or hidden battle Stars.

It’s a little weird to view Epic deviating so lot from your usual formula this week, as even the past couple of weeks have contained a secret reward in the loading screen that football player receive as soon as they complete every one of their weekly challenges. In fact, main 1 and week 3 each had actually a hidden battle Star because that players to find, and also Week 2 made united state of the new Utopia difficulties by giving players a concealed Fortbyte instead. For part weird reason, though, this week’s loading display screen doesn’t show up to point to any kind of hidden rewards.

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Of course, we’ll continue to screen things and also look into any feasible clues as to where this week’s hidden fight Star could be, yet at the moment it looks prefer we could be going there is no one. There space still many of challenges to complete, though, therefore make certain you head back over to our main Fortnite travel guide hub to discover a ton of advantageous information easily accessible over there. You can likewise follow ~ above Twitter because that easy access to every one of our content, together we’ll present it directly to her timeline each day.