Questgiver: Esther Conditions: return to Esther in ~ the Ark turn In: Esther Rewards:
price Bag
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Find clues to find the Floran Artifact is a search which Esther offers after the Visit The Outpost has actually been completed, which introduce inspection setting of the issue manipulator.

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For this quest players must scan a number of Floran themed objects which deserve to be found in dungeons or villages. Floran settlements are most most likely to be uncovered on forest planets.

Only certain objects carry out progress clues toward search completion when scanned. To finish the quest players have to earn 50 investigate points. There room a number of an essential objects, which compensation 20 clues each, these will trigger a radio post from Esther. Each Floran settlement or town should have at least one an essential object placed somewhere within it, and several an ext minor objects precious a smaller variety of points. Speak with any kind of Floran has a small chance of granting you a couple of extra points together well. Doing NPC quests in a Floran town may also aid to with the point total, since some NPC searches involve the player being given a clue item to deliver to a various NPC, allowing the player to place and also scan that item prior to delivering it. Perfect this quest might require football player visit a variety of different planets.

After earning 50 point out Esther will certainly summon the player to return to turn in. Perfect this quest is a prerequisite come unlock the Ceremonial hunting Caverns mission.

Quest Text

"Now the you"re familiar with scanning, we should start detect these artifacts dear. Yes, the Floran one first... Their swarms will contain critical clues come its whereabouts. Floran live everywhere nowadays, however still prefer the thick forest vegetation that planets found about gentle stars. Great luck dear, and also thank you."

perfect Text


quest Text

"You walk it! the was the critical clue we needed. Ns know just where the Floran artifact is now."

Key Objects

The vital objects for this search are as follows. Once each is scanned Esther will certainly report about it with a radio message.

Each of these objects counts for 20 points toward the 50 forced for pursuit completion, and each have the right to only it is in scanned for credit once.

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ObjectPts Radio Message

Champion"s Spear Display
20"Traditional Floran culture places great importance on your hunts and also their hunters... I"m specific that will have an affect upon the location of your artifact."

Primitive Hunter Art
20"This image depicts a Floran hunter, your garb seems almost ceremonial."

Ixoling Pike
20"The biology that these remains belonged come aren"t native to this area - I"ll look v my taxonomic records and see if i can discover its origins and also importance."

Spinneret Trophy
20"This spinneret is unusually huge - what sort of creature could support such an organ? This is evidently a prized trophy. Ns wonder..."

web Rack
20"This glutinous webbing is of unusual hue and texture. The varieties that produced it should be distinctive in that is characteristics, and probably limited in that is environment."

Other Objects

A selection of various other Floran themed objects can be scanned because that smaller amounts of clues toward quest completion.

Bone Trophy
thing Pts
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