i’m struggling to understand just how to call a Matlab duty from Labview. I’m using Labview 2020 SP1 and also I’ve developed the following m record (saved to mine desktop):

function A = test()A1,1=ones(1,3);A1,2=ones(1,4);end In Labview I’ve included a Matlab script node and imported the function. But when i click operation I gain the adhering to error:

Error arisen while executing script. Error blog post from server: ??? Error: Function an interpretation not supported in this context.Functions deserve to only be produced as regional or nested attributes in password files.

You are watching: Error: function definition not supported in this context. create functions in code file.

I was expecting the function to have the ability to run but do nothing as I’ve not included any outputs to the Matlab script node.

Can anyone suggest me to where I’m going wrong? i have looked with the Labview examples but they just seem to show calling a Matlab script not a function.

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Firstly the function would should be in MATLAB"s path (which generally wouldn"t include the present user"s desktop). MATLAB"s route is a perform of document locations that MATLAB will certainly search in to find a function definition.

You have the right to view/edit the current path by typing pathtool into MATLAB"s interactive command home window which will bring up a GUI.

Then your MATLAB manuscript node should be able to call the function as listed below - keep in mind I have included an output just to check the an outcome of the call.


This photo is a "LabVIEW Snippet" so friend should be able to drag and drop it directly into the block diagram of a brand-new VI and then save and run the VI.

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