(v1.2.1) forgive "Most Promising brand-new Textbook" for 2016 by the Textbook & scholastic Authors Association. A one-semester college food in software design focusing ~ above cloud computing, software program as a company (SaaS), and Agile advancement using extreme Programming (XP). This publication is neither a step-by-step tutorial no one a recommendation book. Instead, our goal is to bring a diverse set of software design topics together right into a single narrative, help readers know the many important concepts through concrete examples and a learn-by-doing approach, and also teach reader enough about each object to get them started in the field. Courseware because that doing the work-related in the publication is obtainable as a virtual an equipment image that can be downloaded or deployed in the cloud. A totally free MOOC (massively open online course) at saas-class.org complies with the book"s content and adds programming assignments and also quizzes. Watch http://saasbook.info for details.

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About the Author:

Armando Fox is a Professor at UC Berkeley, the faculty torture to the UC Berkeley MOOCLab, and also the winner that the 2015 knife V. Karlstrom exceptional Educator award from the association for computing Machinery. During his ahead time in ~ Stanford, he got teaching and also mentoring awards native the connected Students of Stanford University, the society of ladies Engineers, and also Tau Beta Pi engineering Honor Society. He was named one that the "Scientific American 50" in 2003 and is the receiver of one NSF job award and the Gilbreth Lectureship of the national Academy of Engineering. In previous resides he helped style the Intel Pentium agree microprocessor and also founded a effective startup to commercialize his UC Berkeley dissertation study on mobile computing. He received his other levels in electrical engineering and also computer science from MIT and the college of Illinois and also is one ACM identified Member. David Patterson is the Pardee Professor of computer Science at UC Berkeley and is currently Director the the Parallel computer Lab. In the past, he offered as Chair that Berkeley's CS Division, Chair the the CRA, and also President of the ACM. His best-known research projects are reduced Instruction collection Computers (RISC), redundancy Arrays of inexpensive Disks (RAID), and Network the Workstations (NOW). This research study led to plenty of papers, 5 books, and about 30 of honors, including election come the national Academy of Engineering, the national Academy the Sciences, the Silicon Valley design Hall that Fame, and also Fellow of the Computer history Museum. His to teach awards encompass the differentiated Teaching award (UC Berkeley), the Karlstrom exceptional Educator award (ACM), the Mulligan education Medal (IEEE), and also the Undergraduate to teach Award (IEEE). He got all his levels from UCLA.

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"It is a pleasure to check out a student message that emphasizes the manufacturing of real beneficial software." --Frederick P. Brooks Jr., writer ofThe Mythical Man-Monthand winner that the Turing Award"I"d be far more likely to like graduates that this regimen than any kind of other I"ve seen." --Brad Green, design Manager, Google Inc.