Fortnite"s chapter 2 Season 4 is live, and it"s time for a new batch the weekly challenges!

Last week"s challenges had players wielding Storm"s Whirlwind Blast.

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Week 8"s difficulties are an extremely straight forward and probably the simplest of the season; which renders a adjust from the vault Marvel-themed challenges thrown at us.

This week, players will certainly be driving through rifts, visiting locations and killing the the contrary in miscellaneous locations.

Here room week 8"s challenges.

Fortnite thing 2 Season 4 week 8 difficulties Release Date

The brand-new challenges will arrive top top the 15th that October 2020 at roughly 2-3pm.

Fortnite thing 2 Season 4 mainly 8 Challenges

The mainly 8 obstacles are now live in-game, here"s what you"ll it is in doing:

Search 7 chests at Sweaty Sands (25,000 XP)Get 3 eliminations at Stark sectors (25,000 XP)Drive a auto or truck through a rift (25,000 XP)Eliminate 5 opponents while jumping or fall (25,000 XP)Headshot 35 doom Henchmen or distinct Robots (25,000 XP)Visit 5 various named areas in a solitary match (25,000 XP)Deal 15,000 damages to enemies with attack Rifles or Sniper Rifles (50,000 XP)Deal 500 damages to opponents at Misty meadows (25,000 XP)

There is an significant amount of suffer to unlock here, totalling 225,000XP if you complete every challenge.

This would get you a long method on your fight Pass, helping to unlock new characters, emotes, and weapon skins.

What"s more, completing a complete of 10 obstacles from week 7 and also 8 merged will unlock an alternative Wolverine skin, so it"s worth going the end of your method to complete them.


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MARVELOUS: get ready for another week that Marvel fill challenges

How To complete Season 4 main 8 Challenges

Search Chests in ~ Catty Corner

This is a reasonably easy challenge, inquiry you come head come the Sweaty Sands POI in Fortnite.

Located to the north-west the the map, you might struggle to do this in one go as result of there perhaps not being enough chests and competition native opponents.

Your best bet is to jump right into squads or solos come ensure you are contending with fewer teammates and even opponents.

It will certainly no doubt be a famous drop place, to start with, but will dice down as the week walk on.

Head to B3 top top the map whereby the tiny town is located.

Eliminations at Stark Industries

Another simple challenge, however can it is in dependent on where the last circle lands.

Stark industries is situated to the north-east the the Authority, however it"s a very popular fall location due to the Iron man challenges and this week"s distinct Robots headshot challenge.

Not to cite that there is so lot loot here, so the shouldn"t be hard to finish.

Team Rumble seems to favour this area the the map for its circles and also in a mode like Team Rumble that will come in very handy.


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HENCH: take it on death Henchmen and Stark Robots!

Eliminate adversaries while jumping or falling

It"s no clear even if it is your opponents need to it is in jumping/falling or if you need to be jumping/falling; us assume it"s specific to yourself.

We introduce jumping right into Team Rumble, choose up a shotgun or SMG, running right into the challenge of one enemy and jumping if shooting.

This is most likely the easiest and also most consistent means to get the an obstacle done.

Drive a car or Truck with a rift

This sounds straight forward, but you obviously need to find a car and a rift.

We advise making use of the automobile that"s situated near the road that runs down D7 on the map (between Slurpy Swamp and also Misty Meadows).

You deserve to then uncover a rift parallel to it in E7.

Headshot 35 doom Henchmen or distinguishable Robots

This is a right forward an obstacle but have the right to be a bit tedious.

It also can not be done in Team Rumble, so friend will have to head to regular fight Royale settings (solos, duos and squads).

Your finest bet is to uncover a an extremely accurate weapon, such together a scoped AR or Sniper Rifle and also keep your distance so lock don"t get alerted by her presence.

They will be much less jerky in their movement and also easier come hit. But, they aren"t really mobile so you deserve to probably force yourself in there.

Head to Doom"s Domain to handle the doom Henchmen. Alternatively, go to Stark sectors or any Quinjet ar to take on distinguishable Robots.

Visit 5 various named locations in a solitary match

An easy enough challenge, head into a match and also aim for any POI close to the leaf of the map.

Coral shore is probably the finest place come drop as you can conveniently make your way across come a variety of different locations in a single game.

With Fortilla situated in the south-west area, you deserve to move approximately Slurpy Swamp, Weeping Woods, The Authority and Salty Springs easily.

Alternatively, you deserve to try starting in the middle and working outwards; it"s all really dependent ~ above the circle location and also how quickly the storm collapses.

Team Rumble is more than likely the easiest way to execute it as the boundless respawn will enable you to conveniently fall in other areas if girlfriend can"t carry out it in one trip.

Deal 15,000 damages to opponents with assault Rifles or Sniper Rifles

This is much more time consuming 보다 it is difficult


Again, simply head right into a bunch of gamings (Team Rumble being the easiest due to the boundless respawns and variety of ARs on the floor).

Head to the last location and also light anyone up!

Deal 500 damages to enemies at Misty Meadows

A an easy enough challenge, but due come the location, it have the right to be difficult to carry out if the last circle does not complete here or if no-one is visiting the location.

If you play Team Rumble enough times, more than most likely the battle bus fall will permit a mix the both teams to drop in this location. Or the final circle will push you here.

Get on height of a building and also search for a chest and a rifle to quickly take the end loot-less enemies.

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It may take friend a few tries to do, therefore don"t emphasis too greatly on acquiring this an obstacle done native the get-go and also focus on various other things; it"ll come naturally.

Looking for much more XP? examine out ourXP Coin locations guide to bag some simple XP!

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