i'm brand-new to fallout and brand-new Vegas was my very first choice seeing the love for it indigenous the community. And after play for a few hours, and finally see how great this video game really is, and also the much more research i did, the an ext i loved it.

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but i hear about Yes Man and also being your own person and also "ruling" new Vegas, i gained pretty intrigued. If so, what go it require to actually obtain this ending??

keep in mind, ns still a tiny confused around the story, however right currently i'm trying to acquire someone to safeguard the Mojave? prefer a security man (everyone keeps denying me), and also currently i'm simply now obtaining done with Vault 22.

so is too late? what perform i should do? store in mind, i'm brand-new to Fallout, and am absolutely loving it.


Keep in mind friend don’t in reality rule brand-new Vegas—the location of the last Yes guy mission is “No Gods, No Masters.” It’s usually a state that anarchy apart from the Securitrons keeping the peace. All the factions room left to their very own devices, for good or ill.

People simply assume you in reality lead las vegas like house when all proof proves otherwise.

The Courier of an Independent ending is an ext like fallout 4's Hancock: "I'm the mayor of the freest town in the continent. Do whatever you like, but cross me and also you're dead."

Not really, there are countless dialogue alternatives between Oliver and the Courier that indicates that the Courier is taking complete dictatorial control. In fact, the game all at once is very inconsistent on even if it is the ending way anarchy or a brand-new Vegas rule by the Courier, which shows that what wake up to brand-new Vegas is totally dependant ~ above the Courier the player is role-playing as.

Yes guy is in Benny's suite, in a surprise room (on the appropriate when facing Benny's bed). Talk to him and also you deserve to start his pursuit line ("Wild Card" quests).

Unlike NCR, Legion and also House, that is never ever too late to carry out Yes guy - friend can't "piss him off" (his name need to be clear enough - he says yes :D) or have too much an unfavorable rep (because that isn't a faction... Yes man ending method you're kinda your very own faction), you can literally do whatever for a faction climate decide to switch to correctly Man.

fr? it's that simple? I never ever heard about it, however i simply know what happens and you have to make "choices thorough the end the game".

Old Yes male is always available no issue what options you make, there room still various variations that deserve to happen. Due to the fact that it’s around making one Independent vegas you will gain some regulate in ignoring and also acknowledging some of the influential factions as much as their influence goes.

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You’ll fulfill him as soon as you progression far enough in the story. He’s pretty much difficult to miss. That big doofy confront is unmistakable. And I’m not sure if this is thought about a spoiler or not but you don’t continue playing once you win the key quest for this reason you nothing actually get to dominion Vegas in game or anything. It’s just exactly how the post game story unfolds. Simply making sure you know what to expect. All you gotta do is execute the searches for him instead of the other factions. It’ll be clear as soon as you start.