How would certainly you favor to play autumn 4 in your right body?

So you desire to start a new playthrough of fallout 4. You pack up the game, choose a challenge setting, and hit “New Game”. Girlfriend sit v the cinematic, remembering exactly how awesome the lore of autumn is, and also when the fog clears up, she met v this.

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If you just let the end a groan as soon as looking at these two, then I believe your video game needs a makeover. No, I’m not talking about gameplay mods; ns talking around body mods. 

Aren’t you tired of play as the same old Nate or Nora preset? Well, buckle up, because today, i’m gonna list down for you 15 human body mods the you deserve to install to make her dream personality in fallout 4.

15. Lots more Hairstyle because that Male/Female


The hair choices in fallout 4 leave much to it is in desired. How many times are you walk to go for the very same old elegant hairstyle for a female personality or the casual or rebel hairstyle for a male? I’d say, it’s time come “mix” the up.

This mod by rbddc12 does specifically that. It offers over a hundred various hairstyles by combine the at this time existing vanilla hairstyles and turning them right into hybrids that themselves. Perform you want that side-shaved look through a ponytail? Sure. Desire a mohawk however still have some hair ~ above the sides? walk ahead. This mod is perfect because that those who desire to save the vanilla feeling of the game.

Great selection of hairstyleRetain the vanilla feel of the gameComes in both males, females, and also facial hair.

Get the mod here:

14. The eye of Beauty fallout Edition

The eye in fallout 4 aren"t bad, however it’s plain and can be better. Much better. This mode by LogRaam pretty much proves the by adding a ton of alternatives in regards to eye colors and also shades.

The eyes themselves room of higher quality, with much better high-resolution textures, doubling the from the vanilla eyeballs. Through so many alternatives to choose from, I’m certain you’ll have the ability to customize your character through the eyes of your dream.

Higher-resolution eye texturesMore color optionsAvailable because that both males and females.

Get the mode here:

13. Appeal Moles

Here’s a small mod that cases to do exactly what it says. This mode by ANiceOakTree aims to change the initial Fallout 4 facial mole to it is in “less distracting”.

If girlfriend don’t want your sole survivor’s skin to be pristine, however don’t desire a blemish that could be seen from a mile far either, climate you’re in luck. This mod will make the mole on her character look an ext natural and also pleasing to the eyes. This is simply one the those mode you install because it’s nice come have, y’know?

Less distracting molesAppear much more appealing and also natural-looking

Get the mode here:

12. Distinctive teeth for FO4

This one might be up to personal taste, but I love see my single survivor with a extremely detailed collection of teeth when they talk. 

Distinctive teeth by humannature66 and Xazomn helps to emphasize the teeth and add a shine and also wet shimmer to them.

It is, in my opinion, one of the best-looking this mods currently accessible and i think you’ll gain a good kick out of see it in action.

Better looking collection of teethAffect the player character and NPCs

Get the mode here:

11. Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair

If you don’t mind straying a bit off the vanilla hairstyle path, then possibly you’d be a fan of this mod. Republic Cuts - KS Hairdo - ApachiiSkyHair is a compilation that fabulous-looking hair through Aarwyn and ANiceOakTree, initially from Skyrim and also converted come fit the top of fallout 4’s sole survivor.

With over 150 brand-new hairstyles to pick from, I’m sure you’ll have the ability to find one to her liking. The hairstyles themselves might not “fit” the theme of post-apocalypse, yet who’s out here policing hairstyles and also being fabulous, right? 

Gorgeous hairstylesOver 150 brand-new hairstyles to choose fromBe a distinctive sole survivor in the Commonwealth

Get the mode here:

10. LooksMenu

Despite gift in 10th place, this is one of the most vital mods to have when it concerns modding the game and also creating your best sole survivor. Countless mods and also face preset will require you to have actually this mod installed.

LooksMenu by Expired6978 is vital mod the adds engine changes to improve character creation. It even comes with added features and quality the life choose a larger function list, saving and loading preset, and including overlays to the present body.

If you’re planning ~ above modding your character even further, then this is something you’re gonna want to choose up sooner fairly than later.

Improves personality creationEssential in personality moddingPlenty that small, but useful changes indigenous vanilla personality creation

Get the mod here:

9. LooksMenu Customization Compendium

A continuation of the vault mod, the Looks food selection Customization Compendium is a collaborative initiative of numerous talented modders native the neighborhood to boost the level of depth you deserve to make your sole survivor be.

The mode adds hundreds of new options to the personality creation, including confront paints, tattoos, scars, makeup, brows, and hair colors. This is pretty much more of an innovation over what the LooksMenu mod enables you come do. If you download one, you should likewise download the various other as these two room pretty much two peas in a pod.

Further improves on character creationAdds hundreds of new options

Get the mode here:

8. LooksMenu human body Tattoos

Alright, last one and we’re done through this set of mods. Ever wondered why fallout 4 doesn’t permit you to execute body tattoos ~ above your single survivor yet face tattoos space A-OK? Well, this enhancement to the LooksMenu mod pretty much transforms that silly decision through Bethesda and allows you come overlay art to her natural, fleshy canvas.

Using the engine adjustments from LooksMenu, this mod by krisser143 lets you place tattoos using the overlay function in the body section of the menu. It comes v plenty of cool designs the I’m also considering placing on my body. 

If you’re a fan of body tattoos top top your sole survivor, then gain this mod.

Tattoos on your bodyLots of impressive designs

Get the mod here:

7. Oni Cute eastern Face Parts

Tired of the exact same old western look the the single survivor? maybe you want some more Asian depiction in the video game other 보다 the robot, Takahashi? 

Well, watch no further. This mode by OniNigma adjusted some that the confront parts the the female sole survivor come resemble a younger and more attractive asian model.

This mode is also a need for assorted other presets that feature a younger and an ext eastern aesthetic, so ns think it’s a good mod to have on your mod list.

Asian-looking challenge partsYounger-looking sole survivor

Get this mod here:

6. Valkyr mrs Face and also Body Texture

Good news, friends! Fuse00 has developed a mod that replaces the plain and boring vanilla structure of the female single survivor’s face and body v a higher resolution. This mod offers the skin a much more realistic look and improves the basic appearance that the body.

The mode itself is simply a basic texture replacer, however many preset accessible on the Nexus provides this together well, so comparable to the eastern face components mod, this is among those mods the you might as well add to your mod list for a better modding experience.

Better skin texture on the face and bodyUsed by many presets accessible on the Nexus

Get the mod here:

5. Simply a Hairy male Body 

We’ve had quite a couple of mods that attribute only women so let’s perform one for the males next. Autumn 4 has actually a monster quirk in that many of the males in the game don’t it seems ~ to have a many body hair, particularly on the chest area. You would certainly think that the rough and also tough men of the republic would have a little of body fur going on.

Well, this mode by friffy adds the by replacing the male body with one that’s higher resolution, better textures, and also most importantly, more hair. Style your dream guy with the various options given come you. Carry out you prefer men who room cut? possibly you’d like the men to let that dangle? This is your mod to type your right male single survivor.

Better designed male bodyHigher resolution and also textures

Get the mod here:

4. Cute Preset

There are very couple of presets that I like to use whenever ns play fallout 4, but this one is a favourite of mine. The cute preset through DonJunk does not lie; the cute and it is amazing. Countless mod authors have chose to use this cute preset as a model for many of their mode pictures, i beg your pardon is an extremely much understandable.

While this is not a mode per se, the main record itself already contains all of the forced mods and also textures the you’ll require to obtain the exact same look like the image above. So gaining this is as simple as downloading and also installing it making use of a mod manager.

There exist various other presets obtainable on Nexus, yet take that from me, not many get much better than this.

Cute and also appealing presetAll crucial mods are tied in a nice, an easy main file.

Get the mod here:

3. Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

When it comes to creating bodies for her character, this is the ultimate tool you’ll need. Bodyslide allows you to shape the body yet you want by adjusting the sliders to make them bigger and also better. Friend don’t need us come tell girlfriend why this is an exceptional utility tool.

It’s not simply bodies. The mod by Ousnius comes with an outfit studio so you can adjust and adjust certain details the the apparel or armor that you like. This one is a little more complex than the bodyslide sliders, therefore it’s ideal to watch a indict on the first.

Adjust your body to her likingCraft or solve clothing and armor

Get the mod here:

2. Caliente’s Beautiful body Enhancer (CBBE)

To have complete control and also customization options of your character’s body, friend will need both this mod and also bodyslide together. CBBE mod by Caliente totally replaces the vanilla mrs body through a body the is completely customizable using bodyslide.

The mode comes with a few options concerning underwear and also even supplies high-poly meshes v over 20 thousand vertices because that optimal smoothness. This mod has come to be the base for many, if no all armor and clothing mods; thus, that is almost a requirement to have this if you intend to install various other armor and clothing mods of the risque variety.

Allows complete customization that the body through bodyslideComes v high poly meshes

Get the mode here:

1. Josie human body - A CBBE and blend Girl Bodyslide Preset

Different people have various tastes in what lock would consider being one attractive body. Because that me, I favor a body that is not also slim and has enough curvature to be thought about “stacked”, however not enough to walk “oh god”. Was the too much information? 

Josie human body by spacepoptart is precisely what i would think about being in mine strike zone. It is realistic sufficient in proportions because that me to no be taken far from the game however nice enough to make me go into 3rd person sometimes. The body is designed to have the ability to support a bunch of mods that you would like to see go with this outfit.

If girlfriend don’t like this preset, concern not. There are so numerous other bodyslide presets obtainable on the Nexus the you shouldn"t have much trouble finding one that you like. But for me, i still think this is the best preset the end there.

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Realistic proportionsBeautifully designed Balanced, as all things need to be.

Get the mode here: