Base AtkBase HP Max Atk Max HP Lvl 100 Atk Lvl 100 HP Lvl 120 Atk Lvl 120 HP
NP every Hit (%)NP when attacked (%)
Star AbsorptionStar Generation per Hit

ATK Down
Crit rate Down
Self Evade
Self DEF Up
Self Guts
ST Buster NP
Self ATK Up

Madness the the soul A

Decrease ATK for all enemies (3 turns).

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Decrease critical Rate because that all opponents (3 turns).

Lvl12345678910Attack -Crit possibility -CD




Curruid CoinchennA

Deal significant damage come a solitary enemy.

increase your ATK (1 turn) .Increase her DEF (1 turn) .

Curruid Coinchenn

Beast that Crunching fatality Fangs


Deal far-ranging damage to a solitary enemy.

Overcharge Effect

Increase your ATK (1 turn) .Increase her DEF (1 turn) .

Curruid Coinchenn (Upgrade 1)A+

Upgrades after location Up 1. (Not available, ETA 8/2023)

Remove protective Buffs from a solitary enemy . Deal far-ranging damage to a single enemy.

boost your ATK (1 turn) .Increase your DEF (1 turn) .

Curruid Coinchenn (Upgrade 1)

Beast the Crunching fatality Fangs


Remove defensive Buffs from a solitary enemy . Deal significant damage to a solitary enemy.

Overcharge Effect

Increase her ATK (1 turn) .Increase her DEF (1 turn) .


Assorted Info

IDCostGenderGrowthInst. Death ChanceDamage circulation QuickDamage distribution ArtsDamage distribution BusterDamage circulation ExtraDamage circulation NP
Reverse S

Attack / HP Growth

✔ Interlude 1Chapter Completion: America

Ascension: 2

Bond: 2

✔ Interlude 2Chapter Completion: Solomon

Ascension: 3

Bond: 5

✖ location Up 1 (ETA: 8/2023)Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0


Total products Required

AscensionSkillAppend SkillAsc + SkillTotal

Costume dress Materials

April Fool's0
One-Man WarWhen fitted on Cu Chulainn (Alter),Increase very own NP damage by 30%, and also Revive v 20% HP when beat (1 time).

Table of Contents


\"Fall, into eternal slumber.\"

When Queen Medb bestowed she wish ~ above the holy grail for a ruthless version of the kid of Light, the an outcome was a cold conqueror, the mad king Cu Chulainn (Alter). True come his summary of gift an uncharacteristic Berserker, Cu retains his tremendous survivability while gaining significant Buster-based offenses from his Berserker class.

Cu Alter\"s high survivability is quiet the ingredient of legends, regardless of his Berserker class. Coming v a two-hit Evasion in Protection from Arrows, Battle Continuation, defense buffs, as well as an essential chance and also attack debuffs top top Madness the the Spirits, his unprecedented staying power is exceptional even when compared to non-Berserkers. What truly sets the apart from other Servants, however, is his considerable offensive power - typically unexpected from a Servant through such a defensive skill set. Many thanks to a combination of an extremely high strike stat, a triple Buster deck, Madness Enhancement, and an assault buff built-in to his Noble Phantasm, Cu transform is qualified of dealing large amounts of damages over time.

These qualities, however, execute not median that Cu transform is perfect. His deck composition means that in a team he has actually trouble charging his NP quickly, which makes a great support ally necessary for charging his NP in time. In addition, an effective enemies through teamwide attacks or people who can bypass his Evasion will be able to nullify a large portion of Cu Alter\"s high durability. Finally, his lack of straight steroids except his NP way he doesn\"t own the on-demand performance an increase of his peers, which have the right to be problem when damage is required immediately.

Nonetheless, Cu transform is an extremely an effective Berserker who can survive the most brutal enemies, and also is a peak performer for few of the most daunting fights in the game. For part encounters, this foolish king doesn\"t also need allies, and also will coldly ruin the adversary by himself. 

Gameplay Tip

While Cu transform is well-suited together a general Buster Servant and also can fit well into any Buster-based composition, that is also one the the many prolific solo Servants, capable of tearing up some an overwhelming encounters every by himself. One doesn\"t even need to very own a Cu transform of their own to solo the ideal fights, or raise any details Servants in support.

All the is essential for any Servant come solo room two level 1 Servants with a taunt: typically a Leonidas and a Georgios. In Cu Alter\"s case, activate his defense from Arrows, and then revolve the 2 taunts on turn 1 and also 2, letting one maid taunt in ~ a time and also die. On revolve 3, the Servant will certainly be alone and also in Cu Alter\"s case, he have the right to churn out massive damage with constant Buster Brave Chains. V the help of Mystic password such as the Atlas Academy Uniform, Cu change in specific can endure for countless turns when the enemy charges his NP via his high Berserker protective NP gain.

For Cu Alter, survival will count on a Master\"s ability to revolve his defense from Arrows, battle Continuation, his NP, and also the equipped Mystic Code\"s ability to efficiently survive as long as that is essential to attain victory. Having actually maxed out skill levels to alleviate cooldowns is key.


Hit-Based Evasion

Protection native Arrows is among the ideal defensive skills, together hit-based Evasion will not disappear until it’s totally depleted. This method that this skill will never ever be wasted other than if Masters use it if his Evasion access time haven\"t however been provided up.

Defense Buff Stacking

Even when the Evasion is depleted, the additive nature of the defense buffs noted by his NP, security from Arrows, and insanity of the Spirits’ strike down allows him come stack sufficient defense buffs to defend himself until protection from Arrows is off cooldown again.

Defensive Options

Madness the the Spirits additionally applies a an important Chance down debuff ~ above the target, greatly reducing the hazard of stray crucial hits, which have the right to be very important against higher-tier bosses. Meanwhile, Cu Alter’s fight Continuation ability acts as a clutch, to buy time for his other an abilities to come turn off cooldown. As result of its long duration, battle Continuation can be provided early and actually come turn off cooldown again if timed right. This is particularly potent if Cu transform is soloing. 

High Damage

With a triple Buster deck, a high location in wildly Enhancement, and a high attack stat, Cu alter is maybe to food out damage at any kind of time, something further reinforced by the Berserker class’ wide selection of effectiveness and 1.1x damages modifier.

Exceptional Noble Phantasm

With built-in attack and defense buffs, Curruid Coinchenn basically functions as Cu Alter’s damage-increasing skill, permitting him to perform highly an effective Brave chains. As discussed above, the defense buff, when used with the remainder of his kit, enables him to ridge defense buffs fairly easily.

Inconsistent NP Gain

As with most Berserkers, Cu transform suffers native a difficulty to develop Arts chain or access his single Arts card. However, Masters deserve to counteract this v smart consumption of his struggle counts as his Buster and also Quick cards perform generate a decent sum of NP gauge as soon as a chain has actually been initiated v an art card. In addition, his defensive NP gain is really high thanks to his class, i beg your pardon is really noticeable against high hit opponents or when he is soloing. 

Lack the On-demand Steroids

As Cu Alter’s best damage-increasing buff is bound in come his NP, he has difficulty dealing major burst damage without exterior support when it is not accessible. His own naturally low star weight also makes it noticeably more challenging to support him via an important Damage as well without one overflow of vital stars. Generally, Cu alter grinds the adversary down in time rather than smashing them immediately. 

Vulnerable come Evasion-ignoring Enemies

Cu Alter\"s as whole high survivability is still largely tied increase in protection from Arrows, as his defensive buffs and also debuffs only serve to partially neutralize his delicate Berserker typing. Enemies who strip him the buffs or have the right to pierce his Evasion will have the ability to kill Cu Alter fairly quickly. 

Madness that the soul A

Decrease ATK for all enemies (3 turns).Decrease critical Rate for all adversaries (3 turns).

Attack -10%Crit chance -CD

Cu change often features as the linchpin for few of the most an overwhelming quests. Masters are thus highly advised to invest in every one of Cu Alter\"s skills, together the cooldown reduction often proves important for survival. A solitary turn hold-up on protection from Arrows may end up in Cu Alter\"s demise. Fight Continuation is his the very least potent skill however, and also Masters might decide to pass on maxing the in the short term. 

Madness the the Spirits: While somewhat situational, the an essential chance palliation at 50% maximum can be vital for details stages. The assault debuff is also really potent because that defense-stacking strategies, meaning that this skill likewise benefits significantly from having a lessened cooldown. Level this skill second.

Protection indigenous Arrows: In state of percent scaling, the defense buff boost is rather minuscule, and the 2-hit Evasion does no directly benefit from it. The best reason for leveling this skill, however, is the cooldown reductions acquired at levels 6 and 10. Because of the Evasion’s nature, it would certainly most most likely be supplied as shortly as it goes turn off cooldown, which renders it vital to maximize this skill’s uptime. Level this first, and also max the as soon as possible.

Battle Continuation: as a clutch tool, fight Continuation has actually the least priority, together it would be supplied much much less than the various other two skills. While the HP rise is no as notable, the cooldown reduction it gets as soon as leveled deserve to prove to be the difference between victory and defeat.This skill deserve to be leveled last, and is important to his solo potential as well.

Craft significance Recommendation

With restricted access to steroids the his own, the selection of Cu Alter\"s Craft essence greatly results his performance. Luckily, Cu transform has great synergy through a vast selection of CEs. For basic performance, Buster Up (stacks far better with his NP) and Attack Up (stacks better with simply Madness Enhancement) work really well for use with his basic command cards and NP. In addition, Starting NP Gauge is naturally a good choice because that farming or launching an NP quickly. Finally, Hit-based Invincibility and his Bond CE are both potent choices.

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Volumen Hydrargyrum / One-Man War: Cu Alter\"s defense CEs that choice. Invincibility buffs actually take precedence end Evasion buffs. Essentially, this way Volumen\"s Invincibility is consumed before Protection native Arrows is even touched. Thus, Cu transform can take up to 5 hits prior to receiving damage with Volumen, and odds room that his Evasion will certainly be off cooldown again by then. His bond CE is a potent Guts-based alternative. 

Kaleidoscope / The imaginary Element: permits an early intake of Cu Alter’s NP v minimal effort, enabling him come take off some at an early stage pressure from the team. Best used for faster-paced boss fights or as soon as farming.

Partake v the King / an initial Sunrise / gold Sumo / holy Night Supper: Combining both early-game stability and also long-term benefits, all the typical hybrid choices are an excellent picks because that Cu Alter. 

Limited/Zero end / Verdant Sound of destruction / Victor of the Moon / joint Recital : As Buster performance up buffs scale multiplicatively through Cu Alter’s NP’s assault buff, these alternatives increase his overall damage significantly. The vital Damage choices are actually very viable in compositions the supply one inordinately high quantity of vital stars.