This is the very first cycle. If you"ve play the original Fairy Fencer top top PS3, this part of the Platinum quest need to feel really familiar come you, together the Goddess course is effectively the initial game.While it more than likely should no be lot of one issue, keep in mind the you cannot pull much more than 6 (6) swords indigenous the Vile God prior to traveling back in time following the events at the finish of the Cavare Desert Sanctuary; otherwise, friend will find yourself top top a different (and lot harder) course for the second fifty percent of the game.This is the cycle where you should knock out every one of Lola"s sub-quests, because this is the just cycle whereby they"re every available. It"s not just for the Fury pieces attached to two of the sub-bosses, as those are available regardless that route. However this is the just cycle wherein you can uncover the adversary required for
 Male Bonding!?, so doing it currently will save you a few hours of having to blow with a 4th cycle for simply one trophy.Like the original game, the best method to no miss any kind of of Lola"s sub-quests is to inspect town every time the plot advances. Both when you complete a dungeon, and even exiting a dungeon instantly after any kind of scenes top top entry just to be safe.To the end, it"s an extremely helpful to recruitment Apollonius as soon as the chance presents chin -- this will provide you a third male personality to have actually for the battle in question. The needs for recruiting him space (mildly) easier than they to be in the original game; as such, it"s worth the time to grind as soon as you reach the suitable plot allude as to obtain this out of the way. The level requirement has been lessened: Fang only demands to be Level 35 (not 40) prior to the finish of the Yatagan Lava operation dungeon for the personality in inquiry to join. If you room conscientious about checking city for Events, you won"t miss out on the sub-Event that grants girlfriend the an essential item compelled for this recruitment as well.

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Organic progression without grind should have your party roughly Level 30 by the time you acquire there; an hour (or less) of grind with aid from helpful World Shaping results can likely gain you the rest of the method without overmuch trouble.This is by much the simplest of the three routes. There need to be small need to focus and also grind to keep up v enemies; merely slaughtering each team of adversaries once as you pass them by in a dungeon must be adequate to store you leveled sufficient to keep up v monsters and bosses so long as friend aren"t reckless in fighting and also so lengthy as you spend some resources to upgrade your weaponry -- both WP to improve your Furies, and equipment purchases indigenous the save in town.