The epic Life of Captain Marvel and also the very first appearance that Thanos the mad Titan! Keep analysis for the full Comic book Herald overview.

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Enter Thanos

Comic publication Run: vital Captain Marvel, Vol. 2 (Marvel Essentials)


Publication Dates: Feb 1973 – january 1974

Writer: Jim Starlin Artist: Starlin, Al Milgrom, Various

CBH Score: 8.0

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Continuity Relevance?: Yes, major.

Who demands It?: The start of Thanos, a major development because that the cosmic cube, and one of the most famed runs in Marvel Cosmic history! This is the Life of Captain Marvel!

Origin of Thanos, The foolish Titan

Although this comic book arc is centered around Captain Marvell, the alien Kree protector the Earth, the storyline is same important since of one more character: Thanos.

Iron guy #55 may seem favor an weird inclusion because that an Essential Captain Marvel collection, but it’s within the pages that Iron Man that Marvel cosmic architect Jim Starlin unleashed the villanous can that is Thanos. You’ll desire to begin with this comic prior to you relocate on to the key event.

How i Loved the Skrull

If it has crossed your mind that Thanos looks type of funky – like the wild offspring that Grimace and a super Skrull – that’s because he really is a genealogical smorgasbord.

Thanos is:

1) Born ~ above Titan, one of Saturn’s moon and also home come the race of Titans

2) Born v the deviant gene, and therefore a Deviant, opposite and evil equivalent to Marvel’s Eternals

3) perhaps kind that a mutant, yet who’s judging?

4) full of significant “I Love Death” issues as a result

Much of this is revealed in Iron male #55 as Thanos is given full opportunity come showcase his an abilities as a grasp strategist. In his first full dashboard reveal, he’s also given complete opportunity come showcase his sweet boots, and slender frame:

I’d make a joke about his gigantic cup, but that’s just practical

 Captain Mar-vell & Thanos – A match Made in the Heavens

When you’re a cosmic hero like Captain Marvel, it’s pretty imperative the you have actually adversaries that space both immensely powerful and however somehow under to… whatever planet they’re on. That’s what writer/artist Jim Starlin perfected right here with Thanos and also Captain Mar-vell. In spite of all his progressed Kree powers and nega bands, Captain Mar-vell couldn’t simply outpunch a male like Thanos.

Go ahead, shot and beat God Thanos. No, really, it’s cute.

The arc here, Captain Marvel 25-33, is yes, really a entirety bunch of set up till we get to the juicy parts: Thanos subjugating his civilization on Titan, tracking down the cosmic cube, and also Captain Marvel and also the Avenger’s make the efforts to stop him.

End that the day, Starlin’s work-related on this unloads virtually an embarrassment of riches that Marvel writers are still using today. Very first you have actually Thanos, the God the Death, and also Drax the Destroyer, a force of life hellbent on nothing much more than the devastation of Thanos.

Drax’s very first appearance

Better yet, you have Thanos act what that does best: plotting to grab host of a mysterious thing that will bring around the damage of every we host dear. Even free tacos (not the cost-free tacos!).

The cosmic cube is among the cooler artifacts in the entirety Marvel Universe, and also although it’s displayed various power sets end the year (reality transforming vs. One immense power source), Starlin walk a nice job of occurring the drama around the cube. There’s small doubt that when the cube drops into wrong hand (see: the Titan, Thanos), it’ll it is in hell on earth for men like Captain Mar-vell.

He still hasn’t acquired the red next of the cube yet

Early 1970’s Captain Marvel Holding up Today?

So here’s the thing – if you’re a Marvel comics history buff, the events of Captain Marvel 22-33 are exceptionally essential. This is where Jim Starlin really begins building the Marvel cosmic universe, whereby Captain Marvel i do not care the summary of a hero, and also where Thanos it s okay his diabolical first effort at global domination.

Having stated that, ns skipped over a lot leading up to the yes, really cosmic cube discovery. I average a male only requirements to see Rick Jones go ago and forth v Captain Marvel so plenty of times prior to he’s ready to absent a Rick.

Nonetheless, i recommend this one highly, primarily due to the fact that of the historical importance, and likewise because of several of the innovative art Starlin to be whipping out.

No huge deal, simply Thanos imprisoning cosmic entities

Would Thanos gain cooler? there is no a doubt. Would certainly anyone ever tell a finer Captain Mar-vell story? aside from the second fifty percent of this necessary volume, The fatality of Captain Marvel, you can have a harder time v that one.

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