If girlfriend are trying to find watch & jewelry fix in Roseville, Rocklin or bordering areas, you have involved the ideal place! ours professional, extremely trained watchmakers and also jewelers have the expertise to provide the highest possible quality service in a stylish manner. We’ll obtain your clock ticking or her jewelry bright again in no time!


Bring it in today, and also wear that tonight! Our skilled jewelers can fix any kind of repair come make her jewelry like new again.

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From a straightforward battery, to a finish watch overhaul, our watch machines can acquire your watch ticking again in no time!


Our team of jewelry designers and jewelers will occupational with girlfriend to produce a one of a kind item that is uniquely your own.

With laser soldering technology, we have the right to repair broken frames, hinges, or screws top top most types of eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Make your gift an individual with a practice engraving through our laser engraving an equipment that allows unlimited creativity.

We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Diamonds. Come in because that a cost-free evaluation, you can be surprised what her items space worth!

Fast-Fix Roseville offers large certified diamonds including GIA certified. Learn much more about our diamonds.

Trust our skilled jewelers to set your diamond properly. We have the ideal tools and experience to collection your diamond.

Refurbish her jewelry to look brand new again! inspect out our yearly maintenance regime that including polish and rhodium.

Fast-Fix Roseville offers huge certified diamonds consisting of GIA certified. Learn an ext about ours diamonds.

Refurbish your jewelry to look brand brand-new again! examine out our yearly maintenance regimen that including polish and rhodium.

Protect her valuables with an appraisal. Most insurance compaies call for an increase to day appraisil in order come insure. 

this folks space terrific! Friendly, knowledgeable & very favorable pricing. Have actually used their services numerable times and also have constantly been pleased. Castle also carry out a very quick turn about on items us left v them.HIGHLY introduce THEM!
I have actually had many jewelry items repaired and also or sized. John and his crew space extremely skilled and really competent. Whatever I have had done in ~ his store has actually been done with expertise and in a fashionable manner. I highly recommend FastFix at the roseville location.
I came in here to acquire a platinum ring resized and also not only was the task done perfectly, however the business only took an hour and also a half! The jewelry shop that i went to formerly were an ext expensive and told me the it would take 4-5 business days. Good prices and also excellent service!
walk to quick Fix to have my ruby pendant repaired as a ruby had actually fallen out and also all the other prongs were loose. They checked and had my kind ruby in house and also were able to solve my pendant appropriate away. The was reasonably priced too. Ns have had actually several items repaired in ~ this place and the client service and price have been really good.
John and also his team have actually done fantastic job maintaining my watches because that our entire family. Always with a deserve to do attitude, Fast-Fix has provided us with years of excellent and also courteous business in a timely manner. I wish everyone"s customer business was this good. Kudos!

Fast-fix has 30 year of excellence, and also we have remained in the Roseville Galleria Mall due to the fact that its opening. Our team is committed to giving the finest service for all of your buying and repair needs. We have actually a staff of understand jewelers, diamond experts, watchmakers, and also jewelry designers.

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We understand exactly how unnerving it deserve to be to leave your most beneficial jewelry and also watches. That is why her belongings never ever leave ours store, and also most repaired while you wait or shop! ours shop attributes a transparent glass wall surface that allows you come watch your items be solved by our highly skilled staff.

We additionally have begin of the art devices such together Laser jewelry soldering, engraving and also cutting that permits us to fix and also create just about everything!