Why steel Man has actually A Fin Fang Foom Easter Egg steel Man had a referral to Marvel"s dragon-like alien villain Fin Fang Foom, and also the reason for the Easter egg is tied come Jon Favreau.

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Here"s why Iron Man had an Easter egg the Fin Fang Foom in 2008. Also though the Marvel Cinematic cosmos was much from a guarantee hit end a decade ago, Marvel Studios sprinkled numerous references to other Marvel characters early on. A prototype the Captain America"s shield was in Iron Man, if the super soldier serum was supplied in The incredible Hulk. Those Easter eggs helped tease a future Avenger, but Iron Man additionally included more obscure references.

One of Iron Man"s numerous Marvel references was provided to tease Fin Fang Foom in the MCU. The gigantic shape-shifting alien typically resembles a dragon and is a standard villain in the comics who has actually squared off v Iron Man, Thor, and also many other an effective heroes. Throughout Tony Stark"s test flight with the note II armor in Iron Man, a billboard he flies past features a picture of Fin Fang Foom. The tease was surprising at the time and also is still a little bit befuddling in context, for this reason why does Iron Man reference a giant dragon-like alien?

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Fin Fang Foom has ties to Iron man in the comics, so that would aid explain why director Jon Favreau or the Marvel Studios team would want to include this reference, yet there is a deeper connection. At the exact same time that Favreau was working on Iron Man, he was additionally busy creating a comic for the character, titled Iron Man: Viva las Vegas. The collection includes steel Man and Fin Fang Foom dealing with off, and he to be such a pan of the ide that he had actually Adi Granov (who go the art because that the series) create picture of their architecture to use particularly in Iron Man.

Favreau can have to be a fan of Fin Fang Foom, however he never aided pay off this furious in the MCU. The went on come direct Iron guy 2 and also could"ve consisted of the biology in the sequel, although the jump from an evil CEO rogue to an extraterrestrial dragon could"ve to be too much too quickly. Instead of do Fin Fang Foom a major villain in one Iron Man sequel, this reference is one of countless that the MCU has actually yet to salary off. And now the Robert Downey Jr. Is done play Iron Man, this classic comic duel can never be establish on the huge screen.

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Fin Fing Foom can"t face Iron guy in the MCU now, yet there room multiple an ideal landing point out for him in the MCU"s future if Marvel desires to pay turn off this obscure Iron Man Easter egg. The comic version of the character has actually sometimes been linked with the Mandarin. Tony Leung is set to play the genuine version that Mandarin in Shang-Chi and also the Legend of the Ten Rings, so possibly Fin Fang Foom could be referenced again or even make an appearance. Thor has likewise battled Fin Fang Foom in the comics, therefore Taika Waititi could lug the personality into Thor: Love and Thunder potentially.


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