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THE UPDATED classic GUIDE come LAND border LAW and EVIDENCE discovery The revised seventh Edition of Evidence and Procedures for Boundary location serves together the seminal overview to the principles and also concepts of land boundary law and also evidence because that accurately determining boundaries. Composed by a team of detailed authorities on the subject, the book presents the proven methods for the rediscovery of real building boundaries. Base in historic documentation, ar investigation, and also recreation of the original surveying methodology, the book contains the appropriate and also legally defensible tools necessary for the re-establishment of floor boundaries.Thoroughly revised and updated, the standard text contains fresh instances of case law, the most recent advancements in forensic investigation in the exploration of hidden evidence, and also a new chapter on emerging an innovation used in boundary surveying. Design for use by both functioning surveyors and aspiring experts studying for the Fundamentals of floor Surveying licensure exam, this vital book: has actually been the leading overview to land border law and also evidence for nearly 60 yearsContains brand-new case law examples and also exhibitsOffers increased coverage top top the use of forensic investigative approaches Presents a new chapter top top the most recent surveying technologyWritten because that practicing surveyors and students, the updated saturday Edition of Evidence and Procedures for boundary Location proceeds to market an authoritative guide to the principles, laws, and also latest advances in the field.
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