I"m playing the original Fallout for the very first time. Ns beat increase some cavern rats exterior of Vault 13 and made it come Vault 15. However, i can"t number out just how to development in it. I made it to the elevator shaft, however I"m told that I require a rope for it. I"ve completely searched the area, but I can"t discover one. Exactly how do I obtain past this and continue through Vault 15?


You just need a generic "rope" article to usage on the shaft, and there isn"t one in the immediate area. The complete locations are noted on the wiki: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Rope

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Two in Shady Sands; one in a bookshelf in one of the buildings near the brahmin and one on the floor in the hut alongside the field where the plants room growing.

One in Vault 15 ~ above the second floor.

Three ~ above the table in the sellers room inside The Cathedral.

One ~ above the bookcase in Killian Darkwater"s room in Junktown.

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