The 133-room Fairfield by Marriott hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahomaopened Wednesday, January 8 v an upgraded décor that offers guests with a feeling of warmth and calm while traveling. Situated at 10 SW 4thStreet, the Fairfield by Marriott Inn & Suites Oklahoma City Downtown will operate as a Marriott franchise, owned and also managed by Anish Hotels team of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Anish Hotels team owns 15 hotels in the area and recently damaged ground ~ above a 182-room Renaissance by Marriott in downtown Oklahoma City and plans on start construction later on this year on two brand-new hotels in downtown Phoenix, consisting of a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott.

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The Fairfield Inn & Suites Oklahoma City Downtown is the an initial hotel to open in the brand-new downtown convention facility area, adjacent to the brand-new $290 million Convention Center set to open in September and across from the new $140 million Scissortail Park. The brand-new hotel is 2 blocks away from Chesapeake energy Arena, house of the NBA team the OKC Thunder, and also just minutes from the Bricktown Ballpark, Myraid Gardens, Bricktown, and numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Additional hotel amenities include a full-service bar special pre-prohibition craft cocktails, a fitness center, valet laundry service, complimentary Wi-Fi, organization services and also 988 square feet the meeting room to accommodate features of as much as 75 people. A cost-free hot breakfast featuring oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sausage, make-your-own waffles and also other healthy and balanced items, such together fruit, yogurt, and also whole grain cereals and also breads is additionally available.

“Delivering both function and comfort, our new design and décor elevate the Fairfield brand, setting a brand-new standard in the middle tier category,” claimed Janis Milham, senior Vice president and worldwide Brand Leader, Classic choose Brands in ~ Marriott International. “At Fairfield by Marriott, we administer an easy, positive and also productive take trip experience, as well as the promise that consistent and reliable service at superb value. The Fairfield by Marriott Inn & Suites Oklahoma City Downtown is a truly stunning example of the brand’s contemporary look and feel, and also we room pleased v the continued growth that Fairfield through Marriott many hotels in the Oklahoma City area.”

The new décor package is warm, timeless, forward-thinking, and also inviting with an easy nods earlier to the brand’s heritage. Certain elements supposed to evoke feelings native the Fairfield Farm incorporate a farmhouse table in the lobby because that gathering and connecting, photography from the Fairfield farm serving together artwork in the lobby and also guest rooms, herbal materials and unique textures, and a history wall in every home showcasing the brand’s roots.

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The brand-new guestroom architecture is impactful and also unique, when addressing the functional demands of the Fairfield guest for a smooth experience. The room to be designed v the modern traveler in mind, allowing for productivity on the road without overcomplicating the guestroom. Every room features a modern lounge chair, serving as both functional and also comfortable come either occupational or relax in. The artwork in the room takes center stage with the home window treatment acting as a focal length point, displaying photography taken at the Fairfield Farm. The material is sheer and allows light come pass v the photography, warming increase the room and creating a comfortable environment. The guestrooms also feature a cell phone desk, a comfortable couch, refrigerator, coffeemaker and microwave.