Wouldn"t it be nice to have actually mod where the player can manually eliminate a dead NPC or actor v the press of button? space you exhausted of having to usage the console come disable a human body on her settlement? I know I am! maybe a revamp of the cannibalism perk to eliminate the body when eaten? There space two mods that remove dead NPC"s but they are really inactive and need to update severely. RIP https://rd.rwcchristchurchappeal.com...out4/mods/20175 and also Corpse Cleaner https://rd.rwcchristchurchappeal.com...ut4/mods/21262. Who deserve to make this an easy mod? Anyone?

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If it"s just around removing corpses native settlements, you deserve to use location Everywhere"s "Extra thing Selection". That enables you come scrap a many things, corpses included.



Good idea as I have that mod but I am looking come clean up bodies around the wasteland the never gain cleaned up by the game itself.  similar to the mods ns referenced above.  I would make the mode myself however I don"t have any kind of modding skills and absence the time to find out sadly. I would love to mod!!!

Do you have actually the recent UFO4P?  I just started making use of it on my recent game and am noticing a marked improvement in wasteland body-cleanup.  (Was utilizing the old "legacy" version before.)

Guess I can give a shot come making something like RIP, but simpler. Just how about: you have actually a shovel. As long as it"s in your inventory, corpses acquire the extra option "Bury". That creates a grave and also hides the body. The grave has actually the two options "dig up" and also "flatten". The very first one removes the grave and gives you earlier the body, the second one permanently clears the grave.

pra: correctly! Yes! That would be perfect!! Please and also thank you! ns wouldn"t also worry around an option to do the tomb turn earlier to a body. Haha  simply make sure it is compatible through the cannibal perk and CDante"s https://rd.rwcchristchurchappeal.com...out4/mods/20890 if at all possible.

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what would certainly be super immersive is if a opportunity for a load of feral dog or Yai goi to it is in spawned were a dead body to be left, the next time you gone into that cell. The would explain why the body to be now lacking lol


but correct! the grave alternative would it is in so good. And even far better if you might order your inhabitants to do it. Lol

If you want it role play you need to have actually the crows, and other "scavengers" of the typical Wealth come in and also start law their... Jobs. And also not in the street Coated way... I mean ripping flesh from bones, and leaving bones behind... With a bloody heap of scraps all around... That is Immersive.