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By Chris Reed
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Far Cry 5 walk out through a bang, yet it transforms out the story doesn't end there. Far Cry: new Dawn, which is set to start on February 15, bring players back to expect County, Montana 17 year after the events of the ahead game. And if you know where that one left off, you could be surprised to see simply how vivid the world of new Dawn is.

If she looking come preorder much Cry: new Dawn, you’ll want to recognize what comes in each edition, wherein you can buy it, how much that costs, and what preorder bonuses you have the right to get. We have actually you covered on all accounts below.

Far Cry: new Dawn Preorder Bonuses


If you preorder any type of edition of far Cry: new Dawn, you’ll get the Unicorn Trike skin because that free.

Far Cry: new Dawn conventional Edition

The standard edition of far Cry: new Dawn is obtainable for $39.99 / obtainable for £37.99 (UK) ~ above PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and includes the basic game.

Far Cry: new Dawn deluxe Edition

Have friend played much Cry: brand-new Dawn?



The digital-only deluxe edition of much Cry: new Dawn is accessible for $49.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and also PC. That comes through the basic game, and a variety of in-game extras, consisting of the knight Pack, Hurk tradition Pack, and also a few weapons. This is a synopsis of every little thing that's included:

SVD ClaymoreSidecar MotorbikeWrath M249Legacy OffroaderHurkling OutfitsM133M ShotgunRAT4 Rocket Launcher

Where come Preorder far Cry: brand-new Dawn


Far Cry: brand-new Dawn does not qualify because that Amazon's $10 prime credit, however the retailer's preorder insurance assures you'll obtain the shortest price if the drops between now and the relax date.Amazon (UK users)


Walmart only has the standard edition of much Cry: new Dawn, yet it comes with complimentary two-day shipping and also in-store pickup.

Best Buy

Best Buy has actually both editions of much Cry: new Dawn, yet it does not qualify for the My best Buy $10 credit.


GameStop is the only retailer that's sweetening the transaction for far Cry: brand-new Dawn preorders, however unfortunately no for everyone. If you're a PowerUp simple member and you preorder the game, you'll obtain $5 in rewards cash, while PowerUp agree members get $10 in rewards cash.

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