It just wouldn"t be best if Enter the Gungeon didn"t have actually at least one unlockable character. You start with a meager four gungeoneers (plus the Cultist because that co-op), so there"s gotta be more than that, right?
You are correct! There are two unlockable personalities in Enter the Gungeon, one being the Robot and the various other being the Bullet.

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In this guide, we"re walking to walk over just how to unlock the Bullet, i beg your pardon is as distinct as that is fun. Unlike the other gungeoneers you have available, the cartridge starts with a melee weapon dubbed Blasphemy. Here"s what you have to know.

How come unlock the Bullet

The procedures to unlocking this little guy are easy enough to follow yet actually doing them have the right to be a time-sink.

Once you"ve win at least one character"s Past, you"ll occasionally run right into a Bulletkin that"s a small different from the rest.


This cape-donning small guy will certainly be uncovered throughout the Gungeon starting in chamber 1, once you"ve completed one more character"s past. He is occasionally quite hard to see as soon as things obtain hectic.

You must keep the bullet alive until you room done clearing the room, after which it will certainly leave and you will have to seek that out when again.

The an easy gist is this:

Beat one character"s PastLook because that a caped cartridge Kin in subsequent runsProtect the caped bullet Kin every time you see itProtect it 5 times

After you"ve found and protected the Bullet five times, that will sign up with your roster as a irreversible option.

The Bullet will display up randomly throughout a offered run, but is most frequently found in Chambers deeper within the Gungeon. You"ll be much more likely to uncover it in room 3 than in room 1, but it can be uncovered anywhere. It"s best just to store your eyes open for the on succeeding runs, quite than playing simply to discover him.

What"s so special about the Bullet?

He"s got to it is in a pretty cool dude to be among two unlockable characters, right? heck yeah, that is.

As mentioned, the bullet starts through a melee weapon called Blasphemy, which is an really sword fairly than a gun.

In a dungeon made of and filled with guns, this weapon stand alone as a knife that in reality acts like a sword.

Blasphemy destroys bullets within its strike range, much like some guns" reload animation and melee tools in a particular other bullet-hell roguelite. It additionally shoots out a laser sword when attacking with complete health, and also it is the only starting weapon that have the right to be found in the Gungeon (once it"s unlocked, anyway).

Aside indigenous Blasphemy, the cartridge comes equipped with a passive item called "I"m A bullet Too!" that makes him immune to call damage and increases rojo damage. It"s an ideal mix with the short-range murder action of the Blasphemy, just don"t get any ideas about the cartridge being special in the stat department: past starting with "I"m A cartridge Too!" and Blasphemy, the bullet is the very same as everyone else.

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There"s no much an ext to know about the Bullet and also how to acquire him. It have the right to take number of runs to ultimately find and save the caped wonder the is this character, yet your perseverance will pay off when you"re lastly able to add it to her roster and also take Blasphemy because that a spin.