\"Although you succeeded in damaging the main point of Gordias, it seems that was just a momentary measure. The wade fortress has stirred once more, and its left arm now rests top top the banks of the Thaliak. The entrance lies open and unguarded, suggesting the goblins inside are as surprised together you. Take benefit of your enemy\"s unreadiness and face the Illuminati threat once more─hopefully because that the last time.\"

Welcome come the first fight in the brand-new raid tier the Alexander Midas, the second tier of the Alexander raid series. This really is a fun fight (after you get past the enntrance gate boss). I hope girlfriend all reap it as much as us did!

This fight has a many of different mechanics in it, but only the bombs should really be a challenge. There room several various bomb trends that will drop, and also we\"ll go over those in some information to help you out as much as possible.

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It\"s vital to understand that the enrage is time-based but there is also a mechanic that will pressure it lot sooner. In the facility of the arena is a lightning rod. If you walk near it, it will certainly zap the human with a tiny amount that damage and cause small colored AoE pools to show up in the north, south, east, and also west. These puddles are required for various mechanics in the fight. However, if they are activated too countless times during the fight the will pressure the enrage. Because that this reason, you should have only ONE human being designated to create the puddles.

One critical note prior to we begin, I\"ve split the fight into phases based on when the boss changes size.

ACT Triggers

Use this in enhancement to the callouts in the Timeline plugin.A5S tradition Triggers: Forum Link

ACT Timeline Plugin

For much more info around this plugin please check out this thread: Forum LinkA5S Timeline (Full): Google drive LinkYou can customize that to her desire by removing hashtags whereby indicated.

Job-Specific Tips

Quick fight GuideEntry Bosses The trash boss consists of 2 Faust + a Hummelfaust. Girlfriend have around 50s to kill the two Faust till Hummelfaust will certainly drop down on you. You have to save any type of cooldowns longer than 1m while killing the two Fausts. MT need to tank both. Ranged need to all ridge at max selection from the Fausts. Melee must stay kind of stacked away from the ranged. Hummelfaust will certainly drop down on a random party member. Everyone needs to relocate as far away from there as feasible because the landing go damage based upon distance. Hummelfaust starts an enrage count based upon when that spawns, not once you started fighting the small Fausts. Burn everything you have now, potions recommended.Phase 1 Boss turns big. Ceo does \"tank buster\" which is one of two mechanics favored at random. Gobstraight = tank only, Gobcut = stack on party.Phase 2 Boss transforms small. Two world are significant for Glupgloop, simply make castle walk far from party to ar an AoE top top the ground. 2 snake spawn. Each tank should gain one. Make sure civilization are type of spread out out because that this, though no terribly important. Snakes will placed poison ~ above people. People significant with toxicity will have to go to eco-friendly puddle (north) to cleanse it. At the exact same time, one human should go in red pond to become a gorilla for following mechanic. Boss will spawn bombs. Over there is one spikey bomb and two small bombs. The gorilla demands to punch the tiny bombs toward the spikey one and also everyone stack in the diagonal corner from the spikey bomb.Phase 3 Boss turns big. Everyone needs to go in the violet puddle (west) and also turn right into a bird. New bomb pattern spawns. There will certainly be 4 spikey bombs that generate in a diagonal line line. You must stand on top of the last bomb that drops. Once the first bomb go off, run into the now-empty corner. Departure bird form. Immediately after the charge, the boss will certainly wind up a 180 degree AoE. Everyone needs to run behind the boss to prevent this, similar to Ain in Sephirot Extreme. Ceo will usage Gobjab 4x again and stun the key tank, forcing a tank swap. There will be a tank buster and it may require the party to stack.Phase 4 boss goes small. A chimera will spawn in the southwest corner. It begins with being tethered come a DPS or healer. The one player will require to get in the blue pond (south) to lose aggro. Turn off tank need to then choose up the include and face away from the party. Place the boss close to the center of the arena. A Glupgloop goes out again, just place that in the south where the blue puddle would certainly be. Bombs go out. Stand just external of the corner where the first spikey bomb dropped, and also then enter the corner after the explodes. Gorilla will should push far the tiny bombs to the the contrary corner. Ceo does 5 Shock therapy AoEs. This is simple DPS burn time.Phase 5 ceo goes big. Go in puruple puddle (west) to end up being birds again. Stand near the center to prepare for dodging bombs, execute not focus on DPS ideal now. Brand-new bomb pattern. This drops 3 spikey bombs. There will certainly be one for sure area come stand. Watch phase 5 section for more details. Ideal after second charge is another 180 level AoE, obtain behind boss. Boss offers 4x Gobjab on MT again, forcing a tank swap. Tank buster walk out, might need to stack.Phase 6 ceo goes small. A bunch the adds spawn here. Turn off tank have to pick up the Minotaur and move it come northeast corner. Anyone else should be with main tank in southeast corner. 2 goblin adds will usage Oogle, similar to Petrifaction where it will petrify you if you are looking in ~ them once they use Oogle. A ranged player should emphasis the goblin in southwest through themselves. Encourage to use mage LB here. One player will certainly be targeted by Glupgloop. Recommend placing the east, west, or south. Shortly after lb, 3 much more Pig adds will spawn. They need to go right to the healer. MT requirements to take these turn off the healer ASAP. Someone should spawn the colored puddles again and everyone requirements to enter a puddle (any puddle) come refresh the duration on your debuff. Us recommend environment-friendly (north) because that the OT if they\"re still tanking Minotaur, and blue (south) for anyone else. Boss uses Shock therapy 5x again. Make certain to store everyone healed with them.Phase 7 One Shabti include will spawn. OT need to pick that up and face away from party (it cleaves). This requirements to be killed within 30s yet faster is better. Boss goes big Boss walk Gobjab come MT again 4x till stunned, forcing tank swap. Ceo will use tank buster, which can require party to stack.Phase 8 ceo goes small. Chimera will generate in southwest. Bombs spawn again exact same pattern together in phase 4. Usually just ignore them and shot to burn boss because you are about to dice to enrage.Enemy capacity ListRatfinx Twinkledinks Bomb\"s Away: Bombs spawn about the arena. There are 4 meta-level patterns, each with some little RNG involved. Boost: Telegraph because that Gobswings. Glupgloop: A arbitrarily DPS or healer is marked with one overhead indicator. 7 seconds later on an AoE puddle will certainly drop on their position. Gobcut: A stacking indicator shows up over key target\"s head. Party have to stack to break-up damage. Gobhook: Targets closestly healer to the boss. 180 degree cleave attack, covers entirety arena in that direction. Gobstraight: No HUD indicator because that this attack. Hits main target through narrow cone AoE because that lots of damages + knockback. Damage cannot be split in between players. Gobswing: Arena-wide AoE + knockback + vulnerability. Access time multiple times. Have the right to be dodged by being in bird form. Shock Therapy: Arena-wide magical AoE damage. Commonly deals about 7k damage.Glassy-eyed Cobra Regorge: shoots a small AoE at a arbitrarily player. Every players hit take low damage and receive Anti-coagulant debuff.Gobbledygawker (Goblin) Bomb Toss: transaction high AoE damage roughly targeted player. When a Gobbledygawker is not killed within a specific time limit, it will certainly start casting Bomb Toss repeatedly.Gobbledygroper (Chimera) The Lion\"s Breath: prior conal AoE attack directed in ~ player through tether or player with highest aggro (if tether has actually been removed). Usually deals around 8k damage.Glassy-eyed Minotaur Disorienting Groan: Deals tool arena-wide AoE damage. Feast: spend a surrounding monster.Glassy-eyed Shabti Spellsword: Frontal cleave attack. Usually deals about 11k damage.Fight Strategy

Miniboss - Hummelfaust

Two rubbish Faust

The fight begins with two consistent Faust. These need to both be choose up through the MT and also pulled come a corner. The ranged have to all stack with each other at max variety away from the Fausts. DPS should hold onto any kind of cooldowns much longer than 1 minute. After about 50 seconds of fighting the Fausts, the landing indicator for Hummelfaust will appear under a arbitrarily party member. Every players need to move away indigenous this indicator since it will carry out damage based upon distance indigenous it. If you space killing the Fausts too soon prior to the 50s mark, have actually a couple players organize onto more cooldowns. Friend need every little thing you can gain for fighting Hummelfaust.


This is the real entry boss. The DPS examine for this feel even greater than what is compelled for the actual A5S boss. The enrage because that Hummelfaust begins when that spawns, not as soon as you began fighting the two previously Fausts. This is why your DPS require to organize onto as many cooldowns as feasible for the earlier Fausts. Remember, this Hummelfaust spawns about 1 minute right into the fight, so if friend have any kind of cooldowns at 1 minute or less, then you deserve to safely usage them ~ above the 2 Fausts.

Faust will use Panzerschreck a full of 4 times in this fight. It just does raid-wide AoE damage, yet the pattern is great for your healers to know. Return the abilities space time-based, I will certainly list the HP % the you need to be at once they come to sort that gauge whereby your party was standing on DPS. The an initial Panzerschreck that does should come around the 50-55% mark. The 2nd and third Panzerschreck come ago to ago around 30-35% therefore be ready to heal that. The last one is the enrage. You have to kill this guy before this last Panzerschreck goes off or everyone dies and also you begin all over.

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A checkpoint is conserved after you kill Hummelfaust so friend don\"t need to repeat the again in the very same lockout. However, if you leaving the instance and also re-enter friend will have to kill Hummelfaust again.