COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

Emory Healthcare has closed that is COVID-19 vaccination website at Northlake but is tho offering limited community inoculation events.

Patient Portal

Use this online device to look increase results, send a post to her provider teams, renew your prescriptions, check out upcoming appointments, and much more.

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Get it Done

After a difficult year, it"s time to do your, and also your family"s, health a priority again. As the most comprehensive academic health care system in Georgia, we have you extended with increased virtual appointments, increased in-person appointments, acceptance of most major insurance plans, and also 250 locations consisting of 11 hospitals.

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Cancer treatment Testimonial

"All the the aid that I gained from Emory, it was every comprehensive, and also I yes, really felt choose I was their main concern."

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Patient and Family advisor Program

At Emory, our physicians and also staff collaborate in addition to patients and also families.

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Care change Model

We’re constantly improving the means that patients, families, and our staff and physicians suffer Emory.

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Telehealth: A climbing Trend with continuing to be Power

Emory health care plans to proceed to boost its telehealth offerings.

Your great Mind

Emory mind Health Center and also Georgia windy Broadcasting (GPB) have actually partnered to produce an Emmy award-winning TV collection featuring compelling story on brain health and also wellness.

Know whereby to Go treatment Guide

Choosing the right location for the right treatment makes every the difference.

About ours Clinical Trials

Emory doctors do more than practice medicine – they breakthrough it. V research and also clinical trials, we’re developing new and much better ways come prevent and also treat disease. 

About ours Clinics

Our physicians and surgeons are responsible for few of the most far-reaching innovations and treatments in the country.

Urgent care & MinuteClinic now available

The Emory healthcare Network currently includes virtually 60 urgent care and MinuteClinic locations throughout subway Atlanta and also in bordering communities.

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