Fire Emblem IV: genealogy of battle Pro activity Replay GuideCreated by mr Alvein.Version 0.2January 6, 2002 every right! It"s update time! for this reason far, all the weapons have been done and I corrected most of the errors I discovered in mine guide. (sorry for those who saw those errors.) Sorry, i guess there"s no divine Blood/Skill code for the first Generation, however I"ll keep trying to find one.Version 0.1November 23, 2001 - I control to put in personality Codes. Although i haven"t found any holy blood code for the an initial generation, i at least have actually them for the second generation. Holy Blood Digits room complete and also Skill Digits together well. The weaponry section is quiet under development.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tables the ContentsA. Character codes 01. Lover Modifier- Modifies Lover of the personality 02. Bonus Stats- gives +5 come the stats and also +3 for movement. 03. Max HP- The quantity of HP the character has. 04. Strength- just how much toughness they have for weapons. 05. Magic- The magic strength for spells. 06. Skill- Accuracy/ likewise activites an abilities 07. Speed- results in the dodge area. 08. Defense- just how much the character have the right to subtract physical damage. 09. Magic Defense- just how much the character can subtract magic damage and immunity to standing change. 10 .Luck- results in the dodge area. 11. Course Change- Modifies a characters class. (Note: do not readjust Sigurd"s class! friend can"t overcome anything afterward.) 12. Level- Modifies a characters current level. 13. Leadership- for Sigurd only. Modifies Leadership. 14. Money: short amount the money. 15. Money: High amount of money. 16. Exp: Modifies the endure points that a character. 17. An abilities 1: Modifies skills with Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Wrath, Awareness, Prayers, Charisma 18. Skills 2: Modifies an abilities with Critical, Ambush, Duel, shoot Star Hit, Moonlight hit , sunshine Hit 19. Skills 3: Modifies skills with Life, Elite, Bargain. 20. Holy Blood 1: Modifies divine Blood v Baldo, Narga, Dain, Noba. 21. Holy Blood 2: Modifies holy Blood v Odo, Ulir, Neir, Fala. 22. Holy Blood 3: Modifies divine Blood with Tordo, Holsety, Blagi, Hezul. 23. Holy Blood 4: Modifies divine Blood through Loputous.B. Weaponary 1. Weapon Modifier: to edit Weapon. 2. Weapon Usage: edits the consumption of weapon. 3. Weapon kills Modifier: edits the death of the weapon.C. Digits 1. Lover number 2. Course Digits 3. Ability Digits 4. Holy Blood Digits. 5. Weapon comprehensive Digits. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A. Personality CODES(Note: Some personalities from the 2nd generation re-superstructure the very same codes with the characters from some of second Generation. Warning, this codes can rotate constantly. I simply put the very first input of the character as soon as they very first appeared.)Sigurd Code/ Finn 2Lover Modifier: 7e2d34**Bonus Stat Code: 7e2d3bffMax HP: 7e2d40**Strength: 7e2d41**Magic: 7e2d42**Skill: 7e2d43**Speed: 7e2d44**Defense: 7e2d45**Magic Defense: 7e2d46**Luck: 7e2d47**Class Modifier: 7e2d48**Level: 7e2d49** Leadership: 7e2d4a**Money: 7e2d4b**Money: 7e2d4c**Exp: 7e2d4d**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Noish/ Yohan/ YohalvierBonus Stat Codes: 7e2d17ffLover Modifier: 7e2d10**Max HP: 7e2d1c**Strength: 7e2d1d**Magic: 7e2d1e** Skill: 7e2d1f**Speed: 7e2d20** Defense: 7e2d21**Magic Defense: 7e2d22**Luck:7e2d23**Class Modifier: 7e2d24**Level: 7e2d25**Money: 7e2d27**Money: 7e2d28**Experience: 7e2d29**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alec/Yohalvier/ OifayeLover Modifier: 7e2cec**Bonus Stats: 7e2cf3ffMax HP: 7e2cf8**Strength: 7e2cf9**Magic: 7e2cfa**Skill: 7e2cfb**Speed: 7e2cfc**Defense: 7e2cfd**Magic Defense: 7e2cfe**Luck: 7e2cff**Class Modifier: 7e2d00**Level: 7e2d01**Money: 7e2d03**Money: 7e2d04**Experience: 7e2d06-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Adan/ Oifaye/ YuriaLover Modifier: 7e2cc8**Bonus Stats: 7e2ccf**Max HP: 7e2cd4**Strength: 7e2cd5**Magic: 7e2cd6**Skill: 7e2cd7**Speed: 7e2cd8**Defense: 7e2cd9**Magic Defense: 7e2cda**Luck: 7e2cdb**Level: 7e2cdc**Money: 7e2cdd**Money: 7e2cde**Experience: 7e2cdf**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Azel/Yuria/ShannanLover Modifier: 7e2ca4**Bonus Stats: 7e2cabffMax HP: 7e2cb0**Strength: 7e2cb1**Magic: 7e2cb2**Skill: 7e2cb3**Speed: 7e2cb4**Defense: 7e2cb5**Magic Defense: 7e2cb6**Luck: 7e2cb7**Class Modifier: 7e2cb8**Level: 7e2cb9**Money: 7e2cbb**Money: 7e2cbc**Experience: 7e2cbd**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lex/AresLover Modifier: 7e2c80**Bonus Stats: 7e2c87ffMax HP: 7e2c8c**Strength: 7e2c8d**Magic: 7e2c8e**Skill: 7e2c8f**Speed: 7e2c90**Defense: 7e2c91**Magic Defense: 7e2c92**Luck: 7e2c93**Class Modifier: 7e2c94**Level: 7e2c95**Money: 7e2c97**Money: 7e2c98**Exp: 7e2c99**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cuan/HannibalLover Modifier: 7e2c5c**Bonus Stats: 7e2c63ffMax HP: 7e2c68**Strength: 7e2c69**Magic: 7e2c6a**Skill: 7e2c6b**Speed: 7e2c6c**Defense: 7e2c6d**Magic Defense: 7e2c6e**Luck: 7e2c6f**Class Modifier: 7e2c70**Level: 7e2c71**Money: 7e2c73**Money: 7e2c74**Exp: 7e2c75**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FinnLover Modifier: 7e2c38**Bonus Stats: 7e2c3fffMax HP: 7e2c44**Strength: 7e2c45**Magic: 7e2c46**Skill: 7e2c47**Speed: 7e2c48**Defense: 7e2c49**Magic Defense: 7e2c4a**Luck: 7e2c4b**Class Modifier: 7e2c4c**Level: 7e2c4d**Money: 7e2c4f**Money: 7e2c50**Exp: 7e2c51**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EthrinLover Modifier: 7e2c14**Bonus Stats: 7e2c1bffHP Max: 7e2c20**Strength: 7e2c21**Magic: 7e2c22**Skill: 7e2c23**Speed: 7e2c24**Defense: 7e2c25**Magic Defense: 7e2c26**Luck: 7e2c27**Class Modifier: 7e2c28**Level: 7e2c29**Money: 7e2c2b**Money: 7e2c2c**Exp: 7e2c2d**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MideelLover Modifier: 7e2bf0**Bonus Stats: 7e2bf7ff HP Max: 7e2bfc**Strength: 7e2bfdMagic: 7e2bfeSkill: 7e2bffSpeed: 7e2c00Defense: 7e2c01Mag. Defense: 7e2c02Luck: 7e2c03Class: 7e2c04Level: 7e2c05Money: 7e2c07**Money: 7e2c08**Exp: 7e2c09**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AyraLover Modifier: 7e2bcc**Bonus Stats: 7e2bd3ffMax HP: 7e2bd8**Strength: 7e2bd9**Magic: 7e2bda**Skill: 7e2bdb**Speed: 7e2bdc**Defense: 7e2bddMagic Defense: 7e2bde**Luck: 7e2bdf**Class Modifier: 7e2be0**Level: 7e2be1**Money: 7e2be3**Money: 7e2be4**Exp: 7e2be5**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edin Lover Modifier: 7e2ba8**Bonus Stats: 7e2bafffMax HP: 7e2bb4**Strength: 7e2bb5**Magic: 7e2bb6**Skill: 7e2bb7**Speed: 7e2bb8**Defense: 7e2bb9**Magic Defense: 7e2bba**Luck: 7e2bbb**Class Modifier: 7e2bbc**Level: 7e2bbd**Money:7e2bbf**Money: 7e2bc0***Exp: 7e2bc1**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DeuLover Modifier: 7e2b84**Bonus Stats: 7e2b8bffMax HP: 7e2b90**Strength: 7e2b91**Magic: 7e2b92**Skill: 7e2b93**Speed: 7e2b94**Defense: 7e2b95**Magic Defense: 7e2b96**Luck: 7e2b97**Class Modifier: 7e2b98**Level: 7e2b99**Money: 7e2b9b**Money: 7e2b9c**Exp: 7e2b9d**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JamkaLover Modifier: 7e2b60**Bonus Stats: 7e2b68ffMax HP: 7E2b6c**Strength: 7e2b6d**Magic: 7e2b6e**Skill: 7e2b6f**Speed: 7e2b70**Defense: 7e2b71**Magic Defense: 7e2b72**Luck: 7e2b73**Class Change: 7e2b74**Level: 7e2b75**Money: 7e2b77**Money: 7e2b78**Exp: 7e2b79**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DiadoraLover Modifier: 7e2b3c**Bonus Stats: 7e2b43ffMax HP: 7E2B48**Strength: 7e2b49**Magic: 7e2b4a**Skill: 7e2b4b**Speed: 7e2b4c**Defense: 7e2b4d**Magic Defense: 7e2b4e**Luck: 7e2b4f**Class Modifier: 7e2b50**Level: 7e2b51**Money: 7e2b53**Money: 7e2b54**Exp: 7e2b55**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LachesisLover Modifier: 7e2b18**Bonus Stats: 7e2b1fffMax HP: 7e2b24**Strength: 7e2b25**Magic: 7e2b26**Skill: 7e2b27**Speed: 7e2b28**Defense: 7e2b29**Magic Defense: 7e2b2a**Luck: 7e2b2b**Class Modifier: 7e2b2c**Level: 7e2b2d**Money: 7e2b2f**Money: 7e2b30**Exp: 7e2b31**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HolinLover Modifier: 7e2af4**Bonus Stats: 7e2afbfeMax HP: 7e2b00**Strength: 7e2b01**Magic: 7e2b02**Skill: 7e2b03**Speed: 7e2bo4**Defense: 7e2b05**Magic Defense: 7e2b06**Luck: 7e2bo7**Class Modiefier: 7e2bo8**Level: 7e2b09**Money: 7e2b0b**Money: 7e2b0c**Exp: 7e2b0d**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BeowulfLover Modifier: 7e2af4**Bonus Stats: 7e2ad7ffMax HP: 7e2adc**Strength: 7e2add**Magic: 7e2ade**Skill: 7e2adf**Speed: 7e2ae0**Defense: 7e2ae1**Magic Defense: 7e2ae2**Luck: 7e2ae3**Class Modifier: 7e2ae4**Level: 7e2ae5**Money: 7e2ae7**Money: 7e2ae8**Exp: 7e2ae9**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LevinLover Modifier: 7e2aac**Bonus Stats: 7e2ab3ffMax HP: 7e2ab8**Strength: 7e2ab9**Magic: 7e2aba**Skill: 7e2abb**Speed: 7e2abc**Defense: 7e2abd**Magic Defense: 7e2abe**Luck: 7e2abf**Class Modifier: 7e2ac0**Level: 7e2ac1**Money: 7e2ac3**Money: 7e2ac4**Exp: 7e2ac5**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SypheelLover Modifier: 7e2a88**Bonus Stats: 7e2a8fffMax HP: 7e2a9450Strength: 7e2a95**Magic: 7e2a96**Skill: 7e2a97**Speed: 7e2a98**Defense: 7e2a99**Magic Defense: 7e2a9aLuck: 7e2a9bClass Modifier: 7e2a9c**Level: 7e2a9d**Money: 7e2a9f**Money: 7e2aa0**Exp: 7e2aa1**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FuryLover Modifier: 7e2a64**Bonus Stats: 7e2a6bffMax HP: 7e2a70**Strength: 7e2a71**Magic: 7e2a72**Skill: 7e2a73**Speed: 7e2a74**Defense: 7e2a75**Magic Defense: 7e2a76**Luck: 7e2a77**Class Modifier: 7e2a78**Level: 7e2a79**Money: 7e2a7b**Money: 7e2a7c**Exp: 7e2a7d**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BridgetLover Modifier: 7e2a40**Bonus Stats: 7e2a47ffMax HP: 7e2a4c**Strength: 7e2a4d**Magic: 7e2a4e**Skill: 7e2a4f**Speed: 7e2a50**Defense: 7e2a51**Magic Defense: 7e2a52**Luck: 7e2a53**Class Modifier: 7e2a54**Level: 7e2a55**Money: 7e2a57**Money: 7e2a58**Exp: 7e2a59**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TiltyuLover Modifier: 7e2a1c**Bonus Stats: 7e2a23ffMax HP: 7e2a28**Strength: 7e2a29**Magic: 7e2a2a**Skill: 7e2a2b**Speed: 7e2a2c**Defense: 7e2a2d**Magic Defense: 7e2a2e**Luck: 7e2a2f**Class Modifier: 7e2a30**Level: 7e2a31**Money: 7e2a33**Money: 7e2a34**Exp: 7e2a35**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ClaudeLover Modifier: 7e29f8**Bonus Stats: 7e29ffffMax HP: 7e2a04**Strength: 7e2a05**Magic: 7e2a06**Skill: 7e2a07**Speed: 7e2a08**Defense: 7e2a09**Magic Defense: 7e2a0a**Luck: 7e2a0b**Class Modifier: 7e2a0c**Level: 7e2a0d**Money: 7e2aof**Money: 7e2a10**Exp: 7e2a11**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NannaLover: 7e2d60**Bonus Stats: 7e2d67**Max HP:7e2d6c**Strength: 7e2d6d**Magic: 7e2d6e**Skill: 7e2d6f**Speed: 7e2d70**Defense: 7e2d71**Magic Defense: 7e2d72**Luck: 7e2d73**Class: 7e2d74**Level: 7e2d75**Money: 7e2d75**Money: 7e2d76**Exp: 7e2d77**Skill 1: 7e2d8a**Skill 2: 7e2d8b** skill 3: 7e2d8c** holy Blood 1: 7e2d8d** divine Blood 2: 7e2d8e**Holy Blood 3: 7e2d8f**Holy Blood 4: 7e2d90**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DelmudLover: 7e2daa**Bonus: 7e2da1ffMax HP:7e2da6**Strength: 7e2da7**Magic: 7e2da8**Skill: 7e2da9**Speed: 7e2daa**Defense: 7e2dab**Magic Defense: 7e2dac**Luck: 7e2dad**Class Modifier: 7e2dae**Level: 7e2daf**Money: 7e2db1**Money: 7e2db2**Exp: 7e2db3**Skill 1: 7e2dc4**Skill 2: 7e2dc5**Skill 3: 7e2dc6**Holy Blood 1: 7e2dc7**Holy Blood 2: 7e2dc8**Holy Blood 3: 7e2dc9**Holy Blood 4: 7e2dca**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RackheLover: 7e2dd4**Bonus Stats: 7e2ddbffMax HP:7e2de0**Strength: 7e2de1**Magic: 7e2de2**Skill: 7e2de3**Speed: 7e2de4**Defense: 7e2de5**Magic Defense: 7e2de6**Luck: 7e2de7**Class Modifier: 7e2de8**Level: 7e2de9**Money: 7e2deb**Money: 7e2dec**Exp: 7e2ded**Skill 1: 7e2dfe**Skill 2: 7e2dff**Skill 3: 7e2e00**Holy Blood 1: 7e2e01**Holy Blood 2: 7e2e02**Holy Blood 3: 7e2e03**Holy Blood 4: 7e2e04**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SkasherLover: 7e2e0e**Bonus: 7e2e15ffMax HP:7e2e1a5**Strength: 7e2e1b**Magic: 7e2e1c**Skill: 7e2e1d**Speed: 7e2e1e**Defense: 7e2e1f**Magic Defense: 7e2e20**Luck: 7e2e21**Class: 7e2e22**Level: 7e2e23**Money: 7e2e25**Money: 7e2e26**Exp: 7e2e27**Skill 1: 7e2e38**Skill 2: 7e2e39**Skill 3: 7e2e3a**Holy Blood 1: 7e2e3b**Holy Blood 2: 7e2e3c**Holy Blood 3: 7e2e3d**Holy Blood 4: 7e2e3e**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FeeLover: 7e2e3c**Bonus: 7e2e4fffMax HP: 7e2e54**Strength: 7e2e55**Magic: 7e2e56**Skill: 7e2e57**Speed: 7e2e58**Defense: 7e2e59**Magic Defense: 7e2e5a**Luck: 7e2e5b**Class: 7e2e5c**Level: 7e2e5d**Money: 7e2e5f**Money: 7e2e60**Exp: 7e2e61**Skill 1: 7e2e72**Skill 2: 7e2e73**Skill 3: 7e2e74**Holy Blood 1: 7e2e75**Holy Blood 2: 7e2e76**Holy Blood 3: 7e2e77**Holy Blood 4: 7e2e78**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SetyLover: 7e2e82**Bonus: 7e2e89**Max HP: 7e2e8e50Strength: 7e2e8f**Magic: 7e2e90**Skill: 7e2e91**Speed: 7e2e92**Defense: 7e2e93**Magic Defense: 7e2e94**Luck: 7e2e95**Class: 7e2e96**Level: 7e2e97**Money: 7e2e99**Money: 7e2e9a**Exp: 7e2e9b**Skill 1: 7e2eac**Skill 2: 7e2ead**Skill 3: 7e2eae**Holy Blood 1: 7e2eaf**Holy Blood 2: 7e2eb0**Holy Blood 3: 7e2eb1**Holy Blood 4: 7e2eb2**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TinnyLover Modifier: 7e2ebc**Bonus Stats: 7e2ec7ffMax HP: 7e2ec8**Strength: 7e2ec9**Magic : 7e2eca**Skill: 7e2ecb**Speed: 7e2ecc**Defense: 7e2ecd**Magic Defense: 7e2ece**Luck: 7e2ecf**Class: 7e2ed0**Level: 7e2ed1**Money: 7e2ed3**Money: 7e2ed4**Exp: 7e2ed5**Skill 1: 7e2ee6**Skill 2: 7e2ee7**Skill 3: 7e2ee8**Holy Blood 1: 7e2ee9**Holy Blood 2: 7e2eea**Holy Blood 3: 7e2eeb**Holy Blood 4: 7e2eec**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ArthurLover Modifier: 7e2ef6**Bonus Stats: 7e2efdffMax HP:7e2f02**Strength: 7e2f03**Magic: 7e2f04**Skill: 7e2f05**Speed: 7e2f06**Defense: 7e2f07**Magic Defense: 7e2f08**Luck: 7e2f09**Class: 7e2f0a**Level: 7e2f0b**Money: 7e2f0d**Money: 7e2f0e**Exp: 7e2f0f**Skill 1: 7e2f20**Skill 2: 7e2f21**Skill 3: 7e2f22**Holy Blood 1: 7e2f23**Holy Blood 2: 7e2f24**Holy Blood 3: 7e2f25**Holy Blood 4: 7e2f26**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LynnLover Modifier: 7e2f30**Bonus Stats: 7e2f37**HP Max: 7e2f3c**Strength: 7e2f3d**Magic: 7e2f3e**Skill: 7e2f3f**Speed: 7e2f40**Defense: 7e2f41**Magic Defense: 7e2f42**Luck: 7e2f43**Class Modifier: 7e2f44**Level: 7e2f45**Money: 7e2f47**Money: 7e2f48**Exp: 7e2f49**Skill 1: 7e2f5a**Skill 2: 7e2f5b**Skill 3: 7e2f5c**Holy Blood 1: 7e2f5d**Holy Blood 2: 7e2f5e**Holy Blood 3: 7e2f5f**Holy Blood 4: 7e2f60**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CorpulLover: 7e2f6e**Bonus Stats: 7e2f71**HP Max: 7e2f76**Strength: 7e2f77**Magic: 7e2f78**Skill: 7e2f79**Speed: 7e2f7a**Defense: 7e2f7b**Magic Defense: 7e2f7c**Luck: 7e2f7d**Class: 7e2f7e**Level: 7e2f7f**Money: 7e2f81**Money: 7e2f82**Exp: 7e2f83**Skill 1: 7e2f94**Skill 2: 7e2f95**Skill 3: 7e2f96**Holy Blood 1: 7e2f97**Holy Blood 2: 7e2f98**Holy Blood 3: 7e2f99**Holy Blood 4: 7e2f9a** -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RanaLover: 7e2fa4**Bonus: 7e2fabffHP Max: 7e2fb0**Strength: 7e2fb1**Magic: 7e2fb2**Skill: 7e2fb3**Speed: 7e2fb4**Defense: 7e2fb5**Magic Defense: 7e2fb6**Luck: 7e2fb7**Class: 7e2fb8**Level: 7e2fb9**Money: 7e2fbb**Money: 7e2fbc**Exp: 7e2fbd**Skill 1: 7e2fce**Skill 2: 7e2fcf**Skill 3: 7e2fd0**Holy Blood 1: 7e2fd1**Holy Blood 2: 7e2fd2**Holy Blood 3: 7e2fd3**Holy Blood 4: 7e2fd4**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LesterLover: 7e2fde**Bonus: 7e2fe5ffHP Max: 7e2fea**Strength: 7e2feb**Magic: 7e2fec**Skill: 7e2fed**Speed: 7e2fee**Defense: 7e2fef**Magic Defense: 7e2ff0**Luck: 7e2ff1**Class: 7e2ff2**Level: 7e2ff3**Money: 7e2ff5**Money: 7e2ff6**Exp: 7e2ff7**Skill 1: 7e3008**Skill 2: 7e3009**Skill 3: 7e300a**Holy Blood 1: 7e300b**Holy Blood 2: 7e300c**Holy Blood 3: 7e300d**Holy Blood 4: 7e300e**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PattyLover: 7e3018**Bonus: 7e301fffHP Max: 7e3024**Strength: 7e3025**Magic: 7e3026**Skill: 7e3027**Speed: 7e3028**Defense: 7e3029**Magic Defense: 7e302a**Luck: 7e302b**Class: 7e302c**Level: 7e302d**Money: 7e302f**Money: 7e3030**Exp: 7e3031**Skill 1: 7e3042**Skill 2: 7e3043**Skill 3: 7e3044**Holy Blood 1: 7e3045**Holy Blood 2: 7e3046**Holy Blood 3: 7e3047**Holy Blood 4: 7e3048**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FavalLover Modifier: 7e3052**Bonus: 7e3059ffHP Max: 7e305e** Strength: 7e305f**Magic: 7e3060**Skill: 7e3061**Speed: 7e3062**Defense: 7e3063**Magic Defense: 7e3064**Luck: 7e3065**Class: 7e3066**Level: 7e3067**Money: 7e3068**Money: 7e3069**Exp: 7e306a**Skill 1: 7e307c**Skill 2: 7e307d**SKill 3: 7e307e**Holy Blood 1: 7e307f**Holy Blood 2: 7e3080**Holy Blood 3: 7e3081**Holy Blood 4: 7e3082**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AlthenaLover: 7e308c**Bonus: 7e3093**HP Max: 7e3098**Strength: 7e3099**Magic: 7e309a**Skill: 7e309b**Speed: 7e309c**Defense: 7e309d**Magic Defense: 7e309e**Luck: 7e309f**Class: 7e30a0**Level: 7e30a1**Money: 7e30a3**Money: 7e30a4**Exp: 7e30a5**Skill: 1: 7e30b6**Skill 2: 7e30b7**Skill 3: 7e30b8**Holy Blood 1: 7e30b9**Holy Blood 2: 7e30ba**Holy Blood 3: 7e30bb**Holy Blood 4: 7e30bc**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LeifLover: 7e30c6**Bonus: 7e30cdffHP Max: 7e30d2**Strength: 7e30d3**Magic: 7e30d4**Skill: 7e30d5**Speed: 7e30d6**Defense: 7e30d7**Magic Defense: 7e30d8**Luck: 7e30d9**Class: 7e30da**Level: 7e30db**Money: 7e30dd**Money: 7e30de**Exp: 7e30df**Skill 1: 7e30f0**Skill 2: 7e30f1**Skill 3: 7e30f2**Holy Blood 1: 7e30f3**Holy Blood 2: 7e30f4**Holy Blood 3: 7e30f5**Holy Blood 4: 7e30f6**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SeliceLover: 7e3100**Bonus: 7e3107ffHP Max: 7e310c**Strength: 7e310d**Magic: 7e310e**Skill: 7e310f**Speed: 7e3110**Defense: 7e3111**Magic Defense: 7e3112**Luck: 7e3113**Class: 7e3114**Level: 7e3115**Money: 7e3117**Money: 7e3118**Exp: 7e3119**Skill 1: 7e312a**Skill 2: 7e312b**Skill 3: 7e312c**Holy Blood 1: 7e312d**Holy Blood 2: 7e312e**Holy Blood 3: 7e312f**Holy Blood 4: 7e3130**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B. WEAPONRY7e3d8b** (Alec Iron sword Weapon Modifier)7e3d8c** (Alec steel Sword intake Modifier)7e3d90** (Alec Iron knife Kills Modifier)7e3d91** (Ethrin/Leif Iron sword Modifier)7e3d92** (Ethrin/Leif iron Sword consumption Modifier)7e3d96** (Ethrin/Leif Iron sword Kills Modifier)7e3d97** (Adan Iron sword Weapon Modifier)7e3d98** (Adan Iron sword Weapon intake Modifier)7e3d9c** (Adan Iron sword Kills Modifier)7e3d9d** (Deu Iron knife Weapon Modifier)7e3d9e** (Deu stole Sword consumption Modifier.)7e3da2** (Deu Iron sword Kills Modifier)7e3da3** (Delmud Iron knife Weapon Modifier)7e3da4** (Delmud stole Sword usage Modifier)7e3da8** (Delmud Iron sword Kills Modifier)7e3da9** (Nanna Iron sword Weapon Modifier)7e3daa** (Nanna steel Sword consumption Modifier)7e3dae** (Nanna Iron knife Kills Modifier)7e3daf** (Sigurd Steel sword Weapon Modifier)7e3db0** (Sigurd stole Sword usage Modifier)7e3db4** (Sigurd Steel knife Kills Modifier)7e3db5** (Iron knife 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3db6** (Iron knife 2 intake Modifier)7e3dba** (Iron sword 2 death Modifier)7e3dbb** (Noish Iron sword Weapon Modifier)7e3dbc** (Noish steel Sword intake Modifier)7e3dc0** (Noish Iron sword Kills Modifier) 7e3dbf** (Sigurd silver- Weapon Modifier)7e3dc0** (Sigurd Silver intake Modifier)7e3dc6** (Sigurd Silver death Modifier)7e3dc7** (Silver knife 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3dc8** (Silver knife 2 usage Modifier)7e3dcc** (Silver sword 2 death Modifier)7e3dcd** (Holin iron Claymore Weapon Modifier)7e3dce** (Holin stole Claymore intake Modifier)7e3dd2** (Holin stole Claymore kills Modifier)7e3dd3** (Ayra steel Claymore Weapon Modifier)7e3dd4** (Ayra iron Claymore consumption Modifier.)7e3dd8** (Ayra iron Claymore death Modifier)7e3dd9** (Skasher steel Claymore Weapon Modifier.)7e3dda** (Skasher stole Claymore usage Modifier)7e3dde** (Skasher stole Claymore death Modifier)7e3ddf** (Lakche iron Claymore Weapon Modifier)7e3de0** (Lakche steel Claymore consumption Modifier)7e3de4** (Lakche stole Claymore kills Modifier)7e3de5** (Shanan steel Claymore Weapon Modifier)7e3de6** (Shanan steel Claymore intake Modifier)7e3dea** (Shanan stole Claymore death Modifier)7e3deb** (Steel Claymore 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3dec** (Steel Claymore 2 usage Modifier)7e3df0** (Steel Claymore 2 kills Modifier)7e3df1** (Steel Claymore 3 Weapon Modifier)7e3df2** (Steel Claymore 3 intake Modifier)7e3df6** (Steel Claymore 3 death Modifier)"7e3df7** (Silver Claymore Weapon Modifier)7e3df8** (Silver Claymore intake Modifier)7e3dfc** (Silver Claymore death Modifier)7e3dfd** (Hannibal silver- Claymore Weapon Modifier)7e3dfe** (Hannibal silver- Claymore intake Modifier)7e3e02** (Hannibal silver- Claymore kills Modifier)7e3e03** (Lachesis Prayer knife Weapon Modifier)7e3e04** (Lachesis Prayer Sword consumption Modifier)7e3e08** (Lachesis Prayer Sword death Modifier)7e3e09** (Thief knife Weapon Modifier)7e3e0a** (Thief Sword usage Modifier)7e3e0e** (Thief Sword death Modifier)7e3e0f** (Laylea barrier Sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e10** (Laylea barrier Sword usage Modifier)7e3e14** (Laylea obstacle Sword death Modifier)7e3e15** (Fee Beserk sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e16** (Fee Beserk Sword usage Modifier)7e3e1a** (Fee Beserk knife Kills Modifier)7e3e1b** (Ayra Yuusha knife Weapon Modifier)7e3e1c** (Ayra Yuusha Sword consumption Modifier )7e3e20** (Ayra Yuusha Sword kill Modifier)7e3e21** (Selice Yuusha sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e22** (Selice Yuusha Sword intake Modifier)7e3e26** (Selice Yuusha Sword death Modifier)7e3e27** (Patty"s Sleep sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e28** (Patty"s Sleep Sword usage Modifier)7e3e2c** (Patty"s Sleep sword Kills Modifier)7e3e2d** (Ethlin Thin knife Weapon Modifier)7e3e2e** (Ethlin slim Sword intake Modifier)7e3e32** (Ethlin Thin knife Kills Modifier)7e3e33** (Thin knife 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3e34** (Thin knife 2 intake Modifier)7e3e38** (Thin sword 2 death Modifier)7e3e39** (Sypheel Thin sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e3a** (Sypheel slim Sword usage Modifier)7e3e3e** (Sypheel Thin sword Kills Modifier)7e3e3f** (Selice Thin sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e40** (Selice slim Sword intake Modifier)7e3e44** (Selice Thin sword Kills Modifier) 7e3e45** (Sypheel Defender Weapon Modifier)7e3e46** (Sypheel Defender intake Modifier)7e3e4a** (Sypheel Defender death Modifier)7e3e4b** (Fire sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e4c** (Fire Sword consumption Modifier)7e3e50** (Fire sword Kills Modifier)7e3e51** (Lachesis planet Sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e52**(Lachesis planet Sword intake Modifier)7e3e56** (Lachesis earth Sword death Modifier)7e3e57** (Thunder sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e58** (Thunder Sword usage Modifier)7e3e5c** (Thunder sword Kills Modifier)7e3e5d** (Deu Wind sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e5e** (Deu Wind Sword usage Modifier)7e3e62** (Deu Wind sword Kills Modifer)7e3e63** (Ethrin Light sword Weapon Modifier)7e3e64**(Ethrin light Sword usage Modifier7e3e68**(Ethrin Light sword Kills Modifier)7e3e69** (Eltosian/Ares Mistolin Weapon Modifier)7e3e6a** (Eltosian/Ares Mistolin usage Modifier)7e3e6e** (Eltosian/Ares Mistolin death Modifier)7e3e6f** (Sigurd Tylfing Weapon Modifier)7e3e70**(Sigurd Tylfing usage Modifier)7e3e74** (Sigurd Tylfing death Modifier)7e3e75** (Shanan Balmunk Weapon Modifier)7e3e76**(Shanan Balmuk intake Modifier)7e3e7a** (Shanan Balmunk death Modifier)7e3e7b** (Armor Cutter knife Weapon Modifier)7e3e7c** (Armor Cutter Sword consumption Modifier)7e3e80** (Armor Cutter knife Kills Modifier)7e3e81** (Oifaye Armor Cutter Weapon full )7e3e82** (Oifaye Armor Cutter usage Modifier )7e3e86** (Oifaye Armor Cutter death Modifier)7e3e87** (Wing Clipper Weapon Modifier)7e3e88** (Wing Clipper usage Modifier)7e3e8c** (Wing Clipper kills Modifier)7e3e8d** (Hannibal wing Clipper Weapon Modifier)7e3e8e** (Hannibal wing Clipper usage Modifier)7e3e92** (Hannibal wing Clipper death Modifier)7e3e93** (Sigurd iron Spear Weapon comprehensive )7e3e94** (Sigurd steel Spear usage Modifier)7e3e98** (Sigurd steel Spear kills Modifier)7e3e99** (Finn iron Spear Weapon comprehensive )7e3e9a** (Finn stole Spear usage Modifier)7e3e9e** (Finn iron Spear death Modifier)7e3e9f** (Iron Spear 3 Weapon full )7e3ea0** (Iron Spear 3 usage Modifier)7e3ea4** (Iron Spear 3 death Modifier)7e3ea5** (Finn 2 iron Spear Weapon Modifier)7e3ea6** (Finn 2 steel Spear intake Modifier)7e3eaa** (Finn 2 iron Spear kills Modifier)7e3eab** (Ares iron Spear Weapon full )7e3eac** (Ares stole Spear consumption Modifier)7e3eb0** (Ares iron Spear death Modifier)7e3eb1** (Cuan steel Spear Weapon comprehensive )7e3eb2** (Cuan steel Spear consumption Modifier)7e3eb6** (Cuan stole Spear kills Modifier)7e3eb7** (Steel Spear 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3eb8** (Steel Spear 2 intake Modifier)7e3ebc** (Steel Spear 2 kills Modifier)7e3ebd** (Steel Spear 3 Weapon Modifier)7e3ebe** (Steel Spear 3 consumption Modifier)7e3ec2** (Steel Spear 3 kills Modifier)7e3ec3** (Silver Spear Weapon Modifier)7e3ec4** (Silver Spear usage Modifier)7e3ec8** (Silver Spear kills Modifier)7e3ec9** (Silver Spear 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3eca** (Silver Spear 2 usage Modifier)7e3ece** (Silver Spear 2 death Modifier)7e3ecf** (Cuan Javelin Weapon Modifier)7e3ed0** (Cuan Javelin usage Modifier)7e3ed4** (Cuan Javelin kills Modifier)7e3ed5** (Javelin 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3ed6**(Javelin 2 intake Modifier)7e3eda** (Javelin 2 kills Modifier)7e3edb** (Oifaye Javelin Weapon Modifier)7e3edc** (Oifaye Javelin usage Modifier)7e3edd** (Oifaye Javelin kills Modifier)7e3ee7** (Finn"s Hero Spear Weapon Modifier)7e3ee8** (Finn"s hero spear usage Modifier)7e3eec** (Finn"s hero spear death modifier)7e3eed** (Fury"s thin Spear Weapon Modifier)7e3eee** (Fury"s thin Spear usage Modifier)7e3ef2** (Fury"s thin Spear kills Modifier)7e3ef3** (Thin Spear 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3ef4** (Thin Spear 2 consumption Modifier)7e3ef8** (Thin Spear 2 death Modifier)7e3ef9** (Cuan Gey Borg Weapon Modifier)7e3efa** (Cuan Gey Borg usage Modifier)7e3efe** (Cuan Gey Borg kills Modifier)7e3eff** (Lex iron Axe Weapon Modifier)7e3f00** (Lex iron Axe consumption Modifier )7e3f04** (Lex iron Axe death Modifier)7e3f05** (Iron Axe 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3f06** (Iron Axe 2 intake Modifier)7e3f0a** (Iron Axe 2 kills Modifier) 7e3f0b** (Steel Axe Weapon Modifier)7e3f0c** (Steel Axe intake Modifier)7e3f10** (Steel Axe death Modifier)7e3f11** (Steel Axe 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3f12** (Steel Axe 2 intake Modifier)7e3f16** (Steel Axe 2 kills Modifier)7e3f17** (Steel Axe 3 Weapon Modifier)7e3f18** (Steel Axe 3 consumption Modifier)7e3f1c** (Steel Axe 3 kills Modifier)7e3f1d** (Silver Axe Weapon Modifier)7e3f1e** (Silver Axe usage Modifier)7e3f22** (Silver Axe kills Modifier)7e3f23** (Hero Axe Weapon Modifier)7e3f24** (Hero Axe usage Modifier7e3f28** (Hero Axe death Modifier)7e3f29** (Hand Axe Weapon Modifier)7e3f2a** (Hand Axe consumption Modifier)7e3f2e** (Hand Axe kills Modifier)7e3f2f** (Mideel steel Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f30** (Mideel iron Bow intake Modifier)7e3f34** (Mideel iron Bow kills Modifier)7e3f35** (Lester iron Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f36** (Lester stole Bow intake Modifier)7e3f3a** (Lester stole Bow kills Modifier)7e3f3b** (Bridgette steel Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f3c** (Bridgette stole Bow consumption Modifier)7e3f40** (Bridgette stole Bow death Modifier)7e3f41** (Steel Bow 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3f42** (Steel Bow 2 consumption Modifier)7e3f43** (Steel Bow 2 death Modifier)7e3f49** (Silver Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f48** (Silver Bow intake Modifier)7e3f4c** (Silver Bow death Modifier)7e3f4d** (Faval silver Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f4e** (Faval silver Bow usage Modifier )7e3f4f** (Faval silver- Bow kill Modifier)7e3f53** (Hero Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f54** (Hero Bow consumption Modifier)7e3f58** (Hero Bow death Modifier)7e3f59** (Jamka Killer Bow Weapon Modifier)7e3f5a** (Jamka Killer Bow intake Modifier7e3f5e** (Jamka Killer Bow kills Modifier)7e3f5f** (Bridget Ichival Weapon Modifier)7e3f60** (Bridget Ichival usage Modifier)7e3f64** (Bridget Ichival death Modifier)7e3f65** (Azel Fire Weapon Modifier)7e3f66** (Azel Fire intake Modifier)7e3f6a** (Azel Fire kills Modifier)7e3f6b** (Fire 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3fbc** (Fire 2 usage Modifier)7e3fc0** (Fire 2 death Modifier)7e3fc1** (El Fire Weapon Modifier)7e3fc2** (El Fire usage Modifier)7e3fc6** (El Fire kills Modifier)7e3f77** (Volcano Weapon Modifier)7e3f78** (Volcano usage Modifier)7e3f7c** (Volcano death Modifier)7e3f7d** (Tiltyu Thunder Weapon Modifier)7e3f7e** (Tiltyu Thunder consumption Modifier)7e3f82** (Tiltyu Thunder death Modifier)7e3f83** (Thunder 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3f84** (Thunder 2 intake Modifier)7e3f88** (Thunder 2 death Modifier)7e3f89** (Tinny El Thunder Weapon Modifier)7e3f8a** (Tinny El Thunder consumption Modifier)7e3f8e** (Tinny El Thunder kills Modifier)7e3f8f** (Torron Weapon Modifier)7e3f90** (Torron consumption Modifier)7e3f94** (Torron death Modifier)7e3f95** (Wind 1 Weapon Modifier)7e3f96** (Wind 1 consumption Modifier)7e3f9a** (Wind 1 death Modifier)7e3f9b** (Wind 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3f9c** (Wind 2 usage Modifier)7e3fa0** (Wind 2 death Modifier)7e3fa1** (Levin El Wind Weapon Modifier)7e3fa2** (Levin El Wind consumption Modifier)7e3fa6** (Levin El Wind death Modifier)7e3fa7** (Tornado Weapon Modifier)7e3fa8** (Tornado consumption Modifier)7e3fac** (Tornado kills Modifier)7e3fad** (Levin"s Holsety Weapon Modifier)7e3fae** (Levin"s Holsety consumption Modifier)7e3fb2** (Levin"s Holsety death Modifier)7e3fb3** (Sety"s Lightning Weapon Modifier)7e3fb4** (Sety"s Lightning consumption Modifier)7e3fb8** (Sety"s Lightning kills Modifier7e3fb9** (Yuria lighting Weapon Modifier)7e3fba** (Yuria Lighting intake Modifier)7e3fbe** (Yuria Lighting kills Modifier)7e3fbf** (Yuria"s Rizziah Weapon Modifier)7e3fc0** (Yuria"s Rizziah usage Modifier)7e3fc4** (Yuria"s Rizziah death Modifier)7e3fc5** (Diadora"s Aura Weapon Modifier)7e3fc6** (Diadora"s Aura usage Modifier)7e3fca** (Diadora"s Aura death Modifier)7e3fd1** (Ethrin Live staff Weapon Modifier)7e3fd2** (Ethrin Live Staff usage Modifier)7e3fd7** (Lachesis Live staff Weapon Modifier)7e3fd8** (Lachesis Live Staff usage Modifier)7e3fdd** (Rana Live staff Weapon Modifier)7e3fde** (Rana Live Staff consumption Modifier)7e3fe3** (Edin"s Relive staff Weapon Modifier)7e3fe4** (Edin"s Relive Staff consumption Modifier)7e3fe9** (Yuria"s Relive staff Weapon Modifer)7e3fea** (Yuria"s Relive Staff usage Modifier)7e3fef** (Nanna"s Relive employee Weapon Modifier)7e3ff0** (Nanna"s Relive Staff usage Modifier)7e3ff5** (Recover employee 1 Weapon Modifier)7e3ff6** (Recover employee 1 Weapon Modifier)7e3ffb** (Recover employee 2 Weapon Modifier)7e3ffc** (Recover employee 2 Weapon Modifier)7e4001** (Libro staff 1 Weapon Modifer)7e4002** (Libro employee 1 consumption Modifier)7e4007** (Libro employee 2 Weapon Modifier)7e4008** (Libro employee 2 intake Modifier)7e400d** (Claude Reserve staff Weapon Modifier)7e400e** (Claude reserve Staff intake Modifier)7e4013** (Ethrin Return staff Weapon Modifier)7e4014** (Ethrin Return Staff consumption Modifier)7e4019** (Edin"s Warp staff Weapon Modifier)7e401a** (Edin"s Warp Staff)7e401f** (Rescue staff Weapon Modifier)7e4020** (Rescue Staff intake Modifier)7e4025** (Recover employee Weapon Modifier)7e4026** (Recover Staff intake Modifier)7e402b** (Valkyrie employee Weapon Modifier)7e402c** (Valkryie Staff intake Modifier)7e4031** (Diadora"s Silence staff Weapon Modifier)7e4032** (Diadora"s quiet Staff intake Modifier)7e4037** (Sleep employee Weapon Modifier)7e4038** (Sleep Staffs consumption Modifier)7e403d** (Berserk staff Weapon Modifier)7e403e** (Berserk Staff consumption Modifier)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C. DIGITS1. Lover DigitsNote: the is not argued that you have to pair Sigurd, Diadora, Ethrin, or Cuan with another character as well as their destined lover. 00: No Lover01: Sigurd/Selice02: Noish/Shanan03: Alec/Sukasha04: Adan/ Faval05: Finn/Leif06: Cuan/Yohalvier/Yohan07: Mideel/Corpul08: Levin/Sety09: Holin/Delmud0a: Azel/Finn0b: Jamka/Lester0c: Claude/Hannibal0d: Beowulf/Ares0e: Lex/Arthur0f: Deu/Oifaye10: Diadora/Patty11: Ethrin/ Rackhe12: Lachesis/Rana13: Ayra/Yuria14: Fury/Althena15: Tiltyu/Fee16: Sypheel/Tiltyu17: Edin/Lynn18: Bridgette/Nanna----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Class Digits00:Social Knight01:Lance Knight02:Arch Knight03:Axe Knight04:Free article 05:Troubadour06:Lord Knight07:Duke Knight08:Master Knight09:Paladin Male0a:Paladin Female0b:Bow article 0c:Forrest Knight0d:Mage Knight0e:Great Knight0f:Pegasus Rider10:Pegasus Knight11:Falcon Knight12:Dragon Rider13:Dragon Knight14:Dragon Master15:Bow Fighter16: sword Fighter17: knife Master18: Sniper19: Forrest1a: General1b: Emperor1c: Baron1d: weird Class1e: monster Class1f: weird Class20: monster Class21: weird Class22: Lance Armor23: Axe Armor24: Bow Armor25: sword Armor26: Barbarian27: Axe Fighter28: hill Thief29: Warrior2a: Hunter2b: Pirate2c: small Lord2d: Mage Fighter Male2e: Prince2f: Princess30: Mage Fighter Female31: Queen32: Dancer33: Priest34: Mage35: Fire Mage36: Thunder Mage37: Wind Mage38: High Priest39: Bishop3a: Sage3b: Bard3c: Shaman3d: Dark Mage3e: Dark Bishop3f: Thief40: thef Fighter41: Civilian42: boy Civilian43: selection Arch44: iron Arch45: Killer Arch46: yellow Arch47: Dark Prince ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Skill DigitsSkill 100: No Skills01: Wrath02: Pursuit03: Wrath, Pursuit04: Consectutive Hit05: Wrath, consecutive Hit06: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, 07: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit10: Charisma11: Wrath, Charisma12: Pursuit, Charisma13: Wrath, Pursuit, Charisma14: Consectutive Hit, Charisma15: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Charisma16: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma17: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma40: Awareness,41: Wrath, Awareness42: Pursuit, Awareness43: Wrath, Pursuit, Awareness44: Consectutive Hit, Awareness45: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Awareness46: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Awareness47: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectuive Hit, Awareness50: Awareness, Charisma51: Wrath, Awareness, Charisma52: Pursuit, Awareness, Charisma53: Wrath, Pursuit, Awareness, Charisma54: Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma55: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma56: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma57: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma80: Prayers81: Wrath, Prayers82: Pursuit, Prayers83: Wrath, Pursuit, Prayers, 84: Consectutive Hit, Prayers85: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Prayers86: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers87: Wrath,Pursuit Consectutive Hit, Prayers90: Prayers, Charisma91: Wrath, Prayers, Charisma92: Pursuit, Prayers, Charisma93: Wrath, Pursuit, Prayers, Charisma94: Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma95: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma96: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma97: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, CharismaC0: Prayers, AwarenessC1: Wrath, Prayers, AwarenessC2: Pursuit, Prayers, AwarenessC3: Wrath, Pursuit, Prayers, AwarenessC4: Consectutive Hit, Prayers, AwarenessC5: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, AwarenessC6: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, AwarenessC7: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, AwarenessD0: Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD1: Wrath, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD2: Pursuit, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD3: Wrath, Pursuit, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD4: Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD5: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD6: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersD7: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, PrayersSkills 200: No Skills01: Critical02: Ambush03: Critical, Ambush04: Duel05: Critical, Duel06: Ambush, Critical07: Critical, Ambush, Duel08: shooting Star Hit09: shooting Star Hit, Critical0a: shooting Star Hit, Ambush0b: shoot Star Hit, Critical, Ambush0c: shooting Star Hit, Duel0d: shooting Star Hit, Critical, Duel0e: shoot Star Hit, Ambush, Duel0f: shooting Star Hit, Critical, Ambush, Duel10: Moonlight Hit11: Moonlight Hit, Critical12: Moonlight Hit, Ambush13: Moonlight Hit, Critcal, Ambush14: Moonlight Hit, Duel15: Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical16: Moonlight Hit, Duel, Ambush17: Moonlight Hit, Duel,Critical, Ambush18: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit19: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical1a: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush1b: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush1c: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel1d: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Duel1e: shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush, Duel1f: shoot Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush, Duel20: sunlight Hit21: sunshine Hit, Critical22: sunlight Hit, Ambush23: sunshine Hit, Critical, Ambush24: sunshine Hit, Duel25: sunlight Hit, Critical, Duel26: sunlight Hit, Ambush, Duel27: sunshine Hit,Critical, Ambush, Duel28: shooting Star Hit, sunshine Hit29: shooting Star Hit, sunlight Hit, Critical2a: shooting Star Hit, sunlight Hit, Ambush2b: shoot Star Hit, sunlight Hit, Critical, Ambush2c: shooting Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Duel2d: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Critical, Duel2e: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Ambush, Duel2f: shoot Star Hit, sunlight Hit, Critical, Duel30: sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit31: sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical32: sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush33: sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush34: sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel35: sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical36: sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Ambush37: sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical, Ambush, 38: shooting Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit39: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical3a: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush3b: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush3c: shoot Star Hit, sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel3d: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical3e: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Ambush3f: shoot Star Hit, sunshine Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical, AmbushSkill 301: Life02: Elite03: Life, Elite10: Bargain11: Life, Bargain12: Elite, Bargain13: Life, Elite, Bargain-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Holy Blood DigitsHoly Blood 100: No divine Blood01: Baldo02: Baldo*04: Narga05: Baldo, Narga06: Baldo*, Narga08: Narga*09: Baldo, Narga*0a: Baldo*, Narga*10: Dain11: Dain, Baldo12: Dain, Baldo*14: Dain, Narga15: Dain, Baldo, Narga16: Dain, Baldo*, Narga18: Dain, Narga*19: Dain, Baldo, Narga*1a: Dain, Baldo*, Narga*20: Dain*21: Dain*, Baldo22: Dain*, Baldo*24: Dain*, Narga25: Dain*, Baldo, Narga26: Dain*, Baldo*, Narga28: Dain*, Narga*29: Dain*, Baldo, Narga*2a: Dain*, Baldo*, Narga*40: Noba41: Noba, Baldo42: Noba, Baldo*44: Noba, Narga45: Noba, Baldo, Narga46: Noba, Baldo*, Narga48: Noba, Narga*49: Noba, Baldo, Narga*4a: Noba, Baldo*, Narga* 50: Noba, Dain51: Noba, Dain, Baldo52: Noba, Dain, Baldo*54: Noba, Narga55: Noba, Baldo, Narga*56: Noba, Dain, Baldo*, Narga58: Noba, Dain, Narga*59: Noba, Dain, Baldo, Narga*5a: Noba, Dain, Baldo*, Narga*60: Noba, Dain*61: Noba, Dain*, Baldo62: Noba, Dain*, Baldo*64: Noba, Dain*, Narga65: Noba, Dain*, Baldo, Narga66: Noba, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga68: Noba, Dain*, Narga*69: Noba, Dain*, Baldo, Narga*6a: Noba, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga*80: Noba*81: Noba*, Baldo82: Noba*, Baldo*84: Noba*, Narga85: Noba*, Baldo, Narga86: Noba*, Baldo*, Narga88: Noba*, Narga*89: Noba*, Baldo, Narga*8a: Noba*, Baldo*, Narga*90: Noba*, Dain91: Noba*, Dain, Baldo92: Noba*, Dain, Baldo*94: Noba*, Narga95: Noba*, Dain, Baldo, Narga 96: Noba*, Dain, Baldo*, Narga98: Noba*, Dain, Narga* 99: Noba*, Dain, Baldo, Narga* 9a: Noba*, Dain, Baldo*, Narga*A0: Noba*, Dain*,A1: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo A2: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo* A4: Noba*,Dain*, NargaA5: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo, Narga A6: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo*, NargaA8: Noba*, Dain*, Narga*A9: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo, Narga*AA: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga* since I"m lazy to execute the other holy bloods :p, ns found another systerm...Holy Blood 2 holy Blood 3 divine Blood 4 Baldo = Odo Baldo = Tordo Baldo= LoputousNarga = Ulir Narga = HolsetyDain = Neir Dain = BlagiNoba = Fala Noba = Hezul ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: this are only temporary regardless of saving the video game with the password on.5. Weapon modifier Digits00: Iron sword C01: Steel sword B02: Silver sword A03: steel Claymore A04: steel Claymore A05: silver- Claymore A06: Prayers sword C07: Thief sword C08: barrier Sword C09: Berserk sword C0a: Yuusha sword B0b: Sairusu No Ken C0c: Sleep sword C0d: Thin knife C0e: Defender C0f: Fire sword C10: Rizziah sword C11: Thunder knife C12: Wind sword C13: Light knife C14: Mistolin* (Anybody v Hezul* Blood deserve to use this)15: Tylfing * (Anybody v Baldo* Blood can use this)16: Balmunk* (Anybody through Odo* Blood deserve to use this)17: Armor Cutter C18: wing Clipper C19: broken Sword A1a: damaged Sword B1b: damaged Sword C1c: steel Spear C1d: steel Spear B1e: silver Spear A1f: Javelin C20: article Killer C21: Yuusha Spear B22: slim Spear C23: Gungnir* (Anybody v Dain* Blood deserve to use this)24: Gey Borg (Anybody with Noba* Blood have the right to use this)25: broken Spear A26: damaged Spear B27: broken Spear C28: stole Axe C29: stole Axe C2a: silver Axe C2b: Yuusha Axe B2c: Swanchika* (Anybody v Neir* Blood have the right to use this)2d: Handaxe C2e: broken Axe A2f: broken Axe B30: broken Axe C31: steel Bow C32: steel Bow B33: silver- Bow A34: Hero Bow B35: Killer Bow C36: Ichival * (Anybody with Ulir* Blood deserve to use this)37: broken Bow A38: damaged Bow B39: broken Bow C3a: range Arch C3b: stole Arch C3c: Killer Arch C3d: yellow Arch C3e: Fire publication C3f: Elf Fire B40: Volcano A41: Fala flame * (Anybody with Fala* Blood can use this)42: Meteor C43: Thunder C44: El Thunder B 45: Torron C46: Thor Hammer * (Anybody v Tordo* Blood can use this)47: Thunder Storm C48: Wind C49: El Wind B4a: Tornado A4b: Holsety * (Anybody v Holsety* Blood deserve to use this)4c: Blizzard C 4d: Lightning C4e: Rizziah A4f: Aura A50: Narga* (Anybody through Narga* deserve to use this)51: Yotsumgand C52: Fenfir B53: Hell B54: Loputous * (Anybody v Loputous* Blood deserve to use this)55: Unusable publication A56: Unusable publication B57: Unusable book C58: Live employee C59: Relive staff C5a: recover Staff B5b: Libro staff B5c: Reserve staff A5d: Return staff C5e: Warp staff B5f: Rescue employee B60: Charm staff A61: recuperate Staff B62: Valkyrie employee * (Anyone v Blagi Blood have the right to use this)63: Silence employee B64: Sleep staff B65: Berserk staff B66: Shiihu staff B67: broken Staff A68: broken Staff B69: damaged Staff C-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fire Emblem IV: genealogy of battle is owned by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. If you arrangement on utilizing this... You re welcome ask for my permission.

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