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After scoring ahead nominations native the Hollywood international Press Association for her work in films like Easy A and Birdman, the 28-year-old triumphed for the an initial time at Sunday’s gold Globes ceremony, wherein she deserve the ideal Actress in a musical or Comedy statuette for her leading function as Mia in Damien Chazelle’s soaring music La La Land.

Accepting the respect at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, stone — that won over solid contenders choose 20th Century Women‘s two-time winner Annette Bening, perennial gold Globes clip (and 30-time nominee) Meryl Streep, and also freshman rivals Hailee Steinfeld (The leaf of Seventeen) and also Lily Collins (Rules Don’t Apply) — thanked her household in an emotional speech.

“I need to start through thanking my remarkable mom. Say thanks to you mom for everything,” stone said. “I moved here 13 years back this week and also without my mom and also my dad and my brothers who has put up v me his entirety life, say thanks to you Spence you’re the best. And also my tremendous friends, ns love friend so much.”

In enhancement to her family, stone gave a unique shoutout to she La La Land manager Chazelle and also her costar Ryan Gosling. “Ryan, you’re the ideal partner a girl might ask for. This is a film for dreamers and I think that hope and creativity are two that the most crucial things in the world and that’s what this movie is about so to any an imaginative person who’s had actually a door slammed in your face, either metaphorically or physically, or actors that have had actually their auditions reduced off, or anybody almost everywhere really who feels like providing up sometimes yet finds it in themselves to gain up and keep fighting, i share this with you.”

In addition to her win at the Globes, rock has thus much received added nominations because that her duty in La La floor at the Critics an option Awards and also the screen Actors Guild Awards. The film, around a pair that star-crossed creatives (Stone, Ryan Gosling) struggling to affix with each other and also their particular careers in the entertain industry, received seven total gold Globe nominations in December, including one for finest picture.

“The idea of this really modern story of 2 struggling artists and dreamers became something yes, really exciting very quickly,” rock previously stated of functioning on La La Land. “Living in a musical human being where once you’re to fill with pleasure you can spin under the street or burst into song, ns loved that.”

Across the previous decade, eight performers that won the music or comedy gold Globe went on come either success or be nominated for the finest Actress Oscar.

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In enhancement to Stone, La La Land swept the Globes top top Sunday night, to win seven total awards: ideal actor for Gosling, ideal director and also best screenplay for Chazelle, ideal score, ideal original song, and best musical or comedy.