Failed to find build tools revision 26.0.2I clicked "Install build Tools 26.0.2 and sync project" but still fail ...Downloaded it from the external link .. However I don"t understand where I placed it.So, What should I do? and THANKS


Android Studio is feather for build tools 26.0.2, but construct tools 27.0.3 is already released for Android Oreo 8.1

I to be not entirely sure why, however Android Studio doesn"t set the build tools in the gradle "app" paper anymore. So right here is just how I resolved it. You obtain two options.

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Method 1 - install the lacking build tools

1) open up the SDK manager by clicking the symbol in the optimal right that Android Studio. The looks choose an android head in prior of a download arrow. (Or go to paper > setups > figure & actions > device Settings > Android SDK)

2) open up SDK devices tab

3) at the bottom-right, click "Show parcel Details"

4) discover Android SDK Build-Tools and also check the checkbox next to 26.0.2

5) Click apply in the bottom the the window

Method 2 - use latest develop tools

1) monitor instructions above

2) Uncheck all develop tools as well as 27.0.3 (the latest build tools at the moment of writing)

Then you can specify android construct tools 27.0.3 in your gradle app file. To perform this:

3) make sure develop tools 27.0.3 is installed by using the Android SDK manager (steps above).

4)Then uncover your build.gradle file. Usage the navigating pane to the left that android studio. If it"s closeup of the door click the symbol that looks choose the android studio icon to the much left the android studio (it should have text the is sideways, and also normally states "1:project"). Then usage the record tree to discover the record > application > build.gradle

5) open up the paper and the should have actually something follow me the present of "apply plugin: """ as the very first line. Then add a brand-new line under "compileSDKVersion" type in buildToolsVersion "27.0.3"

6) climate sync her project and you should be an excellent to go!

answered By: Mohamed Alaa

I have solved this difficulty by simply downloading and install the package with a standard browser Firefox, Chrome, etc.

The connect itself is taken from the error logs the the Android Studio

Unzip it into the neighborhood folder

C:PathToAppDataLocalAndroidSdkuild-toolsAnd then rename the unzipped folder to 27.0.3

After that, just sync the build.gradle and voila! The problem is solved.

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Also in the SDK Manager shot to usage on the SDK upgrade Sites Tab the complying with option:

Force https://... Resources to be fetched using http://...
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